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1980 Half Dollar Coin Value: [Complete Collector's Guide]

1980 Half Dollar Coin Value: [Complete Collector's Guide]

The 1980 half-dollar coin is well known in American history. Do not be surprised that some of its drawings are almost everywhere. The United States of America minted this coin in 1980. So, the biggest question is what its value is.

Like their faces, most of these 1980 half dollar coins are only worth 50 cents. However, you should note that some half dollar coins are more valuable than others based on their minting year and condition. A half dollar coin in an (MS+) condition was last auctioned at $3.

If coin roll hunting is your thing and you are interested in learning more about the 1980 Half Dollar Coin, this article got you. Read through to educate yourself on each detail you want to know about these old yet valuable coins.

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1980 Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy half dollar coin is among the most famous coins you can collect today due to its political intrigue and historical significance to the people of America. It is categorized into three; the 1980 P, D, and S, and they all have different values. The 1980 P Kennedy Half Dollar is worth $1.05 to $88.00, while the 1980 D is worth $1.05 to $3750.

The first Kennedy half dollar coin was minted in 1964, to commemorate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This makes sense when you keenly observe the coin, the front has the face of the president, and the back has a presidential seal. In addition, the coins were printed until 2004, when they stopped the process, but they remain in circulation among people.

There are a lot of details that you need to learn about the 1980 Kennedy half dollar coin.

What Feature Makes It Valuable?

The 1980 Kennedy half dollar coin is not the most valuable. However, it is still worth some bucks based on its features, condition, and minting period. People consider the coins minted in 1970 the most valuable of the other Kennedy half dollar coins. Further, the Kennedy half dollar coin minted with a mark from Denver Mint popularly denoted as D is also quite valuable. These two are worth $100 and more. In other words, the year that the Kennedy half dollar coin was minted and its mint mark are two main features that influence its value.

Why Are The Kennedy Half Dollars Rare?

If you are keen, you will note that the Kennedy half dollar coins are becoming rare today. The explanation is that the coins were minted for a brief period. For instance, the last coin was minted in 2004, and since then, they have never been minted again. Remember, the coins minted earlier are more valuable than the later ones due to their silver content.

If you come across Kennedy half dollar coins, it would be wise to sort them out based on their year of minting. The rarer the coin, the more valuable it is. For example, the 1970 Kennedy Half Dollar coins are rare and more valuable. Generally, this has made the coin popular in all the collections.

How To Identify The 1980 Kennedy Half Dollars

Several factors can help you quickly identify a Kennedy Half Dollar. Some of these essential factors include:

The Location Of The Mint Mark

Understanding a mint mark will help you locate it on your coin. A Mint Mark is a small letter printed on a Kennedy Half Dollar indicating the mint facility in the U.S that was engaged in the production of the coin. For example, a Kennedy Half Dollar coin with the mint mark of P means that it is from the Mint of Philadelphia, while the ones with D are of the Denver Mint. This does not sound anything like rocket science; your eyes can quickly help you know if you got the right coin or not.


The weight of these coins differs from one to another. However, the Kennedy Half Dollar coin weighs 11.34 grams. This is almost the same as the U.S Dime. The coin has been made with .900 fine silver, making it a little heavier than most people expect it to weigh.

How To Tell If A 1980 Kennedy Half Dollar Is Silver

Real Kennedy half dollars are majorly made from .900 fine silver. What does this mean? It means that the metal in the coin is 90% silver and 10% copper. Therefore, identifying whether your coin is silver or not is simple; use a magnet. If your magnet sticks to the coin, there are no chances that it is silver, but if it does stick, there are higher chances of it being silver. Another alternative is scratching the coin using a sharp object to see if it can leave a silver mark.

Is Collecting Kennedy Half Dollar Worth?

Absolutely! keep in mind that these coins are worth more than just their face value. What matters most when collecting the Kennedy half dollar coins is the year they were minted and the condition. The 1970 Kennedy Half dollar coin is the most valuable today as it can be auctioned for $100 and above. Also, it is rare to create a mint of these coins. Some of these go for even up to $50,000.

How To Store The Kennedy Half Dollar Coins

Store your Kennedy half dollar coins in a cool and dry place. Two things can easily damage the coins: humidity and heat. So if possible, avoid keeping them in wallets and purses. Further, do not polish the coins you collect. Instead, take them to a professional if you find them valuable.

1980 Half Dollar Value

1980 half dollar value is at $1.50. As mentioned earlier, the worth and value of these coins increase with their year of minting. Thus, the earliest ones are more valuable than the latest ones. For instance, the 1964 half dollar was sold in 2019 at six figures, making it the most expensive to sell half dollar coin. Their historical relevance and political intrigue give them more value today among the American people, making its collection worth it.

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1980 p Half Dollar Value

The 1980 p half dollar value in an average condition is worth 50 cents. However, the ones with mint marks go for about $3.00. This is not the fixed value of the circulating coins; their worth can differ based on the condition. They are not worth a lot because they are not among the rare types like the 1970 ones.

How To Sell The Coins

You have probably spent some years creating a half dollar coin collection or even got them as an inheritance from your grannies and want to get the best out of them. Or you are fully interested in making money out of your coin collection. One thing you shouldn't do is take them to a pawn shop. Additionally, do not run to trade them for gold, nor entirely focus on their face value. Do your research and determine how much those coins cost before making any other step.

The following are the best ways that you apply when you want to sell your half dollar coins:

  • Sell them at a coin shop
  • Conduct a physical auction
  • Online marketplace or auction

Among the three options, one will always give you the best value for your coins.

Bottom Line

The 1980 Half Dollar Coin Value is not comparable to winning a lottery, but its value is worth it. They are popular in the contemporary world among coin collectors. Therefore, if you come across one, it is worth collecting.