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4-Wheeler Helmets – Kids, Youth, and Adult Models Reviewed

4-Wheeler Helmets – Kids, Youth, and Adult Models Reviewed

After you have purchased your new ATV, one of the first things you should do is invest in an ATV helmet. 4-wheeler helmets are very affordable; wearing them helps save and protect you in cases of a crash during a ride. You cannot go wrong with today's helmets because they are so modern; however, it is best to get one of the best .

The 4-wheeler helmets you can get includes O'Neal Youth ATV Helmet, Fox Racing V2 Youth Helmet, Vega Mighty X2 ATV Helmet, Hard Head ATV Kids Helmet, Blaze Adventure LS2 Helmet, ILM Youth Helmet, Bell MX-9 ATV Helmet, Razor Full Face ATV Helmet, Troy Lee SE4 ATV Helmet, and Aria XD4 Helmet.

Your ATV helmet is the most crucial piece of ATV recreational riding gear that you must possess. Unfortunately, many people neglect to purchase an ATV helmet, much to their own cost. You should not be among those who refuse to buy a helmet as that helmet is protective gear for you.

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4-Wheeler Helmets Youth

We recognize the importance of finding high-quality riding gear, particularly a helmet. If you have a youth who possesses an ATV, it is necessary to introduce him or her to the use of ATV helmets and make them understand the importance of using one. We will provide below some of the 4-wheeler helmets for youths.

Fox Racing V2 Youth Helmet

The Fox Racing V2 Youth Helmet is lightweight and made from fiberglass; it also has a dual-density EPS liner that makes the user feel comfortable for extended days out. The ventilation system is excellent, allowing cool air to circulate freely through the helmet during every ride, keeping you cool and dry during those sweaty and hot rides.

The helmet is light, weighing only 1300 grams, but it does not include a shield or visor. You can purchase dirt bike goggles to go along with it to provide eye protection. This is a true off-road helmet that can be used for both motocross and ATV use; the styling of this helmet is generally aggressive, and with its excellent ventilation and lightweight, it truly offers luxury qualities at an affordable price.

Razor Full Face ATV Helmet

You may be familiar with the Razor brand, common among BMX and ATV riders. The 17 vents on the Razor Full Face ATV Helmet increase the ventilation system and offer additional cushioning to ensure a secure fit on your child's head. This significantly impacts the rider's overall comfort; this helmet is black, hence, suitable for both genders.

An extra-wide viewport and an adjustable visor strap are included with this helmet; as a result, with safety goggles on, the user has complete visibility. The gear is similarly streamlined, with an out-of-this-world shiny finish. The helmet has a lot of ventilation, which is a big plus; as a result, you will enjoy the trip regardless of the weather condition.

ILM Youth Helmet

The ILM Youth Helmet is a fantastic combination of beauty and functionality. ABS is used to create this helmet; it is sturdy and light so that the user will be comfortable during the ride. Furthermore, the equipment is highly configurable, which is beneficial, especially for youths, who tend to grow up quickly.

This helmet has good shock absorption and a good air-cooling system; as a result, it is a great choice for riding in a variety of weather conditions. The inside cushioning is detachable, allowing you to remove it and wash it quickly. You can get this helmet in seven different sizes to find the right fit for everyone in your family.

Kid 4-Wheeler Helmets

One of our major concerns as parents is the safety of our children; hence, when getting an ATV for your child, you should buy a helmet along with it. Finding the finest kids ATV helmets can be difficult with so many features and brands to consider. However, we have compiled a selection of some of the best ATV helmets for kids.

Troy Lee SE4 ATV Helmet

The Troy Lee SE4 ATV Helmet, which comes in several colors and styles, is another top-notch lid among a sea of kids ATV helmets. The lightweight polyacrylate shell has multiple ventilation ports, MIPS liner, and 3D contoured cheek pads with quick release for safe helmet removal. It comes in two sizes to fit a wide range of head sizes.

It is an excellent helmet for parents who want their children to appear fashionable while safe. This helmet comes with a pivot and two visor screws with a brass insert for rider visor adjustment. This helmet has 16 intake openings to circulate cold air around and over the rider's head, while six rear exhaust ports force hot, sweaty air out.

Vega Mighty X2 ATV Helmet

With its exceptional affordability, comfortable fit, maximum protection, and trendy design, the Vega Mighty X2 Helmet is excellent for kids. It is totally adjustable, highly resistant, and comfortable as it features a double D-ring strap. The completely vented EPS and airflow intake system allows air in while keeping you comfortable.

Airflow intake and exhaust vents and completely ventilated EPS provide for a consistent, pleasant flow of air, keeping you cool on those long rides. This helmet uses a replaceable and washable plush liner that ensures your comfort during a ride. It also comes equipped with a removable, vented, multi-position visor.

Hard Head ATV Kids Helmet

Hard Head Helmets creates fashionable and eye-catching children's ATV helmets that comply with all DOT regulations. This helmet is an excellent choice for parents looking for a high-quality off-road helmet because it has a fantastic design at a fair price. The wonderful aesthetic of the Heart Head, which comes in 15 amazing hues and designs, has children enamored.

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4-Wheeler Helmets For Adults

ATVs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and more people are joining in on the fun. In an accident, ATV helmets primarily protect riders from impact and discomfort. The appropriate ATV helmet protects the rider from debris, dust, and wind; below are some ATV helmets for adults.

Aria XD4 Helmet

the Aria XD4 Helmet is regarded as one of the best ATV helmets for adults; it has outstanding features, including the comfort lining and 5mm peel-away cheek pads that let riders customize their fit. Although this helmet is not lightweight, it is still very comfortable.

Its shell has also been aerodynamically optimized. When used with the removable floating peak, it directs air into the revised vents, enhancing overall ventilation and reducing buffeting at high speeds.

Bell MX-9 ATV Helmet

Designed to be a high-performance helmet, the Bell MX-9 ATV Helmet is constructed from ABS plastic shell and Polycarb, which comes in three different sizes. The Velocity Flow Ventilation Systems by Bell is built right into the shell and EPS lining of the helmet, ensuring that your head gets the most airflow possible. While that is going on, the Flying Bridge Visors allows you to fine-tune the amount of air that enters.

Typhoon Dual Sport ATV Helmet

The Typhoon Dual Sport ATV Helmet provides the whole protection package, not just the helmet. Apart from the helmet, it comes with gloves and goggles to satisfy the demands of novice ATV riders. The helmet is not the heaviest choice, weighing in at under 3 pounds; as a result, it should not exert excessive pressure on the user's neck and shoulders.

Final Thoughts

Helmets are always improving, and what we considered the best helmet a few years ago has been surpassed by new developments. Hence, it is best to know what to look out for in an ATV helmet which will help influence your decision when purchasing one. This article has provided the different ATV helmets for kids, youth, and adults; you can choose from any of them.

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