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Turn Your ATV Into A Lawn Mower W/ An ATV Mowing Attachment

Turn Your ATV Into A Lawn Mower W/ An ATV Mowing Attachment

ATVs are a fun way to spend a Sunday alone, with family, or with friends. You are dying to buy this vehicle, but you want to use it for more than just fun every now and then. For this reason, you want to find a purpose that makes the ATV partially worthwhile so that you can invest in it without feeling guilty. At this point, you come up with a far-fetched idea; Can I use my ATV as a lawnmower?

It is entirely feasible to mow the lawn in your yard with an ATV. We will only need to add a cutting attachment to the ATV model and some special tools. But first of all, you should check the technical specifications of the ATV to confirm that you can attach these accessories without a problem.

Many of the ATVs/UTVs sold today offer the possibility of adapting grass-cutting kits. These accessories can be attached to different positions on the vehicle. In addition, these attachments vary depending on the type of mowing you want to do. This possibility means that there are many different styles of finish that you can achieve. Could it be better? To operate your favorite fun machine and at the same time accomplish one of the most laborious tasks in the household? But be calm; not everything is perfect. There are also some cons to evaluate when using the ATV as a lawnmower. So if you want to go deeper about this topic, read on, and you will learn a lot more.

Can I Mow The Lawn With An ATV?

Of course, you can! ATVs/UTVs are very versatile vehicles. Their names indicate "all-terrain vehicle" or "utility task vehicle," they can fulfill diverse activities without significant problems. As far as their utility in the garden is concerned, you can convert them into a walk-behind lawnmower. A considerable advantage of this transformation of the ATV into a lawnmower is that we turn a weekly obligation into something enjoyable.

Adapting the cutting attachment to the ATV is relatively easy, and there is a wide variety of cutting models available. But we already anticipate that there are also some disadvantages that we will have to handle if we decide to mow the lawn mounted on an ATV. For this reason, we will briefly review the main advantages and disadvantages of this hybrid vehicle so that we are not caught off guard.

Advantages Of Converting An ATV Into A Lawnmower


Mowing The Grass Will Be Faster

If you know what it is like to mow the lawn with a conventional tractor, you will realize that doing this task with an ATV is much faster. It all depends on the size of the ATV's engine, as some models can reach up to 50 mph. This speed taken to a garden will make this activity a piece of cake.

This option is much more economical

Adding a tow attachment to the ATV is not the only advantage of having a good time while mowing the lawn. We will also spend significantly less on this alternative. Deciding to purchase a single mower attachment is much cheaper than buying a standard lawn tractor.

It Will Be Easier To Get Through Tall Grass

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of converting the ATV into a lawnmower is that cutting tall grass will be very easy. ATVs with four-wheel drive are very powerful at getting into rugged terrain, even in areas where a tractor cannot penetrate.

Disadvantages Of Converting ATV To Lawnmower


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We Can Damage The Grass

There is something that we must be very clear about, ATVs' functions are not factory set to mow the grass. If your lawn has fine, delicate grass, you should treat it with care. A 4WD ATV will leave several holes in the grass every time you turn or change direction.

It Isn’t Easy To Turn The ATV

Unless your yard is vast and long, you will have difficulty making turns with the ATV and mower attachment. No matter what type of mower attachment you have, making tight turns will always be a challenge.

You May End Up Exhausted When Using The ATV As A Lawnmower

Because the throttle is on the ATV's handlebars and not on the foot pedal as conventional tractors have, you can become exhausted. Your wrist and hand can become numb or injured from trying to maintain a constant speed.

In Which Position Can I Place The Cutting Attachments On The ATV?


There are three primary positions where you can place the cutting attachments on the ATV:

  • Front mount. You can place the cutting attachments on the front of the ATV. This type of mount allows for better visibility of what you are cutting.
  • Pull behind. In this type of mount, you can find the cutting attachment in the rear of the ATV. The idea is to drag the attachment while moving forward.
  • Central mount. The attachment mount attaches to the side of the ATV. This type is the least common type of mount.

Best ATV Mowing Attachments

The following is a brief overview of the main types of mowing attachments on an ATV.

Rough Cut Mower

In this category of mowers, you will find all attachments whose finish is not the best. Its great advantage is the efficiency with which it cuts. Within this large group of mowers, we can find the following subtypes.

Flail Mower

You can use the flail mower in the rugged terrain of grass, stems, and thick bushes. The blades are pretty bulky and occupy a horizontal roller that rotates continuously.


This type of mower has a shredding function that is very useful for working in large areas. Unlike the flail mower, the shredder has an additional cutting roller.

Rotary Motor

This accessory is a more traditional style of cutting attachment. It has mounted blades that rotate parallel to the ground. Its motor is much larger and more powerful, which helps cut areas with thick, tough grass.


The trimmer-type cutters have a much more powerful engine. People use it to clear very hard and thick weeds. Its powerful cutting blade has an oscillating motion that prevents damage to shrubs around the area you want to cut.

Finish Mowers

You use finish mowers to achieve a cleaner cut and an aesthetic finish. They are very popular mowing attachments because they require less work to cut the grass.

Rotary Blade

This accessory allows us to make minor adjustments to cut the grass at a specific level and with great precision.

Reel Mower

This attachment resembles a traditional lawnmower with blades attached to a wheel that rotates while cutting. This attachment is ideal for delicate and easy-to-cut grass.

ATV Tow-behind Mower

The tow-behind mower or pull-behind attachments have a bar that connects to the ATV's mower. In this type of towing technique, the cutting attachment is on the rear of the ATV. To better understand this style of mowing, below are listed the advantages and disadvantages.


  • It has a broader range of sizes than the front mount type.
  • It has greater freedom of movement to the right and left.
  • No additional support frame is required.
  • It is much quicker to assemble and disassemble than other types of mowers.
  • It can cut very uneven terrain if you add a rotary hitch.


  • Difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • You cannot raise many of the models. This fact makes it more difficult to transport or overcome obstacles.
  • It has more extended wiring, which makes cable management a bit laborious.

A Final Thought On ATVs As Lawnmowers

It's no fantasy that your ATV can also fulfill the tasks of a lawnmower. There are many, many vehicle models today that offer this advantageous option to potential customers. However, we must consider some disadvantages of using the ATV as a lawnmower since the final finish could be pretty rustic. It is up to each person to carefully evaluate these interesting facts to make the most convenient decision.

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