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Best American Made Drones [Proudly Made In the USA]

Best American Made Drones [Proudly Made In the USA]

Due to the US-China trade war and its effect on the global economy, most drone enthusiasts want to purchase American-made drones. Most popular and high-quality drones are manufactured in China; however, you can get good American-made drones.

The best American made drones include Range Pro X8P Drone, Parrot Anafi USA, Autel Evo Robotics II, 3DR Solo Drone, Skydio 2 Drone, Vantage Robotics Vesper Drone, Aguadrone, Institu Drone, 3DR H520 Drone, GoPro Karma Quadcopter, Skydio X2 Drone, Skyfish M4 Drone, and Blade Scimitar FPV RTF Drone.

Many government and private organizations have banned drones made in China; hence, people have turned to those made in the USA. Knowing the best American-made drone helps you better understand which to buy as a drone enthusiast.

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Best American Made Drones

America is one of the largest and most powerful countries globally; its economy is one of the strongest. As a result, you will get excellent products from this country; there is an assumption that only China produces the best drones worldwide.

This is not false, but there are also drones manufactured in the USA. Getting a high-quality functional American-made drone is a lot easier when you know the best drones they manufacture; below are some of them.

Parrot Anafi USA

The Parrot Anafi USA always tops the list when discussing the best American-made drone. This drone is exceptional with a flight time of 32 minutes and equipped with two 21MP cameras that capture incredible 4K videos. It has a maximum range of 4 km and can shoot clear and detailed images regardless of the distance.

When in sport mode, this drone can reach an incredible speed of 32.88 mph; it is very easy to fly, weighs 1.1 pounds, and has a foldable design. It comes with 3 battery packs that offer a total flight time of 1 hour 30 minutes. Under 55 seconds, you can unfold this drone and get it into the air after establishing a secure connection.

This drone is highly stable when in the air, and it comes with a gimbal that helps stabilize the camera during a flight. One amazing feature of this drone is that it allows your smartphone to vibrate whenever immediate action or attention is required regarding the drone. In total, the Parrot Anafi USA is a must-buy drone.

Skydio X2 Drone

The Skydio X2 Drone is another excellent American-made drone; it is lightweight, compact, and foldable design, making it portable and easy to transport. This drone comes with 360-degree obstacle avoidance features that protect it during a flight and prevent crashes. It comes in two versions, the X2E and the X2D.

This drone comes with a FLIR 320p and 4K60 HDR color thermal camera that captures aerial videos and amazing, clear images. It was designed to assist in inspecting large-scale infrastructures like high-rise buildings and bridges. Due to the increasing data quality and speed, it can operate in GPS denied areas and capture images in close proximity.

Skydio X2 Drone provides a maximum flight time of 35 minutes and a maximum range of 10 km; it can also be operated at night. It is made from high technology airframe materials, making it lightweight but very strong. Its color camera has a 16x digital zoom, and its controller comes with large glove-compatible joysticks.

Autel Evo Robotics II

The Autel Evo Robotics II is extremely lightweight at 0.88 pounds; it has a foldable design and can be unfolded in under 30 seconds. This drone is 11.4 inches long, 10.4 inches wide, and 5.7 inches high; it comes with an amazing camera that takes 48MP images. It has a maximum flight time of 40 minutes and a transmission range of 5.5 miles.

This drone has a top speed of 45mph and an 8GB internal memory; it also features 12 omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors. The smart controller features an in-built 3.3-inch display screen, so you do not need a mobile device to see what the drone sees clearly.

Autel Evo Robotics II features a dual-camera configuration, one with an incredible IR camera and an 8K sensor. This drone is perfect for recreational and professional flying; it tops one of the best American-made drones. Its other features include parallel track mode, orbit mode, and dual stability.

American Made Hobby Drones

Not everyone uses drones for commercial purposes; some fly drones for fun and recreation. Hobby drones are usually lighter, smaller, and lesser in size when compared to commercial drones; these are the types of drones suitable for recreation. Below are some American-made hobby drones.

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GoPro Karma Quadcopter

The GoPro Karma Quadcopter weighs 11.65 pounds, is 11.89 inches long, 17.32 inches wide, and 5.91 inches high. It is very easy to fly as it features the automatic one key takeoff and landing; it also features an in-built tutorial that explains how to set up the control, control the camera, and fly safely. It can be used with the GoPro body mounts.

This drone comes with a removable stabilizer that allows you to capture clear, stable, and shake-free footage and images. It has a foldable design and a compact case that can be worn comfortably, making it very portable and easy to transport. It also comes with a 12MP camera that captures 1080p images.

The GoPro Karma Quadcopter comes with 6 propellers, USB C cable, Karma stabilizer, Karma charge, a case, and batteries. This drone is one of the best American-made drones that can be used for recreational activities and taking pictures with family and friends. It also comes with a follow-me mode and auto-shot trickery.

3DR Solo Drone

The 3DR Solo Drone is 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, 10 inches high, and weighs 3.3 pounds; it is sometimes referred to as the smartest drone and the easiest to fly. This hobby drone is powered by twin computers and uses a powerful smart shot technology to capture images and footage. However, it does not come with a gimbal.

One incredible feature of this drone is that it can be used to take selfies, making it an amazing hobby drone. With the follow me mode activated, this drone will follow wherever you go without controlling it. Its orbit mode fixes it on a circular track with an adjustable radius; you can adjust the flight speed and altitude.

This drone uses a 14.8V 5200mAh LiPo battery and comes with a custom cut backpack that provides room for the drone, a gimbal, the controller, two sets of propellers, replacement motor pods, a tablet, fir spare batteries, and other spare parts. You can operate this drone indoors and outdoors.

Who Makes Drones In The USA?

The most popular drone manufacturers like DJI, Yuneec, Husban, and Syma Toys are from China. However, many manufacturers make drones in the USA. These manufacturers produce high-quality drones that suit commercial and recreational use; below are some of them.

Some of the drone manufacturers in the USA includes Aguadrone, Action Drone USA, Skydio, Impossible Aerospace, Institu Drones, Blade, Action Drone, Centeye, Bell Flight, Dragonfly, Corvus Robotics, Freefly System, Inova Drone, Orion Technology Group, Skyfish, Teal Drones, Union Robotics, Vantage Robotics, and Unmanned Systems and Solutions.

The above manufacturers are all licensed and approved by the government; they make some of the best drones in the United States. Some of these manufacturers specialize in commercial drones, some specialize in hobby drones, and others specialize in both.

Final Thoughts

Although the top manufacturers of drones are from China, all American-made drones can capture amazing images and videos and have some incredible specifications. If you are looking to get an amazing American-made drone, you can pick any of the drones we looked at, and you will certainly enjoy flying them.

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