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4 Wheeler Battery – What You NEED to Know About Them!

4 Wheeler Battery – What You NEED to Know About Them!

One of the essential parts of an ATV is the battery. If your four-wheeler cannot start, you cannot have fun riding it. Therefore, when purchasing your 4 Wheeler Battery, it is crucial to ensure that you go for the best quality.

The brand, type, compatibility, capacity, life cycle, and price are critical considerations that you need to make when looking for the best batteries for your machine. A branded battery will likely have a superior lifespan since it is made up of higher-grade materials.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with essential factors to consider when deciding on your 4 Wheeler Battery, there are other points of contention.

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Top 4 Wheeler Battery Brands

If you get your battery from a reputable brand, there are high chances that the battery will serve you right. Therefore, knowing some of the best brands is essential for making the right battery choice.

Mighty Max

Mighty Max is one of the top brands in the modern market. It was founded in 2012, and it is based in Edison, N.J. Since its inception, it has gained considerable popularity due to its versatility in producing batteries used for electric vehicles, scooters, wheelchairs, computer systems, medical and industrial equipment, and more. The Mighty Max Battery YTX4L-BS is one of the top ATV batteries from the brand.

Yuasa Battery, INC

The Yuasa Battery, INC is another top US-based ATV battery manufacturer known for its Powersports battery production. The brand has been in existence since 1979, and its dedication to offering quality products seems to keep it abreast in the industry. The brand focuses on distributing products for UTVs, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and scooters. The Yuasa YTX20L-BS Battery features one of the best products from the company.


Throttlex is a Michigan-based battery that is family-owned. The brand boasts over fifty years of experience in producing quality batteries. Like most brands in the industry, the company sells ATVs, watercraft, scooters, snowmobile, and UTV batteries. The ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sports Battery emerged as one of the best batteries manufactured by the brand due to its incredible performance.

The ExpertPower

The Expertpower came into existence in 1987. The Los Angeles-based company specializes in supplying energy storage systems with products such as acid batteries, power tools, and portable power stations. The ExpertPower 12V Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery is the brand's top product. The battery is highly rated, especially for users with a budget-friendly mindset.

What Volt Is A 4 Wheeler Battery?

The size of the ATV battery is another consideration that people tend to consider when looking for the best battery in the market. Knowing the volt that you can get from a battery can tell you more about the battery's capabilities to serve you.

The most prevalent label size of an ATV battery is 12v. Depending on the needs of the ATV, the sizes can also come in 6v and 24v occasionally. The actual voltage of a 12v battery is between 12.8 and 12.6v and, in some situations, can go up to 13.1 volts.

How To Choose The Best Voltage

If you want to keep your ATV in peak condition, you need to ensure that you have the right battery with the right voltage.

Most squad batteries are categorized as 12v, but the ATV batteries range between 12.6v and 13.1v depending on the model. If the voltage is below 11.8v, the battery could be having a problem, or it is extremely sulfated and therefore requires charging.

Also, if the battery reads more than 13.1v, that could indicate problems with the alternator. Ensuring that the voltage is accurate is essential to your ATV's needs. When purchasing your new ATV battery, it is crucial to check Cranking Amp, Cold Cranking Amp, and Amp Hour. These are the indicators that tell you how powerful your battery is and its longevity and performance during cold conditions.

How To Check The Voltage Of Your ATV Battery

Unstable power voltage can end up damaging your ATV in the long run. Voltage checking regularly is a good practice as it may help prevent more expensive issues in the long run. All you need is to equip yourself with a voltmeter and follow the following steps;

  • Turn off your ATV
  • Take off the negative and positive terminal covers. Ensure that there is no corrosion before attaching the voltmeter to the terminals.
  • Attach the voltmeter's negative lead to the battery's negative lead and repeat the same with positive ones.
  • Read the figures on the screen to determine if there is an issue with your battery.

If you have a convention battery, the reading should be 12.6 and 12.8. Anything under could be a sign of problems. If you have an AGM battery, the normal range should be 12.8 and 13.1v. Anything lower or higher should see you contact a mechanic.

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How To Charge A 4 Wheeler Battery

Although ATVs have a built-in charging system, the current might not be enough in some situations. To charge your ATV battery, you will need tools such as a suitable charger, latex gloves, and protective eyewear. With the tools and gear, you will need to follow several steps, which includes;

  • Parking the ATV in a dry and well-ventilated place
  • Locate and inspect the battery
  • Identify the type of battery that you have on your ATV
  • Ensure that you have the suitable charger
  • Use a voltmeter or multimeter to check the voltage of the battery
  • Ensure that your connections are clean
  • Attach the charger cables
  • Set the correct charge mode
  • Initiate the charging process
  • Monitor the battery during the charging process until it is fully charged.

Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of A Razor 4 Wheeler Battery

A typical ATV's average lifespan, including that of the razor 4 wheeler battery, is between three and five years. However, several factors influence the lifespan of an ATV battery.

Battery Quality: The battery's overall lifespan highly depends on the quality of the battery. The AGM ATV batteries are the most popular type due to their improved performance. However, their price is relatively higher compared to conventional ATV batteries.

The Battery Usage: Another factor that will affect the longevity of your battery is its usage. If you use your batteries regularly, their lifespan will likely be shorter, and the reverse is true. Additionally, if you do not practice good usage, the battery may not be in a position to serve you better.

The Temperature: The Temperature affects not only the performance of an ATV battery but also its lifespan. Exposing your battery to extreme temperatures may lead to the decomposition of the acid and other vital internal components, damaging it.

The Quality of the Charger: If you are fond of using cheap and low-quality chargers, you need to understand that you are simply working towards shortening the lifespan of your battery.

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The Cost Of Battery For 4 Wheeler

So how much should you be willing to pay for an ATV battery? There are many types of ATV batteries out there, and knowing their pricing will play a significant role in ensuring that you purchase the best battery.

The cost of the battery for a 4 wheeler depends on the type and the quality of the battery you are purchasing. Whether you are investing in the Gel Cell, Absorbed Glass Mat, or conventional ATV battery, the price should range between $50 and $100. It is imperative to note that cheap batteries are not the best when it comes to performance.


Purchasing the right ATV battery will be significant in helping you save money and guarantee the excellent performance of your ATV. A quality battery should be durable, lightweight, versatile, easy to install, and works well in extreme temperatures. In addition, remember to pick your battery from a reputable brand.

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