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110cc ATVs: Models, Horsepower, Top Speeds, and More!

110cc ATVs: Models, Horsepower, Top Speeds, and More!

Are you looking for top 110cc ATVs? The engine size is a critical factor for ATV enthusiasts to consider whenever they want to invest their money in four-wheelers. It is one of the factors that determine the usability of an ATV.

110cc ATVs are often designed for kids, and you need to make sure that you choose the best model with excellent horsepower, safe speed, and more features that make ATV riding full of fun. Models such as Razor Dirt Quad Off-Road ATV, Honda TRX90X, and Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 can be a great choice.

If you get the right CCs for your ATVs, you are less likely to experience difficulties while examining other essential features of an ATV for your kid.

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How Many CCs Are Right For My ATV?

To get the right size of an ATV, you need to examine several factors. Some of these factors include weight, age, experience, and use. For instance, if you are purchasing an ATV for a four-year-old, you need to settle for the one with the lowest CCs backed with numerous safety features.

How To Choose The Right Size Kids ATV

When purchasing an ATV for your kid, you need to ensure that you choose the right size to guarantee the pleasures of riding a quality ATV. In addition to the engine size, the following are other essential considerations that you must make.

  • Brake reach: The brakes can act as a lifesaver during an emergency. Therefore, you need to ensure that your kid can reach the brakes without struggling.
  • Grip Reach: Let your kid place their hands on the handlebars without leaning forward to see if they get a perfect grip on the controls.
  • Leg Length – you also need to ensure that the ATV is designed to give maximum comfort to your child whenever they are using the machine.
  • Turning Reach – the kid should be able to turn the handlebars from the lock while at the same time maintaining the grip on the handlebars.

The Best ATVs For Kids

Suppose you do not doubt that your kids are into motorsports. Getting them the best ATVs will be a perfect introduction to motorsports. Here are some of the top models with the essential features that you would need in kid ATVs.

Taotao 110cc ATV

The Taotao 110cc ATV is ideal for children above four years. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment that allows the little ones to experiment with confidence and discover the fun of ATV riding. Some of the features that set the tao tao 110cc ATV apart include;

  • Speed limiter
  • Stop remote control
  • Effective foot brake
  • Emergency stop
  • D-N-R Indicator
  • 110cc 4-stroke engine
  • Electric starter

Coolster 110cc ATV

The Coolster 110cc ATV is designed for off-road pleasures. It boasts numerous exciting features, including a dependable 110cc air-cooled engine, shock-absorbent suspensions, durable double a-arms, and light handling. Borrowing from several online reviews, the Coolster 110cc ATV is a perfect model for beginners.

Razor Dirt Quad Off-Road ATV

The Razor Dirt Quad Off-Road ATV is ideal for children ten years and above. It is designed for A tough environment with immense capabilities to handle pretty rough terrains. By investing in this model, you will be giving your child a great time exploring with the ATV. The model features other critical traits, which include;

  • A sturdy construction
  • Suitable for different terrains
  • Handle-controlled Throttle allows your kid to shift gears and speed up whenever necessary.

Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900

The Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 is an incredible ATV for its off-road capabilities for kids. If your kids love sharing, this will be a perfect option as it makes sharing easy. Features of the Peg

Perego Polaris RZR 900 include

  • An off-road windshield and roll bar to help prevent debris from causing injuries to the kids
  • Two speeds options for kids; 5 and 2.5 miles per hour
  • Seat belts for enhanced safety

Honda TRX90X

The Honda TRX90X is another great kid ATV that you can get for your kid. With this machine, your baby will not have to worry about stalling because it is equipped with automatic transmission to take care of such situations. Moreover, the Honda TRX90X is bigger for added pride, enabling the kid to feel like they are riding a machine meant for older people. The only disadvantage is that the ATVs are designed for youngsters. Therefore, parents should control their desire to try the machine as that might damage it.

Yamaha Raptor 90

Next in the line is the Yamaha Raptor 90. The Yamaha Raptor 90 is a stylish ATV with pretty cool appearances. The low-profile tires give it an extra sporty look. Moreover, it is best known for being one of the lightest ATVs on the market. The ATV has several features worth noting, which include;

  • 18 inch Duro tires; back and front contributing to its stability
  • Highly quality shocks for comfort
  • Air-cooled engines hence low maintenance cost
  • Electrical starter

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Polaris Sportsman 110EFI

The Polaris Sportsman 110EFI is smaller compared to most models in the same category. Surprisingly, it features a fuel-injected system making it better for gas consumption and eco-friendly. More importantly, the ATV has low maintenance cost due to its excellent cooling system meaning that parents would not have to spend a lot of their money trying to keep it in the proper condition.

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How Fast Does A 110cc ATV Go

Naturally, parents would worry about the safety of their kids whenever they go riding. Hence, it is common to find people trying to know how fast a 110cc ATV goes.

110cc is a pretty small engine implying that ATVs that fall under this category won't go very fast. With 110cc ATVs, you should expect a maximum speed of up to 40 mph if you go for the top quality brands.

Numerous factors might affect the maximum speed of 1110cc, including the transmission. For instance, if an ATV does not have a transmission, it is most likely that it won't go beyond 15 mph.

While it is not advisable to attempt making your 110cc ATV faster as it might pose a safety challenge to the kid, the current speed may be extremely slow in some situations. Here are some things that you can do to make your ATV go faster.

  • Upgrade your air filter or even carry out an air filter clean-up if you have never done so for a long time.
  • Upgrade the exhaust system
  • Install a big ATV bore kit
  • Change your gear ratio
  • Adjust your tire pressure
  • Switch to better fuel

Safety Tips For Kids ATV

It is essential to familiarize yourself with safety rules for the safety of your kids and others. Here are some of the safety tips that you should know.

  • Ensure that your kids are wearing quality safety gear, including helmets, goggles, sturdy shoes, and reflective clothing.
  • If the ATV does not have two seats, it should never carry two passages as that might result in its instability.
  • Never allow your kids to ride on adult four-wheelers because their speeds can reach dangerous levels.
  • Avoid nighttime riding and if it's necessary, ensure that your kids have a reflector, lights, and flags when riding.
  • When shopping for an ATV for your kid, ensure that it has all the necessary safety features.


If you are looking for a great ATV for your kid at a fantastic price, the Perego Polaris RZR 900 and the Taotao 110cc ATV should be considered. The two ATVs feature excellent off-road capabilities, shock-absorbent suspensions, and durable double a-arms. Moreover, they are designed for enthusiastic youngsters.

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