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The Best Adult Nerf Guns [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

The Best Adult Nerf Guns [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Nerf is a toy weapon company founded in 1969 that has manufactured several outstanding guns since its existence. Compared to several beliefs that toy guns are for children, nerf has manufactured several guns for adults. Regardless of your age, everyone can play with nerf guns; this makes it an ideal game for families to engage in. 

The best adult nerf guns are Megalodon N-Strike Nerf Blaster, Nerf Phantom Rival Corps Hades, Nerf Prometheus Rival MXVIII-20K, Nerf 2.0 Elite Shockwave, Nerf Elite N-Strike Strongarm Blaster, Nerf Titan Elite CS-50 Blaster, Nerf N-Strike CS-18 Elite Rapidstrike, and Nerf Nemesis Rival MXVII-10K. 

There is nothing strange about missing the days of Nerf because even as adults, we will always be children at heart. As an adult, there is a guarantee that you will always get a surge of adrenaline when you hold a nerf gun. So, getting an adult nerf gun is a good idea. 

group friends gunsBest Adult Nerf Guns

Almost everyone has played with Nerf guns; they are traditional childhood toys that bring back fond recollections whenever they are mentioned. On the other hand, the best Nerf guns are not exclusively for kids; children and adults can enjoy nerf guns. Below are some of the highest-rated adult nerf guns. 

Nerf Prometheus Rival MXVIII-20K

Your team fight experience will become more powerful with a Nerf Prometheus Rival MXVIII-20K in your palm since it promises to shoot 8 shots within seconds. This nerf gun outperforms all others in terms of power and accuracy. The elegant style of the shooting ability will appeal to you; the color combinations of blue and red allow you to play as a team.

This nerf blaster has a creative and wild design; you can take the shot with this rifle, and you do not have to sling it on your shoulder. Sling it around and blast it wherever; although it appears to be a heavy weapon, the handling is precise and simple. In battle, you cannot run with this gun; you can only aim down and up. 

This nerf gun's lengthy conveyor belt and double-sized hopper allow for long jungle warfare and speedy loading. Two hundred bullets can be fired with a significant intensity from 100 feet; it will be simple to target and gun down your opponent from afar. The batteries are NiMH and are rechargeable, so you need to charge the battery before use. 

Nerf 2.0 Elite Shockwave

Consider adding Nerf 2.0 Elite Shockwave to your collection if you want to take your nerf battle to another level. This blaster has a built-in modification, which helps to improve the appearance and efficiency of the weapon in battle. It includes barrel additions, three tactical rails, and a stock attachment. 

These additions give the pistol a more aggressive appearance, enhancing its efficiency in every combat and objective. A high-impact dart is loaded into the dart barrel; the revolving drum can hold up to 15 darts, yet the cannon includes 30 nerf mega darts. So, you can store the spare darts inside your nerf jacket pocket for easy reloading throughout the game.

It enables single shots with compressor action, but you must prime the blaster before each shot. You can also fire the darts all at once by pressing the trigger while priming; this blaster has excellent accuracy and range. The darts can be shot from a distance of 90 feet; you can spend that money on various equipment to make yourself invincible during the group assignment. 

Nerf Elite N-Strike Strongarm Blaster

The Nerf Elite N-Strike Strongarm Blaster is an excellent nerf gun because of its lightweight, quick fire, and extensive range. For all Nerf fans, this is a must-have nerf pistol; this blaster has a sleek but durable design. The color combination is calming to the eyes; this nerf gun's diverse characteristics make it suitable for all players.

It has a movable barrel and a situational rail; the barrel can contain up to 6 exceptional darts, and the gun's strongest feature is the ability to slam fire. You must press the trigger, aim, and shoot. This nerf gun has a range of 90 feet, and it combines high performance with high capacity.

Despite its appearance and size, the shooting accuracy will astound you; due to its spinning mechanism, you will relish your shooting experience. With this fantastic nerf toy gun, you can enjoy mobility and agility in the nerf missions. The barrel makes for simple loading, which is extremely useful during a battle. 

Nerf Nemesis Rival MXVII-10K

The Nerf Nemesis Rival MXVII-10K is an essential nerf adult gun for experienced Nerf enthusiasts. This beast is blue and red to enable it to form a team for a high-level nerf war; since this pistol is big and heavy, it must be carried using a shoulder strap. The large ammunition capacity distinguishes it from other nerf guns.

The automatic nerf gun comes with a hundred high-impact foam balls so you can show off your shooting skills. Seeing as it takes less time to load, you may use the extra time to plan and strategize how to defeat your opponents. Your mission is to fire the balls out at a speed of up to 30 meters per second; you will be feeling like balls everywhere. 

This nerf gun is quite powerful thanks to the 6D batteries. Rechargeable battery packs can be used for longer periods, but they must be purchased individually; when you power on the pistol, you will hear a rumbling engine. However, before engaging in a fierce conflict, make sure your weapon is completely charged, or your dead weapon will wreck your fight. 

Nerf Titan Elite CS-50 Blaster

If you are adamant about winning a nerf battle, the Nerf Titan Elite CS-50 Blaster is the best nerf gun for you. This massive motorized blaster allows you to hit your targets hard; it is a fully automatic weapon with a large capacity. Thanks to the dart drum's ability to hold 50 elite darts, your nerf fight will be unrivaled.

The three-foot-long, lightweight battery-powered blaster features a rotating barrel. If you like action movies, you have probably heard of the Predator or Terminator gun; yes, the design of this pistol is based on that gun. Thanks to the drum magazine and revolving barrel

, the blaster has a dominating appearance. 

This nerf pistol must be fired from your hip since the trigger and carry handle are at the top. Do not be concerned about dart jams or insufficient firing power. Other elite darts are compatible with this toy rifle, so, if necessary, you can spend the extra cash to purchase more nerf accessories. 

two adult gun toyWhat Kind Of Adult Plays With Nerf Guns? 

Nerf guns are toy guns that come in various sizes, colors, forms, and levels of strength. It is among the most commonly purchased for younger children, with foam darts, discs, and balls. This toy weapon is suitable for individuals of all ages; you can have fun with a nerf gun regardless of if you are 6 or 60 years old. 

Nerf was created by Reyn Guyer, who also created the game Twister in 1968. Many adults like shooting foam darts from a specially designed or customized blaster at their friends. Nerf guns are not just for kids; there is no age limit on who can use one. Finding the greatest adult nerf gun is a straightforward task

 if you know what you are looking for. 

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Final Thoughts

Do not be fooled into thinking that adults do not play nerf war; there are several finest nerf guns for adults to choose from and play with. You will be completely perplexed while deciding which one is best for you. This review will help you because we have included the greatest option of adult nerf guns you can purchase. 

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