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ATV Plastic Restorer – How to Restore Old Faded Plastics

ATV Plastic Restorer – How to Restore Old Faded Plastics

Since your ATV spends most of its time outdoors, the sun's rays are likely to impact its appearance. In addition, the passing debris and cracks can make your ATV look old and worn out. The good news is that you can always reverse the situation as long as you have the right product and skills for the task.

The use of CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer is the ultimate solution for bringing plastic, vinyl, and rubber back to life. If you do not have access to the CAR GUYS plastic restorer, the Lithium plastic restorer can be a good option. Your ATV will need a few minutes to look shinier than a showroom model with either of the two products.

Whether you are always equipped with the best monocular for bird watching or your ATV ride is purely for racing, read on to understand how to make your ATV shinier once again for better usage.

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How to Restore ATV Plastic

When trying to find the most reliable plastic restoration methods to revitalize the appearance of your ATV, you will come across many methods. The truth is that some of the methods that you will see may not help you accomplish your objectives. That is why we provide you with plastic restoration methods that work.

The use of Linseed Oil

Linseed oil can generally assist in restoring faded ATV plastic. To use this approach, you need to mix linseed oil with a paint thinner in an of ratio 4: 6.

The role of the paint thinner is to assist the linseed oil in drying faster and preventing sticky residue on the ATV plastic. When applying the oil, you should ensure full access to the plastic body.

The disadvantage of this method is that the shiny appearance will not last long.

Use a Quality Plastic Restorer

A plastic restorer is the other working method that you can embrace to make your ATV more appealing. Nowadays, there are many products on the market, and it is good to acknowledge that not all of these products can serve your purposes.

The most reliable and reputable product for the task is the CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer. By checking customer reviews, you will realize that most people who have had a chance to use the product achieved their objectives. It is also important to note that using a plastic restorer can give you a result that can last for several months.

However, it is essential to follow the directions of applications on the label when using the plastic restorer to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.


Painting is another reliable method that you can use to restore the appearance of ATV. The only challenge that you are likely to experience is identifying suitable spray paints for ATV plastics. While there are numerous sprays on the market, the reality is that not all of them work the same.

Reading online reviews will give you an idea of the best paint you should choose for your task. We recommend Polyvance Plastic magic as it has the quality to prevent the paint from peeling over time.

Although the new paint will fade with time, it can last longer than other plastic restoration methods.

ATV Plastic Polish Scratch Remover

Regardless of your riding destinations, there are high chances that your ATV will have scratches and cracks. Unfortunately, scratches are more challenging to repair when compared to fade. For instance, if a chunk of plastic has come off, you may consider replacing the entire plastic.

Nonetheless, there are proven techniques that you can use to handle ATV scratch problems. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the common types of scratches you are likely to encounter; the light and the deep. Light scratches result from branches hitting the ATV plastic and leaving visible marks behind. Most ATV riders do not even bother to check the light scratches.

The use of 1500 Grit Wet Sandpaper can play a significant role in helping to remove light scratches. You only need to use sandpaper to remove the scratches. Once you are done, you use a plastic restorer to make your ATV plastic shiny and look new.

While sandpaper can remove medium to deep scratches, it is not wise to remove a lot of plastic from your ATV as that will compromise the integrity of the plastic.

If you are dealing with deep scratches, you will need to try out the J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Body Panel Adhesive and Gap Filler Syringe – Black – 25 ml. Use the product to fill the scratches. You can use a knife to eliminate the excess. Once done, repaint your ATV to get rid of the unattractive patches.

ATV Plastic Cleaner

Eliminating scratches and fading is not the only way of making your ATV attractive and appealing to the eye. You need to ensure that your ATV is always clean after a muddy ride. ATV cleaning is not only good for making the ATV attractive, but it is also an ideal way of preventing unnecessary damage to your ATV.

Nowadays, there are many cleaning products that you can use to ensure that your ATV is always clean. Even though ATVs are designed for a muddy or dusty environment, there are no reasons why you should not take good care of your machine. Moreover, riding a clean ATV is always exciting as it givesoff a sense of newness.

Take the following steps to make your work easier as far as the cleanliness of your ATV is concerned.

  • Practice cleaning your ATV once you finish your riding ventures to prevent a situation where mud and dirt dry up and become stick
  • Adopt proper storage for your ATV to make cleaning easier. For instance, you should store your ATV under a cover or in a garage to prevent the metal parts from rusting and the plastics from fading.
  • Apply a sealer to keep mud off and also make the cleaning of the ATV easier
  • Use a degreaser to clean and keep the seat clean.
  • When cleaning aluminum parts of the ATV, you should consider using an aluminum wheel cleaner.

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What To Do With Your Clean And Attractive ATV

The best way to ensure that you can get the most from the ATV hobby is to choose the best activities and equip yourself with the right equipment.

There are several activities that your ATV will prove very significant, and here are some of those activities;

  • Snow Plowing – you can use your ATV to clear snow from your driveway.
  • Bird Watching –  riding your ATV while watching the fascinating birds that nature offers is fasicinating, you must equip yourself with the best monocular for bird watching.
  • Camping – if you love camping, you are likely to find a quality ATV very helpful as it will help you reduce the long distances. The best monocular for bird watching can make your camping experience even more exciting.
  • Winching is another exciting activity for many ATV enthusiasts. However, you will have to guarantee that your quad has an ATV winch.
  • Hunting – ATVs have become quite popular in hunting as they make the transportation of both the game and the equipment easier. Ensure that your state does not prohibit hunting using a quad because many states consider hunting using an ATV illegal.

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Parting Shot

Ensuring that your ATV is shiny and attractive to the eye should never be a problem. With the help of the ultimate CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer, the process should take the shortest possible. Whenever you purchase products to enhance your ATV riding experience, always ensure that you invest in quality products.

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