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Best Archery Rangefinders for Bow Hunting [REVIEWED]

Best Archery Rangefinders for Bow Hunting [REVIEWED]

Knowing the proper distance when bow hunting will help you avoid meaningless shots and broken arrows. A good rangefinder will certainly enhance your archery adventure, but it might not be easy to know where to start with several types to choose from. Knowing the characteristics you require in a rangefinder is essential for selecting the finest one.

The best archery rangefinders for bowhunting are Bushnell Bone Collector, Halo RangeFinder XL450, TecTecTec Pro Wild, Vortex Optics Impact 1000, Tidewe, Leupold, Sig Saucer Kilo Laser Rangefinder, Nikon Aculon Rangefinder, Nikon Monarch 2000, Leica Rangemaster, and Bushnell G-Force ARC DX.

Hunting is an activity that necessitates calmness and proper hunting equipment. Every bowhunter faces the challenge of choosing a suitable bow hunting range finder. The procedure becomes difficult with several archery rangefinders on the market.

table archery arrowsBest Archery Rangefinder

There are several things to consider before purchasing a rangefinder. The durability, measurement distance range, features, modes, and battery life are all considered. It is a lengthy procedure that necessitates extensive investigation, and most people could find it tedious.

A rangefinder is a gadget that can assist hunters in determining the distance between their location and their target. This allows them to increase accuracy by making modifications to their scope or bow sight, increasing their probability of a successful shot.

They can also give angle adjustment, removing the action of determining angles. A rangefinder comes in handy when there is a need to boost consistency and accuracy when hunting with a crossbow, bow, rifle, or pistol. Below are some of the best archery rangefinders you can get.

Halo RangeFinder XL450

The Halo RangeFinder XL450 is also one of our top selections since it offers the best combination of quality and price. It is not only a wise choice, but it also has all of the best characteristics. This model offers a strong laser light that aids in creating a clear shot in even adverse weather conditions such as rain or haze.

As the name suggests, it may provide a clear perspective up to 450 yards. This aids in providing quick and precise readings. Furthermore, it gives measurements in both yards and meters. This variant also includes a CR2 battery that can last up to a year, depending on usage.

This rangefinder's body is waterproof, allowing for a secure and non-slip grasp in the weather. The lens delivers up to 6x magnification for a clear view of the surroundings. This is made feasible by using high-quality glass lenses; it also includes a movable eyepiece that may be twisted to provide a clearer vision.

TecTecTec Pro Wild

The TecTecTec Pro Wild has a vast list of characteristics beneficial for hunting. Despite its superior quality, it is inexpensive; it has a nice long-range screen view; however, 540 yards is not very long, but it does the job. The rangefinder's lens and display screen are advanced features.

On the other hand, the viewscreen shows constant measurements and all relevant notifications, such as distance, speed of the target, and battery percentage. This keeps you alert at all moments and is simple to understand. It is noted for its speed in scanning the environment and is classified as sophisticated hunt technology.

It is lightweight and easy to transport; its structure is water-resistant, dust-resistant, and sturdy. Another feature that makes it an excellent bundle is that it includes a set of add-ons. A simple user guide, a pouch for storage, a strap, and a spare CR2 battery are all included.

Vortex Optics Impact 1000

The Vortex Optics Impact 1000 features a 6 times magnification, which allows for a more accurate target shot. It also features a firm eye relief; however, the diopter helps alleviate eye strain; this feature is very beneficial for people who have vision problems. One of the most useful range finders using arc is this one. It identifies the target's speed with incredible accuracy.

Angle adjustment is integrated into the HCD mode; it also shows the battery life, so you know when it requires replacement. The line of sight is often visible on the HCD screen, which aids with slope adjustment, particularly useful if you are shooting from a higher vantage point. This device is incredibly user-friendly.

Reduced working temperature makes it work effectively; a recognition process is also an excellent option in this model. It allows you to quickly latch on to both stationary and moving targets and survey your environment.

Bushnell Bone Collector

The Bushnell Bone Collector allows you to see our target upfront without physically moving. Its actual tree Xtra camouflage is among the most noticeable features that can make it an excellent choice outdoors. With this cover, it blends in with the surroundings and does not stand out; this gives it concealment and renders it water-resistant, making it ideal for rainy days.

You cannot rely on the weather, making it important to be ready; when compared to other bow rangefinders, the quality of this equipment is unrivaled. You may effortlessly carry it about according to your needs; despite its numerous essential features, it is deficient in a few areas. The angle computation feature is the only thing lacking from this model.

Archery Rangefinder With Angle Compensation

When precisely calculating sight distance, bowhunters face obstacles from uneven ground, steep slopes, and hilly terrain. These obstructions can be accommodated with rangefinders with angle adjustment, allowing archers to assess the location for a decent shot. Below are some archery rangefinders with angle compensation.

Vortex Optics 1800 Ranger

This archery rangefinder with angle compensation possesses a maximum distance of 1,800 yards, which should be plenty for bowhunters on the ground or in a tree stand, considering the angle and real distance. Line of Sight and Horizontal Component Distance are the two modalities available.

Since it is suitable for ballistics application programs, the latter is primarily meant for rifle hunting. HCD mode is ideal for all kinds of bowhunting. It requires no input from you and immediately rectifies the shooting angle to eliminate guesswork and find the proper sight distance. As your prey moves, the distance on the display screen will adjust accordingly.

Aofar HX-1200T Rangefinder

AOFAR is another company that specializes in hunting and golfing rangefinders, as well as compasses. If you are a bowhunter who appreciates cutting-edge hunting gear, the Aofar HX-1200T Rangefinder will likely come in handy on your next hunt. With a maximum range of 1,200 yards, this device is excellent.

The HX-1200T measures the distance between you and your prey automatically, taking into account downhill or uphill angles and true horizontal distance. A diopter LCD for vision challenged archers, and Scan Mode for monitoring prey are two unique features. Another feature worth mentioning is the rangefinder's automated shut-off to conserve battery power.

rangefinder woman pointHow To Range For Archery Without A Rangefinder

A rangefinder is necessary for bowhunting; it helps you locate the distance from your position to your target. However, not everyone has access to rangefinders. The best way to range for archery without a rangefinder is to use the ten-yard method; this calculating yardage is not suitable for open spaces.

It works better in wood or along edges with trees or other features to work with; the goal is to find an object roughly 10 yards away parallel to your target. Then mentally determine the distance to the next discernible landmark. Continue in 10-yard intervals until you arrive at your destination; 10 yards may be judged and calculated instinctively with enough practice.

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Final Thoughts

Putting your money into a long-term investment can be a daunting affair. When looking for archery rangefinders, the same rule applies. Purchasing the best archery rangefinder depends on some important factors like the scan modes, magnification, durability, target sensitivity, optics coating, and range. Having known the best rangefinders, you can purchase from any of the ones mentioned above.

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