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Best ATV Snorkel Kits Reviewed [PROTECT AGAINST MUD]

Best ATV Snorkel Kits Reviewed [PROTECT AGAINST MUD]

As access to major riding grounds has been restricted, mud ATV riding has surged in popularity. ATV snorkel kits are now among the popular accessories for ATV owners. These kits are currently available from several manufacturers, with more on the way; an ATV snorkel kit is a must-have if you will be mud riding.

The best ATV snorkel kits are Honda 500 Foreman Warrior SYA Snorkel Kit, Yamaha Kodiak High Lifter 700 Snorkel Kit, Can-Am Outlander High Lifter 1000 Snorkel Kit, Polaris XP RZR 1000 Snorkel Kit, Kawasaki Brute Force HighLifter 750 Snorkel Kit, and Honda SYA Rancher Warrior 420 Snorkel Kit. 

You can go without an ATV snorkel if you only sometimes wade across shallow pools. However, if you ride on terrain that includes a lot of water and mud, you will need an ATV snorkel to have a fun ride while also protecting the machine.

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ATV Snorkel

An ATV snorkel is a breathing device designed for any portion of the ATV that requires a steady supply of fresh air or a vent to the atmosphere. ATV snorkels' main purpose is to allow you to ride your ATV in deeper mud or water than you should or that your ATV was intended for.

An ATV snorkel allows your vehicle's exhaust, air inlets, and breathers to be extended above the water level you are working in. The most important thing to remember is that the entire snorkel kit must be waterproof, regardless of how you do it. Even minor leaks might cause significant driveline or engine damage.

Suppose you ride in mud or water that is higher than your four-wheeler's factory snorkel openings. In that case, the same mud or water can enter your differential, transmission, engine, and other components, causing severe and costly damage. If it gets into your clutch or belt housing, it will create slippage, leaving you stranded where you are.

There are several advantages of using an ATV snorkel. With a snorkel, you will be able to ride in damp conditions without fear of sustaining costly damage and reduce the number of times you have to perform maintenance. You can also wander off the beaten route and discover new terrains.

Snorkel Kit For ATV

The ATV market today is flooded with ATV snorkel kits. If you want to purchase an ATV snorkel kit to help you explore deeper in wet trails, you should get one that is simple to install and repair if they break. Below are snorkel kits for ATVs.

Honda 500 Foreman Warrior SYA Snorkel Kit

The Honda 500 Foreman Warrior SYA Snorkel Kit's modification does a fantastic job relocating the factory air intake point from beneath the seat. This kit is 2 inches and comes with 2 warrior risers; one of the risers is used often. On the other hand, the second riser is optional because it is there for ornamental purposes and to produce an even appearance.

The vent line alternatives included with the risers are designed to keep the vent lines secure and dry. An extra vent line is included for when you want to increase the venting ports, which is a popular motif among most manufacturers. The risers are threaded as well, making assembly and disassembly a breeze.

Yamaha Kodiak High Lifter 700 Snorkel Kit

The Yamaha Kodiak High Lifter 700 Snorkel Kit includes 2 inches risers mounted in powder-coated riser brackets for cosmetic purposes. It features some rubber grommets that help keep the rider tubes in place. This snorkel kit also includes mounting hardware, bellows, and vinyl tubes.

The bellows help keep water out of the differentials, while the mounting hardware helps for a complete installation. With this snorkel kit, clean air is supplied to your vehicle's engine and other ATV parts that require venting. It keeps debris, water, and mud out of the ATV's clutch housing and engine when installed.

Can-Am Outlander High Lifter 1000 Snorkel Kit

The Can-Am Outlander High Lifter 1000 Snorkel Kit from High Lifter includes everything you need to keep your ATV safe. It features 2 inches risers with custom-molded elbows and includes heavy-duty vinyl tubing, which can be used in routing vent lines. With its silicone hose, you can protect your vehicle's crucial parts.

This ATV snorkel kit features some bellows that help keep water away from the differentials and transmission. In the package, you will find all of the mounting gear you will need and a well-designed step-by-step sheet of instructions to make the procedure go more smoothly if you decide to do it yourself.

Polaris XP RZR 1000 Snorkel Kit

Another kit that includes a 3 inches riser is the Polaris XP RZR 1000 Snorkel Kit. It features rubber grommets to help secure the riser tubes and ensure they stay in place. It also includes a high-temperature silicone hose and heavy-duty tubing to help in routing the vent lines; this snorkel kit protects your vehicle's differentials and transmission from water.

It comes with all the required hardware and tools needed for installation and a step-by-step instruction manual. With this snorkel kit, clean and dry air is supplied to your ATV's engine that requires venting. This ATV snorkel kit keeps mud, debris, and water out of the clutch housing and the engine.

Kawasaki Brute Force HighLifter 750 Snorkel Kit

The Kawasaki Brute Force HighLifter 750 Snorkel Kit includes heavy-duty tubing and 2-inch risers. It also includes a powder-coated riser bracket that keeps the risers straight and uniformly spaced. This snorkel kit protects your vehicle from water and mud and gives it a better and more stylish look.

Another approach is to use a high-heat silicone hose to shield the essential parts from melting. The mounting hardware, as well as the mounting instructions, are included in the box. The replaceable warrior wear tips that come with this snorkel kit clip in and out effortlessly.

Honda SYA Rancher Warrior 420 Snorkel Kit

The Honda SYA Rancher Warrior 420 Snorkel Kit is 2 inches compared to the rest of the line, except it is designed for Honda vehicles. It comes with 2 Warrior risers, although only one must be installed. All of the normal vent lines are included.

Since this kit's connections are threaded, you may follow the illustrated directions to build or disassemble them. With this snorkel kit, you can get up to the chin of your ATV in water without fear of the engine getting drowned. This ATV snorkel features an airbox, CVT outlet and inlet, rubber boots, and in-built vent lines.

Can-Am GEN Renegade SYA Snorkel Kit

For the CVT outlet and inlet and the air intake, the Can-Am GEN Renegade SYA Snorkel Kit features a 2 inches piping system. It also includes an extra vent line, similar to the rest, that helps extend factory venting locations. The risers in this snorkel kit are unglued, which allows you to customize their appearance.

Asides from the risers, everything in this kit is pre-assembled, making installation a breeze if you follow the precise directions. You do not need to purchase any extra material or tools.

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Polaris Ranger NorthStar and 1000 XP Snorkel Kit

The Polaris Ranger NorthStar and 1000 XP Snorkel Kit are among today's cutting-edge snorkeling kit designs. It is the first in its class to include custom-molded high-temperature silicone hoses. The molding facilitates installation and provides a more secure connection.

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Final Thoughts

If you often ride your ATV through deep mud or water, you should invest in a snorkel kit. If you do not want to do any DIY or do not have the necessary skills, you can take the ATV to a professional to have the snorkel kits installed properly. On the other hand, most snorkel kit makers make them simple to install with only a read-through of the instructions for more technically oriented persons.

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