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Are RC Receivers Interchangeable? Can You Use Any Receiver?

Are RC Receivers Interchangeable? Can You Use Any Receiver?

If you have a lot of RC cars, you must have thought about interchanging their receivers and if they would work. There are situations where your RC car receiver has been lost or damaged, leaving you to wonder whether another receiver would be compatible. To find out if RC receivers are interchangeable, click to read more.

RC receivers are interchangeable; they can be used for other RC car models. However, you need to ensure the new receiver has the same frequency and controls as the original receiver of your RC car. Although RC receivers are interchangeable, the receiver of an RC car will not control an RC plane.

The interesting thing is that you can modify an RC receiver so it will be compatible with your RC car. So, if the only receiver you have available does not work with your car, you can make it work.

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Are RC Receivers Interchangeable?

Every RC car has a radio system that receives radio signals from the remote control to direct the movement of the car. The receiver is in the radio system, and it translates the radio signals into commands that are passed to the components, where they are executed through mechanical or electronic processes.

Yes, you can interchange RC receivers; they all perform the same functions. The receiver sends the signals it receives to the channels through the pulse position modulation commands (PPM). This is the reason the receiver must be set to the same frequency as the transmitter.

Usually, every transmitter comes with a receiver; however, provisions have been made to improvise if the receiver or the transmitter is dysfunctional. So, you do not have to purchase a transmitter and receiver, but you can replace the dysfunctional ones.

You can use any receiver with the transmitter of your RC car; however, if the receiver and transmitter are in mismatched frequencies, the power the transmitter releases could damage the receiver. So, you should ensure the transmitter and the receiver are operating on the same frequency.

Are RC Transmitters And Receivers Interchangeable?

Remember, we mentioned earlier that every transmitter comes with a receiver. The receiver that comes with the transmitter has been adjusted, so both are on the same frequency. However, if you have a transmitter of another brand from the receiver, can you use it?

Yes, RC transmitters and receivers are interchangeable, so that you can use transmitters and receivers of different brands, and they will work perfectly. However, there is only one condition: the transmitter and receiver must be on the same frequency. This is the fundamental rule of transmitters and receivers.

To set the frequency of an RC car, you need to adjust the frequency setting on both the receiver and the transmitter so that both of them can accurately receive and translate signals. Here is how to change the frequency of an RC:

First, set the transmitter to the desired frequency or channel, then disconnect the antenna. Next, connect an audio source like a cassette player or a compact disc (CD) to the transmitter. The last thing you would do is set the receiver to the same frequency as the transmitter. However, you should take the receiver about twenty-five feet away from the transmitter before setting it.

Are 2.4 GHz Receivers Interchangeable?

Since we said all receivers are interchangeable, you would be wondering if all 2.4 GHz receivers are also interchangeable. This is a thought you would have, especially if the receiver of your RC car is 2.4 GHz and you need to use another receiver with it.

Unfortunately, 2.4 GHz receivers cannot be interchanged. The surprising thing is that even if the receiver and transmitter are set to the same frequency. As long as it is a 2.4 GHz receiver and the transmitter is not 2.4 GHz, it will not work. The receiver will not receive signals from the transmitter.

You should also know that 2.4 GHz receivers are not interchangeable with other 2.4 GHz receivers. The reason for the discrepancy is the protocols set for the different receivers. Another reason is the variance of brands; 2.4 GHz receivers will only work with 2.4 GHz transmitters of the same brand.

Factors To Consider Before Buying RC Transmitters And Receivers

Now that you know that not all receivers can be interchanged, you need to know the things to consider when buying a new transmitter or receiver. You will find this essential if you have an interchangeable receiver, like the 2.4 GHz receiver. Here are some of the things you should look out for.

Your Budget

There are different price ranges for RC transmitters and receivers, and you should have a budget you would stick to. There are transmitters that are cheap but of exceptional quality; this is the preferred choice for beginners and people who operate their RC cars leisurely.

For RC enthusiasts, a high-end transmitter is the best choice because of its durability and longevity. However, you should know that an expensive transmitter or receiver will last longer than a cheaper one.

The Number Of Channels

The more the channel on a transmitter, the more driving mode options you have on your RC car. It is advisable always to purchase transmitters with at least four channels. This way, you get to have more options, and if a channel stops working, you can instantly use another instead of having to purchase a new transmitter.

Best RC Transmitter

Now that you know the things to consider before purchasing an RC transmitter, you should know the best transmitters to buy. These transmitters are guaranteed to last longer and function effectively.

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DUMBORC X4 4CH RC Transmitter and X6F 2.4 GHz Receiver

This transmitter and receiver are perfect for RC cars, boats, and crawlers, and it is a one-handed control, so it is easy to operate without experiencing any difficulty. Since it is a 2.4 GHz transmitter, it has a coverage of about 500 meters.

This transmitter and receiver have three power supply modes: USB power port, 4 1.5 volts A Dry battery, and Lithium battery socket. It has a safety alarm that controls the RC car back to safety when the remote controller is disconnected from the car. The throttle and steering direction can be switched.

This is a three-channel transmitter, and all three channels can be set individually. It has unique throttle speed limit adjustment functions that are perfect for beginners. If the battery of the transmitter is low, the throttle does not work in reverse.

Radiolink 4 Channels RC Transmitter And Gyro Receiver

One of the best accessories any RC car can have is a gyro receiver, and the Radiolink receiver comes with an in-built adjustable gyro sensor. This is one of the most advanced transmitters you can purchase for your RC car, ideal for professionals and real enthusiasts.

It has real-time information telemetry, programmable dual steer mix control, and powerful capabilities. This transmitter supports first-person view monitor installation, trigger enhancement, a hook for lanyard, superb ergonomics, and a radio-link voltage protection system.

The RC4GS V2 is 4 channels, the RC6GS V2 is 6 channels, the R6FG is 6 channels, the R7FG is 7 channels, the R6F is 6 channels, and the R4FGM is 4 channels. These are the models of Radiolink transmitter and receiver. You need one lithium-ion battery to power on the transmitter.

Final Thoughts

RC cars come with different accessories, and some of these accessories are a must-have. Without them, you may not be able to control your RC car. A transmitter and receiver are some of the essential accessories you cannot do without. If your car's transmitter is damaged, you can check for a compatible one, adjust the frequency, and you are good to run.