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ATV Boots: A Complete Guide On ATV Riding Foot Gear

ATV Boots: A Complete Guide On ATV Riding Foot Gear

ATV operations are rarely conducted on smooth, tarred roads; ATVs were designed for off-road operations. You should not expect to ride an ATV on smooth terrains. Things tend to get messy and rough during ATV operations, hence, the need to always wear protective gear during operation.

When shopping for ATV boots, there are some features you should look out for. You want to make sure you get a boot that will last and that you will be comfortable wearing. Ensure the boots you choose have rubber soles at the bottom, comfortable ankle padding, and shin plates. 

You should not just get the first kind of ATV boots you see. You must make sure the boots have some protective features so that you do not end up with blisters on your feet or getting any injury.

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Best ATV Boots

As an ATV operator, you should not make the mistake of thinking wearing a helmet and gloves is all you need; you need pants, boots, and other apparel. Protection is beyond the head and hands; you also need to protect your legs and feet from injuries. ATV boots are one protective gear every ATV rider should remember to wear.

Forma Adventure Boots

The Forma Adventure Boots are Italian-made; hence they are high-quality in every manner. This boot has a perfect blend of protection and comfort, is lightweight, and has classic styling. The sole of this boot is quite aggressive, which makes it suitable for an adventure ride and makes it last longer without wearing out.

The boots are very comfortable, so you can ride without any discomfort and even go hiking in them without feeling like you are wearing a heavy boot. The outer shell is waterproof, so you can freely operate your ATV in mud and water without getting scared of spoiling your boots. It also has adjustable and unbreakable plastic buckles.

However, if your ATV has a kick starter, using the Forma Adventure Boots is not advisable as its sole is not designed for kick-starting. This ATV boot guarantees protection from injuries as it features reinforcements and integrated TPU inserts. It features internal plastic protection and extra soft polymer padding.

Alpinestars Tech ATV Boots

The Alpinestars Tech ATV Boots are an excellent choice for riders operating on a sport ATV. This boot, although it is quite expensive and weighs a little more, also lasts longer than most ATV boots; you can use this boot for up to 10 years without it getting damaged. It has a frontal flex frame that prevents your ankle from bending.

This boot has an ankle control system that protects your feet while giving room for your ankle to move freely. It features a very strong sole that allows you to operate your ATV in water and mud without feeling the splashes on your feet. The buckles on this boot focus on ergonomics and weight saving.

The Alpinestars Tech ATV Boots is one of the best boots for motocross protection as its calf plates, and shin are streamlined to make it slim while still properly protecting your feet. It features a removable compound footbed, calf protector, and dual close system. This boot also has a sleek design, so you look cool while wearing it.

Alpinestars Drystar Boots

The Alpinestars Drystar Boot is an excellent boot suitable for moto protection and walking; it is suitable for adventure touring and sports riding. The bellow tongue of this boot is manufactured from lightweight microfiber, which provides adequate comfort and flexibility. It can be used as a hiking boot and an enduro boot.

This boot provides the protection you require during an ATV ride without having the discomfort of wearing a boot. This boot gives you an excellent feel, comfort, and safety due to the polypropylene insole in the boots. It features a soft poly-foam that provides a shock-absorbing performance and comforts the ankle.

The Alpinestars Drystar Boots features a lateral ankle closure system; this system comes with two polymer buckles with a quick locking and release system and a ratchet. You can decide to replace the buckles of your boots if you want. This boot also has a calf and shin plate design that provides resistance and support for any impact.

Wolverine Durashocks Boots

The Wolverine Durashocks Boots are one of the best ATV boots as they are extremely comfortable to wear all day. This boot is made with waterproof and rugged leather and attached soles; these materials allow the boot to withstand any terrain without any damage. It also features an insulative material that keeps your feet warm.

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The Durashocks feature on this boot provides shock absorption, which keeps your feet feeling good regardless of the terrain you are operating on. It also features some compression pads that provide comfort and disperse energy. This boot is slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and oil resistant.

The only downside to the Wolverine Durashocks Boots is that it is made for men only. This boot has an aggressive thread pattern, padded collar, tie-up lace, a rubber sole, and metal eyelets. It comes in brown and features a Dri-Lex lining that keeps your feet fully dry even when riding through water and mud.

Fly Racing ATV Boots

The Fly Racing ATV Boots is on the list of the best ATV boots as it is affordable and has the features you desire in an ATV boot. This boot has an aluminum buckle, rubber heat shield, one-piece plastic midsole, and pivots on the outside and inside of the ankle. It also has soft interior foam around the collar and ankle.

This boot provides full coverage for your foot with the help of an aluminum buckle, its TPU heel that connects the contoured calf plate, the medial, and lateral pieces. It also features a 4-stage high grip sole that can endure any terrain without hurting your feet or providing any discomfort. It has a 3-dimensional plastic shift panel.

Fox Racing Motocross Boots

The Fox Racing Motocross Boots is one of the best ATV boots as it offers reliable comfort, flexibility, and durability with improved traction for operation in unpredictable rough terrain. This boot has a larger lugged outsole that allows you to have a firm grip on the ground when required. The boot is secured with the help of its 3-buckle system.

Full coverage is provided with this boot as it features a calf guard, toe cap, and TPU shin plate. Asides from the feet protection you get with this boot, it also has a very sleek and exquisite design that makes you look cool when wearing it. In both off-road and track situations, you are assured of your feet's comfort and safety with this boot.

The Fox Racing Motocross Boots features a low-profile toe that allows you to easily move your feet to change gears or brake without feeling pain or discomfort. The buckles on this boot help keep them snug and where you want them. This boot features an internal lace system that ensures a comfortable fit around the ankle.

Final Thoughts

Although getting an ATV boot is an important safety feature for an ATV rider, you should also know how to maintain the boots. You must make sure you clean and dry them after every use and store them properly in order for them to last longer. Never assume you can go ATV riding without wearing complete protective gear.

Many ATV operators have sustained injuries, some even life-threatening because they believed they could ride their ATVs without protective gear. Nobody knows what can happen, and anything can go wrong during the operation. So, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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