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ATV Repairs & ATV Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

ATV Repairs & ATV Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

There are some parts of your ATV that you need to repair after riding it for a while. Most people resort to having a mechanic fix it for them. However, a lot of these issues can be fixed on your own. You save money doing it by yourself, and you learn more about the proper maintenance of your ATV.

You do not have to call a mechanic for the regular maintenance of your ATV. Changing the oil, replacing the tires, replacing the air filter, tightening the nuts and bolts, replacing the CV boots, replacing the brake pad, and replacing the spark plug are maintenance procedures you can do yourself.

Except if you are too busy and do not have time to carry out simple repairs and regular maintenance, you do not have to call an automobile mechanic. You can do most of these things yourself.

How Do I Learn To Fix An ATV?

If you enjoy riding your ATV, you should also be concerned about repairs and regular maintenance. When your ATV develops faults, you should be able to fix them yourself. You do not have to call a mechanic for every little fault. Nevertheless, how can you learn how to fix an ATV?


This is the most effortless way to learn how to fix an ATV. You can find the solution to any problem on the internet. You can read about it and watch videos that demonstrate and show you how to fix these problems. There are different websites with contents covering almost every problem an ATV can develop and how to fix them.

Fix It Yourself And Learn From Errors

This is the best and fastest way to learn how to fix an ATV. The only downside to this method is that you might break or spoil some parts in the process. Nevertheless, you have learned a new way to fix the issue. You will learn a lot when you make an effort to fix problems with your ATV. Most people who fix their ATVs themselves start by fixing little things, like changing the oil and replacing the filters.


Attend A School Or Take An Online Course

There are different schools and institutions where you can learn how to repair an ATV. By taking a course in one of these schools, you will learn everything about an ATV, from the parts to repairing and customizing your ATV. You can also register for online courses on how to fix an ATV. An instructor will be assigned to you, and he will walk you through the process of fixing different ATV faults. Additionally, they usually include step-by-step video guides.

Simple ATV Repairs You Can Do Yourself

You can make simple repairs yourself. Performing these simple fixes will save you some money. These repairs are easy and do not require technicality or professional experience.

Changing The Oil

Your ATV is an automobile. The oil needs to be replaced regularly to get rid of sludge and dirt accumulated over time in the engine. You should follow the rule of changing the oil of your ATV after using the vehicle for one hundred hours. If the vehicle's manufacturer states when you should replace the oil, you should follow their guidelines.

Changing your ATV's oil is one of the simplest repairs you can make. To change the oil, you need new oil, the filter specified by the manufacturer, an oil pan, an oil-filter wrench, and some clean rags.

First, you should start the ATV and leave it on for some minutes, so the engine will warm up and circulate the oil. After about ten minutes, turn it off, and you can then access the oil filter and the dipstick by pulling out the seat and other panels. Brush off every debris and dirt before you remove the dipstick.

Find the drain plug underneath the vehicle; you will find it in the undercarriage, place the oil pan underneath the plug, remove the plug, and allow the dirty oil to flow out into the pan. Dispose of the oil properly. Remove the dirty oil filter using the wrench and dispose of it.

Replace the drain plug and install the new oil filter. Apply some oil around the O-ring of the new oil filter, screw it in carefully. Tighten it, but do not overtighten it, so you can easily remove it the next time you want to change the oil. Replace the dipstick and pour the new oil.

Start the ATV and let it run for about five minutes so the new oil will circulate the engine. Check the oil level to be sure it is correct; replace the panels you removed and the seat. You have successfully replaced the engine oil.


Cleaning The Air Filter

Forgetting to replace or clean the air filter is one of the mistakes many people make with their ATVs. Nevertheless, it is one of the most effortless repairs you can make on your ATV to keep it functional. Locate the air filter beneath the seat; you will find a latch near the rear.

Open the compartment carefully, so debris or dust does not get inside. Remove the existing filter, wash it carefully with dish soap until it is clean. Dry it out and replace it. You can use a disposable filter instead. In any case, you must be very careful when replacing the air filter so you do not tear the gasket.

Changing The Tires

You need to do two things about your ATV tires, keeping the tires inflated and plugging the holes as soon as they occur. These two things are easy to do, and it is much easier to do at home than to haul it to a vehicle repair shop.

With a small home air compressor, you can keep your tires at the correct pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid using a tire gauge for an automobile when you check the tire pressure of your ATV. An ATV requires a low-pressure tire gauge. It is unsafe to ride an ATV with overinflated tires.

It is very easy for your ATV tire to get punctured, and all you need is a tire plug kit to fix it. First, you need to locate the puncture; using a container of soapy water can help you identify it faster. Next, you have to roughen the spot by reaming it with the reaming tool in the kit.

The plug will attach better to a rough surface, so you must ensure you roughen it well. Make the surface large enough to accept the plug. Push the plug into the hole using the tool installer, then coat it with adhesive.


How To Maintain An ATV

For you to enjoy your ATV, you must ensure you follow all maintenance procedures. Spending a little time on your ATV can save you time, money, and resources you would have used to repair it. Many people think maintaining an ATV is difficult, but in reality, it is not.

Manufacturers are making vehicles easier to maintain and repair. They are also using better materials and components. Some maintenance procedures you should follow are:

  • Change the oil regularly.
  • Wash your ATV regularly.
  • Keep the air filter clean.
  • Check the belts.
  • Monitor the bolts, nuts, and boots.
  • Maintain the required tire pressure.
  • Check the battery condition.
  • Lubricate the spherical bearings.
  • Inspect the exhaust system.
  • Inspect the handlebar fasteners.

Final Thoughts

You can count on your ATV to dominate any terrain. You can depend on your ATV for any purpose you have in mind, whether work or recreational. Considering how hard it works, the least you can be doing is servicing your ATV regularly. Without proper maintenance and care, your ATV can develop a fault at the most unexpected moment.

Most of the maintenance procedures are already laid out in the owner's manual. A little studying is all it takes to maintain your ATV. Do not wait until it is faulty before you take action.