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ATV Cab Enclosures: What Are The Types Of ATV Cab Enclosures

ATV Cab Enclosures: What Are The Types Of ATV Cab Enclosures

Since ATVs do not come with any protection for the rider, it would make sense to have an accessory that can protect riders from harsh weather conditions. It is unsafe riding an ATV without protection in the rain, snow, and other unpleasant weather conditions.

There are two main types of ATV cab enclosures; soft cab enclosures and hard cab enclosures. Examples of ATV cab enclosures include Raider universal ATV cab enclosure, Intruder quikcab convertible ATV cover, Black widow 62110, Guide gear, and Honda rancher Rincon foreman ATV quickcab.

The benefits of an ATV cab enclosure outweigh the downsides. If you have an ATV or intend to buy one, you should also consider a cab enclosure as an essential accessory. The type of can enclosure you purchase depends on your taste and preference.

Soft ATV Cab Enclosures

Do not be deceived by the name; the soft ATV cab enclosure is not literally soft. The name is to differentiate it from the other types of cab enclosures. You should not assume that a soft ATV cab enclosure is fragile and not durable. You will be surprised when you see some of the features of it.

Soft ATV cab enclosures are produced from heavy-duty materials instead of the hard shell found in the hard ATV cab enclosure. The typical material used to produce a soft ATV cab enclosure is acrylic-coated polyester. Even so, they are still strong enough to protect you so you can stay dry and warm during winter.

The side windows of a soft ATV cab enclosure are produced from polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC or vinyl). PVC is one of the most durable and high-resistant plastics known to man. The acrylic-coated polyester used to produce the soft cab enclosure is UV protected.

For better clarity, let us see how UV protection works. The material is designed with chemical substances that catalyze chemical reactions when exposed to the sun. The chemical substances transform the ultraviolet rays into heat that the material releases.

Most people find it difficult to believe that soft ATV cab enclosures are tear-resistant, water-resistant, and mildew-resistant to a level. The PVC used to design the windows allows for total visibility when operating the ATV.

In most soft ATV cab enclosures, the doors are designed with metal frames and are supposed to close and open up with zippers. In some cases, you can roll it up, and your ATV becomes an open-cab.

Benefits Of Soft ATV Cab Enclosures


  • It is cheaper to get a soft ATV cab enclosure.
  • The installation of a soft ATV cab enclosure is easier and less strenuous.
  • Soft ATV cab enclosures are more flexible in functionality and design.
  • The fabrics used to make soft ATV cab enclosures can be customized to suit your taste.
  • A soft ATV cab enclosure can be assembled and disassembled easily.
  • You can easily remove the side windows and panels to create an open-air ride during warm weather.
  • Cleaning a soft ATV cab enclosure is easy as you can quickly disassemble it.

Downsides of Soft ATV Cab Enclosures


  • A soft ATV cab enclosure offers less protection against stormy weather and other elements.
  • Soft ATV cab enclosures are liable to wear out quickly.
  • The design and colors of a soft ATV cab enclosure will quickly fade due to external elements.
  • A soft ATV cab enclosure is less secured.

Hard ATV Cab Enclosures

Hard ATV cab enclosures are for people who feel they are not well protected by the material used to produce soft ATV cab enclosures. Every part of the hard ATV cab enclosure is more solid than a soft ATV cab enclosure. The windows of a hard cab enclosure are made of safety glass, unlike the soft cab enclosure made from PVC.

Glass does not wrinkle, and you can see through it easily and better than PVC, which can easily be scratched. The doors and cab are made of coated polycarbonate or metal. The choice of material depends on the manufacturer.

If you are keen on security, you will find a hard ATV cab enclosure very useful. Since the doors and other parts are made from metal, you have tight security, and your ATV cannot be stolen easily. You can also leave some items in your ATV if you like; you can trust it will be safe.

You can also add additional features to the front panel of a hard ATV cab enclosure, features like a washer kit or a windshield wiper. Unlike a soft ATV cab enclosure, the windows are made to slide, so if it gets hot in the vehicle, you can slide the windows open to get ventilated.

Benefits Of Hard Atv Cab Enclosure

  • It offers better protection and safety than the soft cab enclosure.
  • External features and accessories can be added to it to improve aesthetics and functionality.
  • It provides better visibility because the glasses and windscreen are made of glass instead of PVC.
  • It offers better security as the doors can be locked with a key.
  • It is more durable, strong, long-lasting, heat-resistant, and weather-resistant than a soft ATV cab enclosure.

Downsides Of Hard ATV Cab Enclosures

  • Hard ATV cab enclosures cost more to purchase.
  • The installation of hard ATV cab enclosures takes time and is tedious.
  • Hard ATV cab enclosures made of metals can easily rust.

Best ATV Cab Enclosures You Can Get

There are different ATV cab enclosures available, but you do not want to buy a cab enclosure that you will not enjoy. So, we will look at some of the best ATV cab enclosures you can purchase.

Raider Universal ATV Cab Enclosure

If you check for the best ATV cab enclosure to purchase, the Raider universal ATV cab enclosure is the best option. Different reviewers recommend it. They have made comments on how easy it is to set up and how well it fits. It is produced from denier nylon, a material tough enough to keep out the heaviest rain without leaving. It offers great visibility with four clear plastic windows.

Intruder Quikcab Convertible ATV Cover

This ATV cab enclosure comes in classic camouflage colors, and it fits perfectly on any ATV. It is also produced from denier nylon, and you are guaranteed protection from any weather condition. You can fold the cab enclosure and store it on board if necessary. It is very easy to set up and take down.

Why Do You Need An ATV Cab Enclosure?

Riding ATVs in a group is a beautiful experience. There is nothing better than riding an ATV with friends while chatting and hitting the trail with the breeze in your face. However, riding an ATV in the snow or rain is an experience that you hope to avoid at all costs.

Some ATVs are used for other purposes besides recreation and sports. Some people use ATVs for agricultural purposes, and they have to ride them regardless of the weather. It is used to fertilize and apply chemicals, transport things from one location to another, among other uses.

A person who uses his ATV for purposes like those listed above will need an ATV cab exposure so their work duties will not be impeded or affected by harsh weather conditions. Some of the reasons an ATV cab enclosure is important are:

  • To protect the rider against harsh weather and other elements.
  • It keeps the rider warm during cold seasons.
  • It helps maintain clear and better visibility when riding in windy, rainy, or snowy weather.
  • It helps keep your ATV safe and secure, making it difficult to be stolen.
  • It protects the inner parts of your ATV from external elements like sun rays, rain, snow, insects, and rodents.

Final Thoughts


ATVs are a pure source of pleasure, fun, and joy. You are guaranteed to have the best time of your life riding an ATV. However, you can only have fun in pleasurable and cool conditions. Riding an ATV in the rain or snow without a protective cover is not fun.

With a cab enclosure, you can now ride your ATV in any weather. You have no worries about getting wet or not seeing the pathway. There is an option to add other features like a heating system to the cab enclosure you purchase.

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