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Best 4 Wheelers for 12 Year Olds [REVIEWS & BUYER'S GUIDE]

Best 4 Wheelers for 12 Year Olds [REVIEWS & BUYER'S GUIDE]

Adults frequently operate their 4-wheelers in the snow, dirt, and other places in their properties; children are fond of imitating their parents. Hence, it is not uncommon to see children attempting to ride an ATV; children aged 3 can ride ATVs.

The best 4-wheelers for 12-year-olds are Razor Dirt Quad, Honda TRX90 ATV, X-Pro 125cc ATV, TaoTao TForce ATV, Razor 500 DLX ATV, X Pro-Youth 110cc ATV, Pulse Performance Product ATV, and SYX Moto Tank Electric ATV. When getting an ATV for a 12-year-old, you should consider the size. 

It is common to have some doubts when purchasing a 4-wheeler for a 12-year-old; however, it is unnecessary to worry. We will be looking at the best 4-wheelers you can get for your 12-year-old.

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Best 4-Wheeler For 12-Year-Old

ATVs are an amazing way to get your child away from his or her phone and computer and into the great outdoors. Outdoor play with these motorized vehicles is a blast; ATVs are fantastic whether there is snow on the ground or the weather is pleasant. Below are some of the best 4-wheelers for 12-year-olds.

Razor Dirt Quad

Razor Dirt Quad is the greatest ATV for a 12-year-old since it appeals to boys and girls. This ATV is built for difficult terrains, and its outstanding design quality is worth noting. Thanks to its alloy steel body, it floats perfectly in the tough terrain; it has a 120-pound carrying capacity and an adjustable handlebar.

It has a top speed of 8 mph, which is ideal for a 12-year-old; this ATV can run for up to 40 minutes on a single charge and takes only 15 hours to charge fully. Two 12-volt batteries power it, so your child may play with it for as long as possible. It has a dependable rear braking system and suspension, so you can trust it with your kids.

It may be used on various terrains, including sand, gravel, grass, snow, and more, thanks to the 13-inch pneumatic tires. With the twist grip throttle, hand-operated rear disc brake, and variable speed, your youngster will be able to learn how to control the speed of this 4-wheeler. The disc brake provides precise braking power.

Razor 500 DLX ATV

The 500 DLX is another ATV from Razor; it is an excellent ATV for kids aged 12 and an ATV with exceptional performance. It is made for kids who desire a powerful ATV that can go at high speeds. This vehicle features a 36V battery and a 500-watt engine; its battery provides you with a total riding duration of 40 to 60 minutes.

It has a maximum range of 10 miles and a top speed of 9.32 mph, regarded as a pretty high speed for children, making it ideal for adrenaline enthusiasts. It has a fantastic powder-coated frame made from steel that provides exceptional protection. It is extremely weather-resistant, and you can ride it anywhere.

In addition, the Razor shows the internal gearbox to aid acceleration, and it includes a manual and disc brake, which greatly minimizes the chance of an accident. A manual brake is more efficient and pleasant than a foot brake. The maximum rider weight of this ATV is 485 pounds making it ideal for loading equipment.

Pulse Performance Product ATV

This ATV is ideal for children ages 8 to 12; nevertheless, a 12-year-old will be able to handle it flawlessly. Youngsters will feel completely at ease when riding this ATV with a footrest and cushioned seat. The color is sophisticated. It has a stylish appearance and appeals to children. If this is your child's first time riding an ATV, the twist-grip throttle and 250W chain-driven motor are ideal.

Thanks to its pneumatic tires, it has a strong steel frame and performs smoothly on uneven and rough terrain. The footrest and padded seat allow the children to sit upright and handle the four-wheeler precisely when it comes to safety. This is one of the greatest ATVs for 12-year-old children to enjoy off-roading on gravel and snow.

When fully charged, you will get a ride time of 40 minutes; it has a top speed of 7 mph and weighs 87 pounds. The Pulse Performance Product ATV is 39 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 27 inches high. It has a weight load capacity of 120 pounds and uses a hand-actuated rear disc brake.

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What Size 4-Wheeler For 12-year-Old

Because children grow faster, each age group requires a different-sized ATV. Purchasing an ATV is similar to purchasing clothing; it does not work out if they are not the appropriate size. There are five different sizes of ATVs; these sizes are suitable for different age ranges. We will be looking at those sizes.

First, we have mini-sized ATVs; these are the smallest sizes available and appropriate for kids below age 6. Then we have the mid-sized ATV, which is suitable for kids aged 5 to 8; older kids can ride them, but it might not fit properly. The intermediate-sized ATV is the next ATV size; they are slightly larger than the mid-sized range.

Intermediate-sized ATVs are more powerful and heavier; hence, they are ideal and the best size for 12-year-old children. Then we have the intermediate plus-sized ATV for kids aged 12 to 15 and the full-sized ATVs for young adults. The full-sized machines feature 200cc engines starting at 100cc, making them ideal for novice riders.

An ATV with a displacement of up to 125cc is ideal for a 12-year-old child. Aside from age, you should consider your child's physical characteristics, such as height and weight, before deciding on the optimum size four-wheeler for a 12-year-old.

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Gas 4-Wheeler For 12-Year-Old

There are several 4-wheelers for 12-year-olds; some are electric while some are gas-powered. A gas-powered 4-wheeler refers to one that requires gasoline as a source of power, while the electric 4-wheeler uses a rechargeable battery for power. Below are some gas 4-wheelers for 12-year-olds.

TaoTao TForce ATV

When it comes to children's ATVs, the TaoTao brand has created a reputation for itself. The TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc is designed for older youngsters who are eager to get their hands dirty and have an amazing riding experience. It features a reverse option so kids can easily get their way out of a tight spot during a ride.

This vehicle has an electric start and a fully automatic transmission; it is ideal for children aged 12 years who have not mastered shifting. With the twist throttle, your rider has complete control over his or her speed. This device has a wider suspension than a standard kid's four-wheeler.

X Pro-Youth 110cc ATV

Because of its multiple features, the X Pro-Youth 110cc ATV is one of the best gas-powered ATVs for 12-year-olds. It features a powerful 110cc engine and a stylish design. This ATV, which is spider black in color, features an automatic transmission and electric start, making it easy and smooth to handle for beginner riders.

The robust knobby tires provide grip while still allowing for easy ground clearance. It also contains a speed governor and a remote cut-off switch, allowing you to reduce or regulate the speed from a distance. This ATV is fitted with rear hydraulic and front drum brakes to ensure a safe ride.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to have fun outdoors with your family is by riding an ATV. When all your family members, including your children, have their ATV, you get to spend more time with them. However, getting a strong, fully automated, great ATV for a 12-year-old is no easy task. Thankfully, the above list of the finest four-wheelers for 12-year-olds should have made it easy for you to select a top-rated and best ATV for a 12-year-old.

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