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Best ATV Storage Box Solutions [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Best ATV Storage Box Solutions [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Whether you want to go fishing, hunting, or exploring the big unknown, having one of these useful ATV storage bins in your off-road vehicle will ensure you are ready for everything. It will let you transport all of your equipment and tools and additional food, beverages, gas, and other supplies.

The best ATV storage box solutions are Open Trail ATV Cargo Box, Black Widow ATV Storage Box, Camco Black Boar ATV Storage Box, Titans Ramp ATV Cargo Box, Kopin 91150 Matrix Storage box, Kimpex Nomad ATV Rear Storage Box, Acmotor ATV Storage Box, Coleman ATV Storage Box, and Lund Challenger Box. 

Due to the use and size of ATVs, most of them lack storage compartments where you can store your snacks, equipment, or gear, which is why there are ATV storage box solutions. The storage boxes assist in resolving storage issues, providing a spare seat for a guest.

storage atv yellowATV Rear Storage Box

When it comes to ATVs, most times, we require a storage box to keep supplies needed for a ride. An ATV storage box can either be kept at the front of the vehicle or the rear end. Below are some of the ATV rear storage boxes.

Black Widow ATV Storage Box

ATV lovers are always looking for extra space to keep their things, snacks, equipment, and other items, and the Black Widow provides just that. The Black Widow ATV Storage Box features a backrest that is padded for your maximum comfort and additional storage space. It is strong and long-lasting, thanks to the high-density polyethylene.

Drilling is required for mounting, and 4 U-bolts are included in the package. The storage box incorporates back reflectors for nighttime visibility, and you can lock it with a key to prevent theft and safely secure your products during transportation. It comes with two keys and is waterproof; this storage box is undoubtedly one of the best ATV rear storage boxes.

Acmotor ATV Storage Box

The Acmotor ATV Storage Box comes with two water holder bags, two removable storage bags, and multi-compartment back storage. The storage facility has plenty of room to store your items and assist in their security, whether for transportation or security reasons. Most ATVs are compatible with this storage box.

This ATV rear storage box is made from a black waterproof material with reinforced corners and a padded bottom to help maintain the box's shape. Two PE boards help make sure whatever is put in it sits comfortably and is not impacted by outside pressure. This storage box weighs 7.5 pounds and is black.

Coleman ATV Storage Box

The Coleman ATV Storage Box will give you a multifunctional storage box that provides comfort and a touch of refinement to your ATV. This storage box looks like a seat with a three-zipped storage section and a padded bottom. The tops of the storage compartments contain bungee fasteners to assist you in keeping your gear tight and secure while traveling.

Thanks to a handful of drink holders included within the storage bag, you will always be hydrated regardless of where you are. The storage box is made of dustproof and waterproof heavy-duty polyester that is long-lasting. Whether you are driving through damp or dusty weather, your stuff will be safe.

Camco Black Boar ATV Storage Box

The Camco Black Boar ATV Storage Box is made from high-quality materials that safeguard your belongings by making it dustproof, waterproof, and impact-resistant. This box incorporates a safety lock system and comes with two keys to avoid small accidents and thefts. The installation is straightforward, and the kit includes instructions and mounting hardware.

It also has a padded backrest and seat for added comfort and a stainless-steel lock that is rust-resistant and features adjustable latches. This storage box has enough space to hold all of your possessions for any event, and the exterior may be customized to your liking. It is compatible with most ATV tires and tubular racks.

Kimpex Nomad ATV Rear Storage Box

The Kimpex Nomad ATV Rear Storage Box is a useful yet convenient device. It can be adjusted to match your demands in every environment, including work, hunting, fishing, and camping. Thanks to improved ergonomics, calibrated grip angles, elbow supports, and seat back angles, you will have a comfortable seat.

It features a flexible design with readily removable side pockets that may be used to store larger items and allow direct access. The package includes installation hardware and many connection points for easily securing any material using straps. Since this storage box is universal, you will not have to worry about compatibility.

ATV Front Storage Box

ATV enthusiasts believe that ATVs make excellent companions on extended excursions across remote and difficult terrain. They effortlessly traverse woodland trails, take on looser surfaces and move through tough terrains with agility and speed. Below are some ATV front storage boxes.

Black Boar ATV Front Storage Box

This ATV storage box's simple attachment method allows you to add extra storage space; it features all essential hardware for a quick and painless installation. It will also allow you to utilize it with most tubular racks. The product comes with a rust-resistant stainless steel lock and keys.

The Black Boar ATV Front Storage Box is made from a polyethylene material and can withstand impacts. It also has a streamlined design that allows you to save space; it allows for easy portability due to its modest weight.

Lund Challenger ATV Front Storage Box

Although the Lund Challenger ATV Front Storage Box has a laid back design, it performs exceptionally well. It features stainless steel latches which contribute to increased security. Double post hooks make it extremely dependable; it also features a powder coating that resists breaking and fading.

Furthermore, the high-quality aluminum structure makes it extremely long-lasting, and your gear will be safe and secure. The nicks and scratches are hidden because of the diamond-plated design. Due to its lightweight, it is very easy to transport and will satisfy all of your requirements because it may be used for various applications.

Genuine Polaris Front Cargo Box

This cargo box is designed to be as universal as possible, allowing it to be used on various ATVs. Your eyesight will not be obstructed by the low-profile design; it also comes in a streamlined style that helps you conserve space.

Furthermore, there is a locked front for dependable performance. The robust high-density polyethylene composition also allows you to use it for a long period. It is made to fit various ATVs and keep your gear dry and protected from the elements.

atv men rideHow To Make Storage Box For ATVs?

When making a storage box for an ATV, you should first get your plywood. Cut out the right length suitable for your ATV, then construct a box to the size of your choice. When building the box, make sure you use the correct size screws. Do not glue the inside partitions as you might need to reconstruct them to fit objects of various sizes.

After constructing your box, you should coat it with fiberglass for maximum strength and water resistance. Fiberglass is a surprisingly simple material to deal with; it is just a shamble, although it is a little messy. Once you are done, your ATV storage box is ready; all you need to do is fit it into the location of your choice, either the front or rear of the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an ATV storage box allows you to have more flexibility while transporting things and gear; therefore, it is smart to acquire one. However, it is crucial to read the box's description to know if it fits your vehicle before buying. Depending on your car's brand, kind, and size, some storage bins have specialized versions that are specifically made to fit it.

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