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ATV Bill Of Sale: How To Buy Or Sell An ATV Responsibly

ATV Bill Of Sale: How To Buy Or Sell An ATV Responsibly

You should be aware of a few things when purchasing or trading a secondhand ATV. The last situation you want to happen is to buy an ATV from somebody and then have the police come to take it away because it is stolen property. However, you may take steps to safeguard yourself; the most crucial step is obtaining a bill of sale.

An official document known as a bill of sale contains details on a transaction, the item or items being sold, and the parties involved. Before selling or buying an ATV, ensure it is in perfect working condition and has its registration and title. Lastly, ensure you fill out the bill of sale.

Always get a bill of sale before making a sizable purchase, especially if the item is a motorized vehicle with registration and title, like an ATV. The bill of sale serves as a record of the transaction and agreement between the seller and the buyer.

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How To Buy Or Sell An ATV Responsibly

A title will probably need to be signed if you sell or buy a new ATV. It will be marked "Assignment" or "Transfer By Owner" and typically be located on the back of the title. In order to obtain a new title in your name as the buyer, you should take the signed title to your state.

A bill of sale is something you should have as a seller to protect yourself. Let us assume that you transfer the title without a bill of sale; the purchaser subsequently uses the ATV to harm oneself, others, or property. If the purchaser failed to amend the title at the state level, the ATV is still regarded as yours. The responsibility falls on you.

An ATV can be purchased or sold in a fairly simple manner. However, this might be useful if you have never done that before. You should start by thoroughly cleaning the ATV from top to bottom. Cleaning the machine will make it more appealing to consumers and speed up sales.


Make certain the ATV is in excellent working order. Always sell it "as is," particularly if there are issues you do not want to address. However, the more you take care of and fix, the higher you may charge for it when you sell it and the more interested purchasers you will attract.

Registration And Title

You should free the machine's title of any outstanding liens before you start placing ads for it. Now is an excellent time to gather your registration and title information to be ready for the sale.

Post Ads

Place adverts for your ATV online. You might try selling to a dealership, but private sales typically yield higher prices. Some popular sales methods are apps like LetGo, ATV Trader, or OfferUp. You can also make extensive use of Craigslist. If you are a buyer, you should begin browsing there.

Price Negotiation

Buyers typically have a plea bargain once they start replying to your adverts. You will discover that many consumers are unwilling to pay the advertised amount. You might always say that your pricing is firm if you do not want to do much haggling. This will enable you to sift some lowballers and concentrate on serious purchasers.


The ATV will need to be inspected by the buyer. If you would not want to use a qualified mechanic, you can perform the inspection yourself. Inspect the ATV for corrosion or frame defects. You should inspect the air box after examining the tire tread, wheels, and suspension.

To check the temperature near the engine, put your hand there. ATVs may be challenging to start and run poorly until the engine has warmed up. The vendor could conceal this information by starting the engine before you arrive.

Complete The Bill Of Sale

You can complete the bill of sale once the parties have agreed on a price; you can create your own using a template. You can turn over the title to the buyer after receiving payment. The "Assignment" or "Transfer By Owner" part of the title is typically signed to do this.

What Needs To Be On ATV Bill Of Sale

You may always draft your bill of sale if you do not want to utilize one from the internet. Inquire with your state's regulators to learn what you must possess since each state has different requirements for what constitutes a legitimate bill of sale. However, all bill of sale agreements must have the minimum of the following:

The Offer: The offer specifies what will be purchased or sold. Here, you should include the year, model, serial number, and make if applicable.

The Amount: This is where the sum that has been agreed upon will be shown. This section will also include any contingencies, such as the necessity for repairs.

Signatures: Both parties should print their names, sign them, and date the agreement. The addresses of both parties should also be included here.

Legal Intent: When signing, the two parties have to be capable. You cannot be intoxicated, underage, or do anything similar.

A notary public must be available when the parties sign in several states; everything else can be completed beforehand. However, if that is the situation, a notary must witness you both signing the bill of sale. To find out if you require a notary present, inquire with the local court system; the fundamentals are required for a valid bill of sale.

How To Write A Bill Of Sale For ATV

You must draft a bill of sale for your ATV sale if you have a four-wheeler or an ATV that you are prepared to sell. You do not have to pay someone else to create the bill of sale for you because anyone can do it for an ATV. The sale price, the seller's and buyer's names and addresses, and the sale amount are all listed in the first section of the ATV bill of sale.

Details on the ATV you want to sell are in the middle of the bill of sale. The serial number, the mode, and the manufacturer of the ATV must all be listed. You must include the ATV details underneath them; the vendor should claim that there is no implied warranty on the ATV.

You should have a space for the date and the buyer's and seller's signatures in the last section of the bill of sale for the ATV. You must write "Executed on DATE" and the correct sale date in the date field on the document. Then include a line for both the buyer and the seller to sign.

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How To Get Title For ATV With Bill Of Sale

In most states, you can use the bill of sale to get a new title if there is not one. A title in the current owner's name will need to be applied. Either with the seller's signature on the title or the bill of sale. The ATV can be registered in your name if your state needs it.

It is suggested that you and the seller register together. Before a new title and registration can be obtained, the seller must sign the title to transfer ownership. Sellers must contact the bank and inquire about how the sale can be conducted if the name of the bank is on the title.

Final Thoughts

An ATV bill of sale is very important when purchasing a used ATV; it helps guarantee you are getting and that the vehicle is not stolen. Prepare the bill of sale electronically and obtain online signatures using a program like Acrobat Sign to make things simpler for all parties. This eliminates the necessity for a face-to-face meeting and the use of printers and scanners for both parties.