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The Best ATV Parks In Texas: [COMPLETE GUIDE]

The Best ATV Parks In Texas: [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Some of the best off-riding trails in the United States are found in Texas. The combination of hot weather, a vast expansion of land, fantastic barbecue, and rough terrain offers an excellent environment for a thrilling ATV riding adventure. So what are the best ATV parks in the great state of Texas?

The Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach, River Run ATV Park, Hidden Falls Adventure park, Texplex Park, and Sam Houston National Forest are some of the best ATV parks in Texas. They are vast, feature hot weather, and have a variety of terrain to give an exciting riding experience.

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10 Best ATV Parks in Texas

  • The Sabine ATV Park
  • Xtreme Off Road Park
  • Hidden Falls Adventure Park
  • The Trophy Club Park
  • The Texplex Park
  • Red River Motorcycle Trails
  • The Creekside Offroad Ranch
  • The Mudbuddys Park
  • Sam Houston National Forest
  • The General Sam's Offroad Park

The Sabine ATV Park

The Sabine ATV park is a family-friendly facility along the Sabine River close to the Texas-Louisiana border. It is an expansive establishment with about 3000 acres that include shallow creek runs, deep-water crossings, and a sandbar area, making it one of the best parks where you can have a good time while exploring nature. Notably, riders of all skills and ages have access to the park's outstanding ATV trails and amenities such as hot showers and stores where you can get the necessary supplies.

Xtreme Off Road Park

The Xtreme off Road Park and Beach was once known as Love's Marina. It is one of the best mud ATVs trails in the great state of Texas if you are looking for wooded trails, mud bogs, and hill climbs that make you feel the soothing touch of nature.

Besides mudding, the Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach offer leeway to an avalanche of outdoor activities for the old and the young, including camping, fishing, swimming, boating, and many more. In addition, the park features a beautiful waterfront beach with a great atmosphere where you can relax and mingle after a terrific ride.

The Hidden Falls Adventure Park

The Hidden Falls Adventure is the largest ranch in the US. The park features spectacular scenic country views coupled with endless ATV-beckoning trails. One unique characteristic of this park is that it can offer an unforgettable and thrilling riding experience to both beginners and experienced riders. Once you are at the Hidden Falls Adventure park, you should be open to various activities, including primitive camping, a shooting club with archery ranges, and tactical firearms training.

While at the park, the management encourages members to participate in beach cleanups. To reserve a space at the park, log into their website and proceed with the reservation online. The park allows late driving on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Trophy Club Park

The Trophy Club Park is located in Trophy Club, Texas. It has a spot for everyone; whether a beginner or an experienced rider, you can be sure to find something interesting for you.

Playgrounds, nature trails, ponds, and sports fields offer a perfect opportunity for those who want to mingle and have fun. Further, the park is home to Trophy Country Club, which offers recreational golf. If golfing is your thing, you will not be disappointed here.

The Texplex Park

The Texplex Park is another beautiful family-friendly amusement park for ATV riders. It is a fantastic spot for those searching for a perfect opportunity to explore the unique terrain of that specific place. If you want to plan ahead, you can visit their website for maps and directions for easy planning.

Red River Motorcycle Trails

If you are an ATV enthusiast looking for something new and exciting, the Red River Motorcycle Trails will serve you right. The Red River Trails are situated in North-central, and you can expect plenty of opportunities and challenges from them. The beautiful scenic views of nature will give you something to smile about. If you are looking for new exciting trails for your ATV riding adventure, you might consider visiting the Red River Motorcycle Trails.

ATV Riding Parks In Texas Requirements

Choosing the best ATV riding parks in Texas is one step to getting a thrilling ATV riding experience. Besides ensuring that you choose the best trails, you must adhere to all regulations to avoid undesirable situations. Some of the crucial things that you will need to carry with you to any of the ATV trails in Texas include;

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Certificate of registration
  • A valid safety certificate
  • Registration plates affixed to your ATV

ATV Trail Etiquette

In most instances, when riding your ATV at your favorite spot in Texas, you will likely come into contact with other people sharing the same trails. It is essential to stick to ATV trail etiquette in such a situation. Some of these ATV courtesies include;

  • Carrying out what you carry in to maintain the hygiene of the park
  • Being considerate of other trail users
  • Riding your ATV where you have been permitted only
  • Reporting incidents that are not morally okay to the management
  • Yield way to hikers, bikers, horses, and other ATV riders
  • Leave gates the way you find them

ATV Riding Parks In Houston Texas

If you are around Houston, Texas, and you want a thrilling ATV trail to help suppress the day's stress, then the good news is that there are several ATV riding parks in Houston, Texas. Some of them include;

The Creekside Offroad Ranch

The Creekside Offroad Ranch is situated 35 minutes northeast of Houston to Splendora. With about the 350 acres and miles of rough trails that entail sand, mud, water, and hills, you are likely to enjoy every second you spend in the park. The Creekside Offroad ranch is open to dirt bikes, UTVs, ATVs, and other vehicles capable of handling the challenging terrain.

The Mudbuddys Park

Another excellent ATV park in Houston, Texas, is Mudbuddys Park. The park is loaded with exceptional opportunities for all ages, making it possible for the youngsters to enjoy dirt riding in safe spots. With over 500 acres of land, you will not fall short of intriguing challenges on a good weekend.

The General Sam’s Offroad Park

The General Sam's Offroad park in Huntsville is over 705 acres of land designed to give you a sense of nature while riding through the forests with many pine trees. For an even more messy and exciting off-road adventure, you can try out the sand and mud trails within the park.

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Sam Houston National Forest

If you want to experience the healing power of nature, the Sam Houston National Forest will afford you the opportunity. The forest offers trails for all kinds of adventures. Here, you will get an excellent opportunity to navigate through rocky terrain, creek crossings, dirt, and mus. With over 160,000 acres of vast trail land, you will have plenty of time to explore the whole of it. Also, you can visit the Sam Houston National Forest any time of the year.

Safety Tips For ATV Mud Parks In Texas

While riding your ATV on the most challenging trails can be pretty exciting, ensuring you are always safe is vital. There is no way you will benefit from the beautiful ATV mud parks in Texas if you are not in one piece. Here are some essential safety tips to remember when riding your ATV.

  • Maintain a safe speed and ride only on designated trails (keep an eye on your speedometer, especially when negotiating a corner)
  • Wear a DOT-compliant helmet to protect yourself in case of a crash. Additional protective gears include goggles, long pants, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, and long sleeves.
  • Adhere to the rules of the park that you are riding
  • Do not carry a passenger if your ATV is not designed for passengers.
  • Do not ride your ATV under the influence.


Finding the best ATV park is the starting point if you are out for a fascinating ATV ride in the great state of Texas and its environs. Fortunately, Texas is best known for its great ATV parks, and you will not likely be disappointed. Parks such as the Hidden Falls Adventure, Sabine ATV park, Sloppy Bottom Park, Red River Motorcycle trains, and northwest OHV park are extensive, and their breathtaking view will leave you exhilarated the entire period you would be in the park.