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Best ATV Battery Chargers – Get the Most Our of Your Quad

Best ATV Battery Chargers  – Get the Most Our of Your Quad

One of the essential parts of your ATV is the battery. If you cannot start your machine, then the chances are that you will not experience the ecstasy that comes with ATV riding. Therefore, getting the best ATV battery chargers is imperative to ensure that your ATV is always ready to go.

The Battery Tender Plus 12V Battery Charger, Smart Battery Charger, Tender Plus charger and maintainer, Suuwer Battery Charger, Noco Boost Sport GB20, and Battery Tender Junior charger and maintainer are the top six best ATV chargers to purchase. They are easy to use, versatile, durable, and reliable.

Read on for more information on how to get the best ATV battery charger for your machine.

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Picking The Best ATV Battery Charger

With the multiple brands of ATV battery chargers in the current market, choosing the best one for your ATV may not be a walk in the park. Therefore, once you make up your mind about getting an ATV battery charger, you have to ensure that you know what you should consider. The following are some of the essential factors that you should never overlook.


It can be disappointing to purchase a battery charger for your ATV only to experience incompatibility issues. One of the best ways to avoid such undesirable scenarios is to read the manual carefully and the requirements of your ATV to understand which types of batteries you can use as a replacement.


The versatility is another crucial factor you need to consider when shopping for an ATV battery charger. If a battery designed for an ATV battery can charge other vehicles, that could mean that such a battery is made with quality and efficiency in mind. Moreover, you can use the battery in emergencies.

Safe to Use

It is also vital to examine the safety of a battery charger before you purchase it. In other words, you need an ATV battery charger with features such as protection from overheating, anti-spark protection, and other essential features that will guarantee your safety. Reading online reviews is one of the best ways to learn about safety features.


Although it is crucial to get a reliable and durable ATV battery charger, you do not have to spend more than you should in acquiring the battery. Notably, comparing the prices of different vendors will help ensure that no one takes advantage of you as far as the price factor is concerned.

What Is The Best Battery Charger For ATV?

This is the question that many ATV enthusiasts ask themselves whenever they want to purchase a battery replacement for their ATV. Knowing the best ATV battery will make it easy to get an appropriate battery.

The Tender Plus charger and maintainer is our top pick for the best ATV battery charge. Many ATV enthusiasts who have used this charger ended up rating it highly. The primary bulk charging mode, the float mode, and a charge-finishing absorption mode are the modes that make the charge stand out from the rest.

Further, the Tender Plus charger and maintainer is compatible with many ATV batteries that you may want to use as a replacement. The physical design of the battery charger is another aspect that will attract your attention. One of the advantages of its design is that it does not require a lot of maintenance, and it can fit into small storage spaces.

Features And Advantages

  • The battery charger automatically switches modes to prevent the battery from overcharging
  • It uses four different modes; bulk charge, initialization, absorption mode, and float mode
  • Tender Plus charger and maintainer is spark-proof and detect reverse polarity
  • It contains two-color LED lights to indicate the charge level
  • The battery charger has a low maintenance design for charging fast even in limited storage spaces

Using a Four Wheeler Battery Charger

There are a few reasons that will require you to hook your battery up to a charger. For instance, if your battery died because you have not used your ATV for a long time, you will have to consider recharging your battery. Also, leaving the key on or wire shorting can drain the battery of your ATV.

To recharge your ATV battery, you need to pop off the panel protecting your battery and connect your battery charger to the battery terminals. Leave the charger connected for about 4-5 hours to charge it fully.

When To Replace Your Battery?

While some ATV batteries can serve you for a significant period, the truth is that some may require regular replacement. If you do not want to experience a situation where you often have to replace your battery, you need to avoid investing in poor-quality batteries.

If your ATV battery has stopped charging, that is an indication that it is time to consider replacing your battery. Remember to purchase your battery from a reputable outlet to avoid buying counterfeits or spending more than necessary.

How To Charge ATV Battery

To charge your ATV battery, you need to ensure that you have the best ATV charger. Unfortunately, while many ATV riders may have invested in the best ATV battery chargers, they may not know how to charge their batteries properly. It is essential to understand that failing to charge your ATV properly can damage your ATV.

To charge your ATV, you need to follow four easy steps, which include;

  1. Putting your ATV near a power source
  2. The second step is to unscrew the seat that secures the battery to have its access. It is vital to ensure that you use an appropriate screwdriver to prevent a situation where the screws break.
  3. Once you have access to the battery, the next step is to remove the battery mount covers and place the corresponding charge clamps. The positive and negative claps should be fitted appropriately.
  4. The fourth and last step is to charge the battery. This entails connecting the ATV charger to the power source and setting the charger to a 4-volt. Follow the instructions on the battery as far as the recharging of the battery is concerned. In addition, you should avoid overcharging the battery as that can damage it.

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Other Essentials for Every Rider to Have

While riding an ATV is naturally an exciting venture, there are some essentials that every rider should have in addition to ATV battery chargers for more fun. For instance, a metal detecting shovel will not only give you extra activity during your ride, but it can also come to your aid if you are stuck. Here is a list of essentials that any ATV rider should have.

  • Helmet to protect your head against injuries
  • Metal detecting shovel to assist free your ATV when stuck. The Metal detecting shovel can also be a good tool for finding targets and digging plugs more efficiently.
  • Protective clothing, which includes gloves, goggles, and long pants to protect you from injuries
  • A tool kit is another critical item that you should have. Most manufacturers include a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, various wrenches, and even a Metal detecting shovel might be necessary.
  • Air pump and tire plugs
  • A bottle of high-quality water to quench your thirst when dehydration kicks in.
  • Emergency First Aid kit to assist when there is a need for fast aid. Riding on rough terrain can sometimes be dangerous, so you need to be prepared for it.
  • Extra gas if you are using a gas-powered ATV
  • Two straps and a winch in case you are stuck in the sand or mud

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With the correct information on choosing the best ATV battery, you can now pick an ATV battery charger that will serve you right. The Tender Plus charger and maintainer is our recommendation as it boasts various standard features, including versatility, ease of use, compatibility, and durability. However, you must ensure that you purchase your charger from a reputable outlet.

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