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Arctic Cat Side-By-Side: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Arctic Cat Side-By-Side: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Even though Arctic Cat is widely known in the snowmobile industry, they have only been selling side-by-side vehicles since 2005. The very brief but fascinating history of the Minnesota-based corporation dates back to 1960. However, it has persisted in creating reputable rivals to some of the more established producers.

The best Arctic Cat side-by-sides are Arctic Cat 1000 XT Prowler EPS, Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail, Arctic Cat 450, Arctic Cat 700 TRV EPS Limited, Arctic Cat 500, Arctic Cat 500 Prowler HDX, Arctic Cat Havoc, Arctic Cat Stampede EPS LTD, Arctic Cat Pro Prowler, and Arctic Cat Stampede 4 EPS XT.

With the release of the 2020 off-road models, including a complete portfolio of UTVs, the Arctic Cat brand is formally returned. It is hoped that the side-by-side lineup will still be expanded to better position itself in a very competitive market.

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Arctic Cat Side By Side

Side-by-sides are becoming increasingly common for farming, recreation, or other uses. Arctic Cat side-by-side is one of the popular brands among Powersports store owners, salespeople, and other industry members. Below are some of the best Arctic Cat side-by-side you can get.

Arctic Cat 1000 XT Prowler EPS

The Arctic Cat 1000 XT Prowler EPS features a 951cc power machine that is superior to anything on the market in terms of effectiveness, dependability, and power. This vehicle has an electronic fuel injection system and a combustion chamber with four valves per cylinder.

The key to getting the most traction is always keeping your tires on the ground; hence, this side-by-side offers the greatest independent suspensions in the industry. It also had a 10-inch ground clearance and suspension travel. RPMs, a speedometer, trip mileage, a gear indicator, a digital clock, and a fuel indicator are all included on the digital gauge.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail

You get more horsepower, better efficiency, less weight, and long-lasting durability thanks to the modern technologies of the Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail. Four valves per cylinder and liquid cooling are all included in this vehicle from Arctic Cat. The Wildcat sport and trail chassis were created exclusively for this side by side.

One of the hardest to beat is the Wildcat Trail, which has a power-to-weight ratio of nearly 6 HP to 100 pounds. Double a-arms back and front with Fox shocks are standard on the Wildcat Trail.

Arctic Cat Havoc

Arctic Cat's recreational UTV is called the Havoc. Although it excels at work, it also can run wild on the trails. It had a SOHC 957cc twin cylinder engine with 100 horsepower. It is connected to a CVT with multiple ranges and an automatic all-wheel-drive system that shuts the front differential autonomously when necessary.

The Havoc comes standard with power steering and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes; a front and rear twin A-arm configuration provide suspension. Wheel travel is outstanding, with 12.9 inches in the back and 12.8 inches in the front. This makes the Havoc ride smoothly on almost any surface you may encounter.

Arctic Cat Pro Prowler

Even though many individuals seek a UTV for their jobs, they nevertheless desire certain extra characteristics. These devices frequently serve two purposes they are frequently used for leisure. Arctic Cat's Prowler Pro has a great deal to offer in this area. It sports a dual-range CVT transmission coupled to a triple-cylinder 812cc engine with 50 horsepower.

This UTV is equipped with a powerful motor, 2,000 pounds of towing capacity, and a 1,000 pounds storage capacity. Although it features selectable 4WD and 2WD, the front differential is not locked. To help prevent damage to delicate regions surrounding your home or property, it does, however, contain an unlocking rear differential.

Arctic Cat Stampede 4 EPS XT

The Stampede 4 EPS XT, a four-passenger version of the Stampede, is also available. This model is comparable to the two-seat Stampede, but adding to its extra seating, it also has 30 cubic-feet more cargo room. The same applies to the suspension, wheels, and tires.

The 2,000- and 600 pounds heavy-duty towing and bed-carrying capacities of this vehicle are identical to those of the two-seat variant. The width is 58 inches, 158 inches long, and all four corners are equipped with 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires. A 40-inch field of view is included on all Stampede models so you can see well in front of you as you drive.

Arctic Cat 700 Side By Side

A capable off-road vehicle, the Arctic Cat 700 Side by Side will not disappoint you in any circumstance. It can easily handle everything you throw at it because of its sturdy structure. The Arctic Cat Prowler 700 HDX Limited has a 4-stroke, SOHC, 695cc, 4-valve engine with EFI, which is fitted for power.

The engine's power is delivered to the ground through an automated CVT transmission with High and Low range, reverse, and park. Duro Kaden tires are mounted on aluminum wheels that support the side x side. Wheel travel of 10 inches is provided by completely separate springs, which control the wheels.

Three color options are available for the Arctic Cat 700 Side by Side. Adjustable guide electronic power steering is available on this model; when the engine is turned on, Arctic Cat EPS immediately turns on.

Who Makes Arctic Cat Side By Sides

All-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles under the Arctic Cat brand are made in Thief River Falls. The business was established in 1960 and is currently a division of Textron Inc. Snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and related parts, clothing, such as snowsuits and accessories, are designed, engineered, produced, and sold by the corporation.

Edgar Hetteen, a pioneer in the snowmobile industry, left his previous self-started company, Polaris Industries, and founded Arctic Cat in 1960. Like Polaris, Arctic Cat became a significant producer of ATVs, boats, winter apparel, and snowmobiles.

Polar manufacturing was the business's original name; however, Arctic Enterprises quickly replaced it. The business produced its first snowmobile in 1960, and the Boss Cat series debuted in 1970. An extra 60 people were hired when a 15,000 square foot winter wear plant in Rainy River, Ontario, opened in 1968.

To grow the business, Silver Line, Lund, and Spirit Marine were among the boat makers purchased. However, in 1982, Arctic Cat filed for bankruptcy. A new business, Arctco, was founded two years later to carry on with the manufacturing of Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

After successfully preserving the Arctic Cat, the business changed its brand name to Arctic Cat in 1996. The company has experimented with various additional product categories, including snowblowers, micro bikes, generators, personal watercraft, two-wheel drive automobiles, and helicopters.

In Thief River Falls, Arctic Cat still conducts most of its production and snowmobile engineering. An establishment owned by the business produces engines in St. Cloud, Minnesota. On January 25, 2017, Textron concluded the purchase of Arctic Cat for $247 million in cash.

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How Fast Is An Arctic Cat Side By Side

Arctic Cat side-by-side can reach top speeds of up to 120 mph, which is astonishing. The ZR 120, the smallest Arctic Cat sled, has a respectable top speed of 8 mph. The ZR 9000 Thundercat, on the other hand, has a top speed of roughly 120 mph.

It is easy to state that Arctic Cats are now some of the quickest production models available on the market compared to rival models. However, some factors affect the speed of an Arctic Cat side-by-side such as the load, terrain of operation, altitude, track dimension, and the settings on the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

You can accomplish more by using an Arctic Cat side-by-side. Whether it is the ideal view or the greatest thrill, sightseers, adventurers, adrenaline seekers, and everyone else may have a terrific day. You will find an Arctic Cat side-by-side that is ideal for you, regardless of where or how you drive.