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The Best 6-Seater Side by Sides [COMPLETE LIST]

The Best 6-Seater Side by Sides [COMPLETE LIST]

A side by side is also known as a utility task vehicle or UTV; it is a small off-road vehicle that can fit 1 to 6 people. If you enjoy spending time with your family on a side-by-side UTV, you will want to invest in one that has adequate room for your whole family. Getting a 6-seater side by side will be best for you and your family.

There are several 6-seater side by sides, but the best 6-seater side by sides are Yamaha Viking VI EPS UTV, Can-Am Defender Max HD10 XT UTV, Polaris Ranger Crew 1000 XP UTV High Lifter, Kawasaki Pro Mule FXT Side by Sides, Polaris Ranger Crew 900 XP UTV, and Bobcat Diesel UV34XL Side by Sides. 

It is fantastic to have a pair of side-by-sides with a seating capacity of six; you have to look beyond the amazing quotient when selecting a side-by-side. There are various 6-seater side by sides, and you need to know the best.

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Side By Side 6-Seater

If you prefer spending time with your family, getting a side by side is an excellent choice; however, you should make sure you get one with ample space for you, your wife, and your kids. There are numerous alternatives now that most side-by-side manufacturers produce six-seater variants; below are some of the best side-by-side 6-seater.

Can-Am Defender Max HD10 XT UTV

Can-Am is another well-known Powersports company that produces six-seater side-by-sides. The Can-Am Defender is a very popular six-seater UTV; there are two engine types available for the Defender. One produces 52 horsepower and 41 pound-feet of torque, and the other produces 65 horsepower and 59 pound-feet of torque.

Both engines are made up of two cylinders; 976cc and 650cc are the displacements. The Defender Max has 27-inch tires and suspension travel of 10 inches; the Can-Am includes a grass mode and 2wd to 4wd drive options. With the larger engine, the Defender can pull up to 2,500 pounds; furthermore, there is plenty of storage space behind the seat for your guests and family.

Polaris Ranger Crew 1000 XP UTV High Lifter

Polaris is a market leader in the off-road sector, and they provide a wide range of UTVs. The Ranger Crew 1000 XP UTV High Lifter, a six-seater, attracts our attention; it boasts a powerful 82HP engine, so you will have no trouble getting to your destination even with a full crew and luggage.

This UTV is ideal for work because it has one of the largest towing capacities of any UTV. The tires on this Ranger are 27 inches wide, and the suspension travel is 11 inches. A 13-inch ground clearance complements those remarkable numbers.

Kawasaki Pro Mule FXT Side by Sides

Another wonderful 6-seater side by side is the Kawasaki Pro Mule FXT; it can be customized as a three or six-seater. This means removing a row of seats to provide more sleeping space. You can re-insert the second row if you need to transport more people; it also has 10.2 inches of ground clearance.

This side by side is equipped with a powerful 812cc 3-cylinder engine that can tow 2,000 pounds. The Kawasaki, like the majority of UTVs, has a 2-wheel drive and a 4-wheel drive selector. A differential-lock is included in the rear differential, which is crucial for climbing a hill on rocky terrain.

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Polaris Ranger Crew 900 XP UTV

The Polaris Ranger Crew 900 XP UTV is extremely cost-effective, coming in at only $14,099. It has a whopping 68 horsepower and a 2000-pound towing capacity; this vehicle has a payload capacity of 1750 pounds. It has a 12 inches ground clearance, which is quite high; it is your best option if you are looking for a rugged and durable UTV.

This UTV has many nice features at a low price; its accessories are readily available, so you will not constantly look for them. If there is one thing this UTV has a lot of, it is power. When it comes to shifting, the Ranger is an excellent choice; you will see the quality and fineness in this UTV when you try it.

6-Seater UTV Comparison

For a good reason, Side-By-Sides are becoming increasingly popular among dunes and trail-riding lovers. These vehicles are entertaining and powerful vehicles that will assist you in conquering any terrain from the safety of a seat. When it comes to off-roading, this might be a more enjoyable experience than riding a quad or a dirt bike because you can bring your family and friends along with you.

On the market, some models are more performance-oriented and ones that are more comfort-oriented. They will all allow you to navigate various difficult terrain types while going on excursions that you would not be able to go on with a standard four-wheeler or dirt bike. If you prefer more power and less speed, the 6-seater UTV for you might be a Polaris.

If you want a more pleasant journey for your family, you might want to look at Can-Am vehicles. There will be upgraded versions within each brand's catalog of design options that provide you additional capabilities to adapt your vehicle's use to your demands. When choosing a UTV, you should always consider the power and speed you want to access.

There are many manufacturers of 6-seater UTVs these days, but not all offer the same features and benefits. Before you pick one at random, make sure you look at all the different alternatives that these manufacturers have to offer. When buying a UTV for fun or work, you should think about many factors, including performance, power, cargo capacity, and comfort.

6 Passenger UTV

Most of the common UTVs can carry only 2 to 4 people. However, due to recent development, several manufacturers are not producing 6 passenger UTVs; these vehicles are mostly suitable for large families who love UTV riding and off-roading. Below are some 6 passenger UTVs.

Bobcat Diesel UV34XL Side by Sides

The Bobcat Diesel UV34XL Side by Sides is the vehicle for you if you are searching for a workhorse. This UTV with a crew cab is ideal for use on any site; its 25-horsepower engine is related to Bobcat's compact track loader range. The diesel engine produces much torque, and the sturdy frame can handle much weight.

The towing capability is 2,500 pounds, and its bed capacity is 1250 pounds; that is on par with certain pickup vehicles, such as the Ford Maverick. They may also be required to provide power to your tools on occasion. This vehicle is fitted with a 140-amp alternator, making it prepared for any task and providing plenty of power for tools.

Yamaha Viking VI EPS UTV

The Yamaha Viking VI EPS UTV is one of the best on the market; it features a 1500-pound towing capability and a dump bed weighing 600 pounds. A liquid-cooled, 686cc, 4 valve SOHC engine powers this UTV, making it one of the toughest. On the rear and front axles, it boasts dual disc brakes.

It has a 9.7-gallon gasoline capacity; this side by side is an excellent choice for off-roading. Yamaha also features steel skid plates on this vehicle's undercarriage to ensure that you do not get trapped or damage your ride while out on the terrain. Although its 686cc engine may appear modest for a six-seater, it is very capable of hauling goods and people.

Final Thoughts

UTVs are becoming more popular as they become more capable of meeting a variety of purposes. This is an excellent investment for your adventure enjoyment; there are a plethora of excellent UTVs and alternatives available. If you require a six-seater, fantastic side-by-sides are still available; most of the best ones have been listed above.

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