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Best ATV Gear For You And Best ATV Gear For Your Kids

Best ATV Gear For You And Best ATV Gear For Your Kids

Getting the right ATV protective gear is key to ATV safety. The kind of protective gear you will need depends on the kind of ride you do. The best ATV gear will be a lifesaver if you ride at high speed or in more extreme terrain with tree stumps, rocks, and thick bushes.

Whether purchasing ATV protective gear for you or your child, you should always include the best helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, chest protector, and long pants. The O'Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 5SERIES Helmet (HEXX) and the O'Neal 0200-463 2SRS Youth Helmet are the best helmets for you and your kid.

Since your child's safety heavily relies on the quality of the ATV protective gear that you invest in, it is vital to ensure that you do not rush your decisions. Keep reading for more information on the best ATV protective gear you should get for your kid and yourself.

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The Best ATV Gear

All off-riding can be pretty demanding, hence the need for a minimum level of safety equipment. The riders are most likely to end up in rugged terrains with varied dangers. In such situations, it is best if the rider is well protected. Here are some of the best ATV gear you should have for safe riding.

Best ATV Helmet; O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 5SERIES Helmet (HEXX)

The head is one of the most delicate organs you need to accord all the necessary protection. The O'Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 5SERIES Helmet (HEXX) boasts a Coolmax liner and polycarbonate, washable and removable for extra comfort. The multiple air vents and liner keeps you dry by soaking away the sweat.

Additionally, the O'Neal Unisex-Adult off Road 5SERIES Helmet (HEXX) comes in a wide range of designs and colors, making it easy for you to pick the option that you feel will be most appropriate for you. Remember to ascertain that your helmet has a snug fit and wear it for several minutes to guarantee comfort and the right design for your needs.

ATV Goggles: Fox Racing Goggles

When shopping for ATV goggles, there are several features that you need to examine to be sure that the goggles can serve you right. First, your ATV goggles should be easy to use and reliable in protecting your eyes. Other essential features to look at include durable lenses with UV protection, tight and secure fit, robust and lightweight frame, and good face foam.

Fox racing goggles are the best in every aspect for different types of riders. Whether you are fond of dust roads, or rough terrains, you can trust the Fox Racing Goggles to serve you right. Further, the goggles are made up of non-slip silicone fabric to offer a firm grip around the head or the helmet.

ATV Pants; Fox Racing 180 Przm Camo SE Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Pants – Camo / 28

The Fox Racing 180 Przm Camo SE Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Pants – Camo / 28 is one of the best ATV riding gear that you do not want to ignore. The idea of wearing protective pants is to ensure that a minimal part of the skin is exposed to harsh conditions.

When shopping for ATV protective gear, there are several qualities that you should watch out for regardless of the brand. Good ATV pants should be made from quality and sturdy materials, have ventilation, are a good fit, and are easy to clean.

In addition to featuring the above traits, the Fox Racing 180 Przm Camo SE Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Pants – Camo / 28 have flexible panels in the back, knees, and crotch areas for enhanced comfort.

Best ATV Gloves; Fly Racing Kinetic

Dirt gloves are essential gear when riding an ATV:

  • They help ensure that you do not lose a grip while riding, which can prove fatal.
  • A quality set of gloves can protect your hands from the injuries inflicted by branches or other obstacles on rough terrain.
  • The right gloves keep your hands warm and hence enhance comfort.

The Fly Racing Kinetic gloves may not keep your hands super warm because they are breathable, which means that they will prevent excessive sweating. These are the most efficient gloves if your hands sweat a lot during an ATV ride, especially during summer. Features that set the gloves aside include reinforced double layer thumb and palm, four-way stretch finger sidewall for comfort and flexibility, and split knuckles with a ventilated gusset.

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The Best ATV Gear for Kids

The simple rule to go by when trying to ensure that your kid is safe while on the track or trail is to cover every part before starting the ride. Here are some of the best ATV gears for kids.

Best ATV Helmet for Kids; O’Neal 0200-463 2SRS Youth Helmet

The O' Neal is famous for durable and reliable ATV gear that provides comfortable protection. Further, their O'Neal 0200-463 2SRS Youth Helmet comes with a striking design that boasts an aerodynamic shell that minimizes disturbances and interference.

Additionally, the helmet has an excellent ventilation system to keep your kid cool and soak the sweat that might create discomfort. The full-face design is essential in protecting the wearer in a crash.

Best ATV Goggles for Kids; Fox AIRSPC Youth MX Goggle

A perfect helmet alone would not be able to protect your entire head. It would be helpful to have a combination of great goggles and helmets to protect your head and face when riding. One feature of identifying the right pair of goggles is ensuring that there is little to no exposed skin between the goggle frame and the helmet. The Fox AIRSPC Youth MX Goggles have been tested and are indeed perfect when it comes to giving your child the protection that they need when riding an ATV.

Best ATV Gloves for Kids; FOX RACING Youth Ranger Glove

Your kid needs quality gloves for safety and comfort. Since there are different types of gloves in the current market, it is essential to understand some of the critical considerations you need to make when shopping for ATV gloves for your kids. You need to ensure that the gloves are made from quality materials, have the right design, padding, size, and are of the right quality.

The FOX RACING Youth Ranger Glove, TEAL, Youth Small comes in a wide range of colors and sizes to make it easy for you to choose the one you think will be the most appropriate for your kid.

Best ATV Jersey and Pants for Kids; Fox Youth Jersey and Fox Youth Off-Road Pants

ATV jerseys and panties are designed with the extra roominess that spending time in the saddle of an ATV requires. Your kid will enjoy safety and comfort while on the trail and off-road ventures with the right pants. Further, quality jerseys and pants for kids are sturdy, easily washable, and boast protection from rough terrains and tracks hazards.

The Fox Youth Jersey and Fox Youth Off-Road Pants are the perfect pair of ATV pants for your kid. While their price might be a bit scarily, the two are thicker than most brands in the market, and their durability never disappoints as they are made up of quality materials. Always remember to choose a jersey that will accommodate the chest protector.


Never downplay the importance of your safety and that of your child when on off-road trails. Investing money in the right ATV gears will provide you with the safety that you need and ensure that you enjoy every bit of riding. In your list of ATV gear you and your child, you should have the O'Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 5SERIES Helmet (HEXX) and the Fox Racing V1 Race Helmet-Black-M. Quality ATV gloves, goggles, and pants should also be part of your protective gear.

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