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1937 Buffalo Nickel Value: [Complete Collector's Guide]

1937 Buffalo Nickel Value: [Complete Collector's Guide]

Have you ever wondered about the 1987 Buffalo Nickel value? If you are not familiar with coil grading, the chances are that you will experience some challenges determining the actual value of the 1987 Buffalo Nickel value.

To understand the actual value of the 1937 Buffalo Nickel, one needs to understand the different varieties of the 1937 Buffalo Nickel. The value of a 1937 Buffalo Nickel costs $2.26 – $48,000 or more, depending on the coin's type and condition.

If you have been wondering about the value of the 1937 Buffalo Nickel, you have come to the right place. There is much to learn about the value of the 1937 Nickel coin.

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The 1937 Buffalo Nickel Coin

So what is the 1937 Buffalo Nickel coin? The 1937-Nickel came into existence in 1883 to replace an earlier coin that had gone out of circulation. It has a native at the front, a 5-cent value, and a buffalo at the back.

Reason For Minting The 1937 Buffalo Nickel Coin

The 1937 Buffalo Nickel coin was unique when it was issued as it included 5 cents as part of the denomination. One reason for the creation of the 1937 Buffalo Nickel coin is because the US Mint felt that at that time, most of the coins were too plain to appeal and therefore required a makeover. Consequently, they created the 1937 Buffalo nickel and fitted it with a symbolic image of liberty on its side.

Further, during its creation, there was a coin shortage occasioned by the high demand. The Federal Reserve had pulled many 5-cent coins out of circulation as they were small and had a low purchasing power. This led to the passing of the Coinage Act of 1935. The act required the US coins to increase their weight and size to enhance their purchasing power.

The creation of the 1937 buffalo nickel was supervised by the Philadelphia Mint's Director, F.E Scallon. After its completion, the Mint presented it to President Franklin D Rosevelt, who approved it.

The Features Of The 1937 Buffalo Nickel

Familiarizing yourself with the various features of the 1937 buffalo nickel will ensure that you have no difficulties distinguishing between the coins you will find during your hunting ventures. Here are some of the essential features of the 1937- nickel.

The Portrait On The 1937- Nickel Coin

Once your eyes settle on the coin, the first feature that you will see is the Portrait on the coin. The question is, whose Portrait is on the 1937 nickel coin? The Portrait is a Native American with a war bonnet head and braids.

Reverse And Obverse Features Of The 1937 Nickel

The reverse boasts the bison design created by Fraser. It has five cents partly within the middle buffalo. Further, it has ridges on both sides that are unique from the US coins and not any other coins in the world.

The Mintmark On The 1937 Nickel Coin

Although Philadelphia did not stop using Mintmark until 1942, there is no mint mark on the 1937- nickel coin.

1937 Buffalo Nickel Value

The 1937 buffalo nickel value starts at .50 cents each, depending on the condition. Besides the condition, the other two factors that affect its value are the mint marks that show the Mint that produced the coin and the availability of the coin. Extremely rare coins tend to have a high value.

The Condition And The 1937 Nickel Value

The condition of the 1937 buffalo nickel coin directly influences its value. Here is how the condition determining the 1937 buffalo nickel influences its value.


A 1937 buffalo nickel in this status is the superior coin. Since it has never been circulated, it has no signs of tear and wears. When handling coins that have never been circulated, handle them by their surface to prevent interfering with their surface.

To examine the uncirculated 1937 buffalo nickel, you need to rotate it under the light and observe for any signs of wear or other features that you may be interested in.

Extremely Fine

The coins in this condition do not show any evidence of tear and wear since they were collected from circulation before too much wear could take a toll on them. Therefore, you should expect them to have an appealing look. However, they have reduced hair with some details showing signs of wear out.


In fine condition, the wear has decreased the major details and eliminated the finer details of the design. The loss of sharpness and the smoothness of the surface of the coin is evident.


The 1937 buffalo nickel in this stage has the date readable, with some parts of the numbers often merged. The coin's rim is not separated from the tops of the letters. Further, the round design of the buffalo becomes flat in the stomach, hip, shoulder, and head. Generally, this coin is at the low end as far as the value of the coin is concerned.

1937 P Buffalo Nickel Value

So, what is the 1937 p buffalo nickel value? The 1937 p buffalo nickel value ranges between $3.50 and $10 depending on the condition and the Mintmark indicated on the coin's reverse side. Suppose a 1937 p buffalo nickel is in uncirculated condition, meaning it does not have any evidence of wear from being transported by commerce or handling by people. In that case, the minimum value is $ 20.

1937 D Buffalo Nickel Value

The value of the average circulated 1937 d buffalo nickel is around $1.75. If the 1937 d buffalo nickel is in its uncirculated condition, it is worth around $50. It is important to note that this price does not refer to the coin grading scale. In other words, average circulation implies a similar condition to the coins separated in 1937.

1937 S Buffalo Nickel Value

The average value of the 1937 s buffalo nickel is $ 1.75. If the 1937 s buffalo nickel coin is in a certified mint state condition, it is valued at around $100.

The Worth Of 1937 Buffalo Nickel With Original Mint Lusters

A 1937 Buffalo nickel coin that has been rubbed/polished to remove the dirt and any imperfections for a shiny look is worth $ 3.50 or less regardless of the type of Mint Mark indicated on the coin's reverse.

The Value Of 1937 Buffalo Nickel After It Has Been Electroplated

So what is the value of the 1937 buffalo nickel coin that has been electroplated? The worth of the 1937 s buffalo nickel coin that contains a plating of precious metal to improve its appearance would not sell at more than $3.50 in the well-worn condition, the type of Mint Mark indicated on the reverse side of the coin notwithstanding.

The Factors Influencing The Value Of Buffalo Nickel

The rare examples of buffalo nickel are quite popular among collectors as it is very valuable. But what factors influence the value of the Buffalo nickel coin? Here are some of the factors that you should know.


The Design Type

There are two types of designs of Buffalo nickel coin; type 1 and type 2. Depending on the Mint, the type 1 buffalo nickel in poor condition is worth $8 – $ 30. The type 2s from 1913 are pretty expensive, considering they are scarce.

The Date And The Mint

The other critical factor is the date the buffalo nickel was struck and the Mint that produced it. Some years are more worthy than others. Here are some examples of how the date and Mint influence the value of the buffalo nickel coin.

  • 1935 buffalo nickel – struck in Philadelphia, and it is value ranges from $ 1- $ 35,000
  • 1926-s buffalo nickel – value ranges $24 – $250, 000
  • 1920-d buffalo nickel – struck in Denver, and its value ranges from $12 – $60,000

Additional factors influencing the value of the buffalo nickel are the condition and the minting errors.

Final Thought

A 1937 buffalo nickel has an average worth of $1.12, with some extremely rare 1937-nickel possibly worth many thousands of dollars. Notably, the value of the buffalo nickel can fluctuate depending on the market and several other factors discussed above.