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ATV Helmets: Brands, Sizing And Different Types You Can Buy

ATV Helmets: Brands, Sizing And Different Types You Can Buy

If you plan to operate an ATV or participate in any off-road activities, you must ensure you put on protective gear. Your safety should be your priority over the fun and excitement. One of the most important safety gears you should own as an ATV rider is a helmet; your head is the part of your body that must be protected at all times.

There are different ATV helmet brands, including Bell, O'Neal, Typhoon, and HJC. ATV helmets are available in different sizes, from X-Small (20.87 to 21.26 inches) to 5X-Large (27 to 27.5 inches). Some of the top ATV helmets to purchase are O'Neal Adult Off-Road Helmet and Typhoon Adult ATV Helmet.

Off-roading is not a completely safe activity, and you need to be protected at all times because there can be unforeseen situations, and if you are not prepared, the result could be unpleasant.

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ATV Helmets

There has been a discovery about ATV operators; almost every beginner ATV rider is reluctant to use a helmet when riding. They do not know how dangerous operating an ATV can be. ATVs are completely different from regular vehicles, so operating an ATV without an ATV helmet is risky. You need to know the best ATV helmets.

Best ATV Helmet Brands

Before you purchase an ATV helmet, you need to know the best brands available in the market. The best brands produce the top helmets you can purchase. In the world of off-roading, there are various brands, but there are four top and trustworthy brands famous for producing quality, highly durable, and long-lasting ATV Helmets, they are:


Bell is an American vehicle helmet manufacturing company, founded in 1954 when hot rod and racing was predominant in California. The company produces helmets for bicycling, motorcycling, and auto racing arenas. Some of the top ATV helmets in the off-roading world are produced by Bell.


O'Neal company was founded in 1970 by a teenager addicted to racing, Jim O'Neal. This teenager from South California created a top helmet-producing company that is fully functional and active today. O'Neal is a top industry in the motocross and MTB industry producing various accessories and apparel, including jerseys, helmets, gloves, pants, boots, and protectors.

Typhoon Helmets

Typhoon Helmet is a subset of Midwest Motorsports LLC.; it was developed in July 2001 and has been producing, selling, and distributing ATV apparel and accessories. All Typhoon helmets are designed to be comfortable while offering safety at affordable prices. Typhoon produces helmets for kids, youths, and adults.

HJC Helmet

HJC Helmet is another top helmet-producing company in the ATV world; the company has been operational since 1971 and is based in California. The company focuses on producing stylish, comfortable, safe, and affordable helmets for operators worldwide. Unlike other companies mentioned, HJC focuses on producing only helmets.

Best ATV Helmets

Recently, more people have delved into ATV operations, especially youths. They see how exciting, interesting, and fun off-road activities can be. So, if you are a newbie into ATV operations or a professional, you should get a good helmet. To simplify it, we will look at both adult and youth ATV Helmets.

ATV Helmets For Adults

We mentioned earlier that ATV helmets are available in different sizes, ranging from X-Small to 5X-Large; X-Small to Large being children and youth ATV helmets, while X-Large to 5X-Large are adult ATV helmets. We will look at some of the best ATV helmets for adults.

Arai XD4 Adult Helmet

This is one of the most popular and top ATV helmets available, and it is also a versatile helmet with premium features. The Arai XD4 Adult Helmet features an off-road style that can be detached when used for on-road operations. The helmet also has a huge aperture, so the operator has an all-around vision through the visor.

The huge aperture makes the helmet great for off-road activities, especially when the rider needs a clear view of objects and obstructions around. The helmet also features a pin-lock visor system that prevents fogging. You can even remove the visor and use a pair of goggles if you want to go motocross.

Typhoon Adult ATV Helmet

Another great ATV helmet for adults is the Typhoon Adult ATV Helmet, designed to meet all DOT safety standards. The liner of this helmet is washable and removable; it also has other features like channel vents, intake vents, and exhaust vents that facilitate and aid the flow of air.

The Typhoon Adult ATV Helmet is lightweight and weighs less than 3 pounds, and it also has a standard chin strap closure, a 3-point sun visor, and a strap keeper. The padding of this helmet makes it comfortable and snug enough to keep the operator secure and safe.

O’Neal Adult 3-Series Off-Road Helmet

Some ATV operators regard this helmet as the best helmet for ATV operations. The O'Neal Adult 3-Series Off-Road Helmet is produced from durable polycarbonate. It meets all AS/NZS, ECE 22-05, and DOT safety standards, so you are guaranteed safety when you use it.

The helmet features a plush washable/removable padded liner that keeps the rider dry and cool by absorbing sweat. This helmet has a fashionable design that makes it stand out among other ATV helmets. The helmet's vents keep the operator cool on warm days, the thick padding is comfortable, and the helmet is lightweight.

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Youth ATV Helmets

Previously, there were restrictions on the operation of ATVs; only adults could ride and participate in various off-road activities. Now, youths and children can also operate ATVs; there are ATVs for youths and children, so they are not left out of the fun and excitement. Let us look at some of the best ATV helmets for youths.

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O’Neal Youth Helmet Villian

This is one of the best youth ATV helmets; it has a striking and captivating design and features an ABS and polycarbonate shell, as well as a washable and removable padded interior. The shell of the O'Neal Youth Helmet Villian is aerodynamic, thereby reducing wind interference and disturbance.

This youth helmet also features a great ventilation system; it has various air vents to keep the rider cool and absorb sweat. The helmet is also DOT, ECE 22-0, and AS/NZS safety certified. The sun visor on the helmet is adjustable for maximum protection, and the full face design protects the rider in case of a crash.

ILM Youth ATV Helmet

If your teen loves full-face helmets, this is the perfect helmet; the ILM Youth ATV helmet has a sleek, all-black design and is uniquely designed. This helmet also complies with DOT safety standards; it is lightweight and comfortable, a result of the soft padding and ABS shell.

The ILM Youth ATV helmet also has improved aerodynamic qualities that keep out wind and noise interferences. It also features an efficient air vent system that absorbs sweat, releases heat, and always keeps the rider cool and comfortable. The liner of the helmet is removable so that you can clean it.

Fox Racing Youth Helmet

This is another great ATV helmet for youth; the Fox Racing Youth Helmet has an injection-molded polycarbonate and hard, lightweight ABS outer shell, as well as a plush interior padding for added comfort for the rider. The Fox Racing Youth Helmet features an MVRS visor system for better visibility and sun protection.

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Final Thoughts

The importance of a helmet when participating in off-road activities cannot be over-emphasized. It would be best if you were concerned about your safety while having a great time at the same time. There are ATV helmets for both youths and adults; all you need to do is find the right size helmet and the most comfortable.

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