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1/24 Scale RC Crawler: [Complete Beginner's Guide]

1/24 Scale RC Crawler: [Complete Beginner's Guide]

Over time, remote-control cars have drastically improved, becoming more powerful and quick than before. A rock crawler is an RC car that can mount and off-road like heavily modified full-size vehicles. These 4WD cars are enjoyable to handle across rugged terrain and ready to use right out of the box.

You can buy 1/24 scale RC crawlers. Transmissions, drive trains, and remote controls are all advanced. The best 1/24 scale RC crawlers are Axial 1/24 SCX24 Deadbolt 4WD RC Crawler, RGT 1/24 4WD RC Crawler, Goolsky 1/24 4WD 2.4GHz RC Rock Crawler, and RGT 1/24 Mini Monster Off-Road 4WD RC Crawler.

Hobby RC crawlers come in a wide range of options, including Axial, Redcat Racing, RGT, BEEZRC, WOWRC, and more. Go crazy and purchase a couple of the best remote-controlled crawlers available.

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1/24 Scale RC Rock Crawler

RC cars have a long history; they get stronger, tougher, and more durable every year. In the previous 70 years, the RC rock crawler has seen several changes, including the waterproofing of the engines and battery and the addition of larger, foam-filled tires that will not explode or burst.

It is part of our nature as humans to take things to their absolute limits, which extends to all kinds of vehicles, from large cars and trucks to those ten times smaller or smaller. Before they are put on the market, these cars are put through some of the most rigorous tests.

In order to tackle the challenging conditions people sought to overcome, remote control car lovers were required to build these vehicles especially. Transmissions, drive trains, and remote controls all advanced along with the vehicles. You can now buy an RC car that has many drive modes,

Some can reach speeds of over 50 mph and can handle various terrains, including mud, sand, water, snow, ice, rocks, and mountains. Many of these cars have batteries with greater runtime and range than ever. Before deciding on your first or fiftieth RC rock crawler, you would generally conduct months of research.

Axial 1/24 SCX24 Deadbolt 4WD RC Crawler

The compact Axial 1/24 SCX24 Deadbolt 4WD RC Crawler features waterproof electronics making it ideal for indoor and outdoor RC adventures. It comes ready to run and fully assembled; it features functioning LED lights and grappler trail tires for on-road and off-road performance.

This RC crawler is designed for durability and includes a four-link rear and three-link front suspension, coil-cover shock, sealed cartridge bearings, and steel c-channel frame rails. This vehicle features steel dogbones and axles and provides easy access to its battery through the hinged body system.

Its worm gear setup allows for high ground clearance and uses a 350mAh 4V 2S LiPo battery and a USB charger. It also includes a 3-channel 4GHz radio transmitter and a low gear ratio which minimizes torque twist.

RGT 1/24 4WD RC Crawler

The RGT 1/24 4WD RC Crawler comes ready to crawl and is pocket-sized; you can now get your trail fix everywhere. You need to set the course and take on the challenge, whether it is in the kitchen, garden, garage, bedroom, or office. This hot 1/24 scale RC crawler, model number 136240V2, is prepared to hit the terrain at any time or location.

It has all the same scale features as popular 1/10th RC crawler rigs. The RGT Team applied the divided transmission system and set a new gear ratio to lower the center of gravity. 136240V2 may therefore demonstrate excellent crawling ability.

It features a body Shell with a rear-view mirror, spare tire, roll cage, and other off-road simulation modeling features. This RC crawler uses a 500mAh 3.7V LiPo battery and features a 2-channel 2.4GHz transmitter.

Goolsky 1/24 4WD 2.4GHz RC Rock Crawler

The RC Rock Crawler has more power to overcome any condition thanks to high-quality metal steering rods. You will never experience radio frequency interference with this electric car thanks to its 2.4GHz transmitter; it is prepared for racing. Gradual proportional movements can be controlled by the proportional wheel double servos.

The car's four wheels have shock absorbers, allowing them to move freely and climb quite well. This rock crawler is agile and fun to drive because of its 4-wheel steering and 4-wheel drive system. With its ability to move forward, backward, and turn to the left and right, this vehicle's exceptional quality enables you to travel over any terrain without suffering harm.

You will like this car right away because of how realistic it looks. The car's four wheels are equipped with shock absorbers and great climbing capacity and can move freely. The RC rock crawler has enough power to handle any situation, thanks to the premium metal steering rods

RGT 1/24 Mini Monster Off-Road 4WD RC Crawler

This vehicle resembles a modified Jeep Rubicon; it will not get stuck when you drive it over rocks, mud, bushes, or sand. The increased ground clearance and wheelbase are the main reasons it hardly ever gets stuck or jammed. The 6mm steel suspension increases the adaptability and toughness of the item.

You can stand still and let this vehicle cruise farther and longer thanks to the battery mount design's extended battery consumption and range. The enormous foam-filled tires protect the rubber from cracking. Greater drives and excursions are possible thanks to longer tire life, eliminating meticulous route planning.

Due to the waterproof transmitter, you may drive this car through ponds and soil without worrying about damaging the battery or other delicate components. With the help of plastic nylon shocks, the car is highly flexible and can jump. Any moveable impediment will be pushed aside by the front and rear bigger bumpers.

1/24 Scale RC Crawler Body

Rock Crawlers are the ideal go-anywhere vehicle thanks to their highly articulated chassis, strong high-torque motors, and enormous tires. Rock crawlers are designed to overcome any challenge Mother Nature can throw. They can navigate logs, boulders, gravel, bluffs, and rocks.

Injora RC Clear 1/24 Body

The Injora RC Clear 1/24 Body is easy to install and is a realistic 1:24 Scale Truck Body for your RC crawler. It is made of durable clear polycarbonate with an unpainted body; enjoy this Tracked Car's Perfect Modification. It also has a roller cage and looks better on your 1/24 scale RC crawler.

Pro-Line 1/24 Racing Clear Body

The Pro-Line 1/24 Racing Clear Body is a realistic 1/24 scale RC body that will snugly fit your RC crawler. It features an intimidating front grill and classic squared off-fenders made from crystal clear polycarbonate.

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1/24 Scale RC Crawler Parts

One of the finest parts of having a new RC car is choosing the hop-ups for it. Quality RC upgrades are add-ons that make your vehicle move more quickly, turn better, be more steady, jump better, and possibly even land jumps better. Additionally, performance improvements may result in weight reduction, increasing the effectiveness of the drivetrain and the power system.

Changing the rear driveshafts or the rear and front driveshafts if you have a 4WD model is another excellent way to increase durability. Driveshafts typically become damaged over time from wear and tear, especially if your vehicle has a quick power system.

Adding LEDs to your RC body may make it stand out. Given that you cannot drive a broken car, we advise getting the efficiency and durability elements before focusing on the aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

There are two categories of rock crawlers available for purchase by hobbyists. The first category consists of crawlers that have never been seen before and are completely fantastical. The second category of rock crawler, which is much more well-liked than the first, resembles regularly-driven automobiles. They are built to take a battering and never show a mark, travel at high speeds, and may be up or downshifted to improve their overall performance.