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Arkansas ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Arkansas ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Arkansas, a state in the United States known for its abundance in wilderness areas and parks. It is located in the south of the US, borders the Mississippi River, and contains a lot of rivers, mountains, hot springs, and caves. Riding an ATV in this state is quite adventurous and interesting.

The most important ATV law in Arkansas is that ATVs are prohibited from all highways and public roads. You can ride your ATV in places like Brock Creek, Carter Off-Road Park, Hot Springs Off-Road Park, Brock Creek Trails, Mack's Pines Recreation Area, and Ridgeline Trails Arkansas. 

Riding an ATV in Arkansas comes with excitement as you have enough sights to see and different terrains to run on. However, it is necessary that you know the laws and regulations guiding ATV riding in this state.

Arkansas ATV State Laws

Arkansas does not have many ATV laws; however, the laws are still enforced very seriously. Violation of the Arkansas ATV laws can attract either a fine, impoundment of your ATV, or, in some cases, a jail term. Hence, it would be best to know the laws and obey them. The Arkansas ATV state laws include

  • ATV owners are required to register their ATV with the Director of Finance and Administration of the state in order to prove ownership.
  • You do not need to have any special equipment to operate or own an ATV; however, you must always have a spark stop tractor with you.
  • No safety inspection is required for the operation or ownership of an ATV.
  • It is illegal to ride an ATV on the highway and public streets. An exemption to this rule is made only when the ATV is used for farming when traveling from one field to another or crossing from one lawful operating area to another.
  • Individuals under the age of 12 must always ride an ATV with the supervision of another individual aged 18 or above.
  • An ATV must always operate at a reasonable speed for the surrounding situations and never exceed the speed limit.
  • During dusk or dawn, an ATV must always operate with the headlights on.
  • It is illegal to ride an ATV on a property while under the influence of alcohol.

These ATV laws are strictly enforced, and the penalty for defying any of these laws is quite severe. You must obey these laws if you plan on riding an ATV in Arkansas so that you can enjoy your ride without any worries.

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Where Can You Ride An ATV In Arkansas?

Arkansas is well known for its vast, amazing terrain and wildlife. This state's abundance of greenery and subtropical climate makes it a perfect location for ATV riding and adventures. Although some national forests and parks do not allow ATVs, there are still many more excellent parks suitable for ATVs in Arkansas.

Carter Off-Road Park

Carter Off-Road Park is located in central Arkansas and was established in 2014. This park is intended to create a safe and exciting place for ATV riders. With over a thousand acres of ATV trail, this park provides various exciting activities like mud bogging, obstacle course trails, and hill climbs.

Every year, an off-road mudding competition is held at this park. The Carter Off-Road Park also allows camping and provides accommodations at treehouse cabins at a specific price. You can also rent a hotel-style Pavilion room at this park.

Ozark National Forest

Ozark National Forest is one of the top national forests in Arkansas that permits ATVs. It contains technical trails, challenging hill climb, and stair-step rock climb, which guarantees an exciting adventure. The Byrd's Adventure Center is located at this national forest which features more than 30 miles of ATV trail.

There are also shady recesses that take you to patches of wildlife sightings and wild berries. There is also a part of the ATV trail that has a stream spilling over a small limestone, which is incredible.

Mack’s Pines Recreation Area

Mack's Pine Recreation Area is located at the center of Illinois Bayou and Moccasin Gap. It is a family-owned private company that provides full service to ATV riders. This recreation area is one of the best high-class areas suitable for ATV riders. It offers a multi-terrain that consists of loose dirt, water crossing, hard-packed sand, and mud.

You can ride through the Moccasin Gap trails from Mack's Pine Recreation Area; however, you will require a Forest Service permit for this. There are different cabin sizes available in this area; you can also go RV camping. This recreation area also offers home-cooked meals and burgers.

Where Can’t You Ride ATV In Arkansas?

There are quite a large number of places in Arkansas that you can ride ATVs. However, there are still some locations in this state that restrict the use of ATVs. It is necessary to know these areas so that you do not violate any rule and face any penalty.

The state government of Arkansas has strictly prohibited the use of ATVs on public roads and highways. Hence, the public roads, streets, and highways are a no-go area for ATVs. You can only ride an ATV on a public road in cases of emergency and rescue services, agricultural activity, hunting, crossing, or if the rider has limited walking capacity.

Also, riding an ATV in the Old Post Road Park is highly illegal as it is government property. Also, doing this makes the trail unsafe and also causes erosion. Riding an ATV on the public road can either attract a fine, cause an impoundment of your ATV, or in some cases, you get to serve a jail term.

ATVs are prohibited from public roads because ATVs are designed to be off-road vehicles, and riding an ATV on a public road can increase the risk of an accident with another vehicle.

Popular Places To Ride Your ATV In Arkansas

There are numerous spots you can enjoy ATV riding; these spots all have excellent and fun activities. However, some of these areas are more popular than others. We will be listing some of these areas and parks that are very popular for ATV riding.

Hillarosa ATV Park

Hillarosa ATV Park is one of the most popular parks for ATV riding. This ATV park is extremely muddy and rugged; it offers 2,000 acres of woods trails, mud cross tracks, pits, and numerous water crossings. Entry to this park costs $40 per person; however, children below 12 years can enter for free. There is a camping ground in this park, and there are cabin rentals available.

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Hot Springs Off-Road Park

Hot Springs Off-Road Park offers a 1,254 acre of ATV trails that is hard-packed and rugged. It also has different elevation changes, which provide an exciting ATV ride. ATV riders must always have a DOT-approved helmet while riding in this park. This park also offers amazing amenities like a full-service campground, RV sites, a climate-controlled bathhouse, and a spray hose station. Riding an ATV in this park costs $16.50.

Some other popular places to ride an ATV in Arkansas are Ridgeline Trails Arkansas, Ott Park, River Ridge Motocross, 3B Off-Road Park and Campground, Brock Creek Trails, Fairfield Bay Trails, Sandtown Ranch, North Little Rock ORV Park, and Sugar Creek Trail.

Final Thoughts

ATV riding is an activity you should engage in if you happen to be in Arkansas. There are many trails and parks where you can have a great time riding an ATV. However, your ATV operations should be in total compliance with Arkansas ATV laws. Otherwise, you would be penalized.