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The Best ATV Trails In Arkansas: [COMPLETE GUIDE]

The Best ATV Trails In Arkansas: [COMPLETE GUIDE]

For ATV fans, Arkansas is synonymous with breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and vast terrain. Its subtropical climate and green environments make it an ideal destination for ATV adventurers. Whether an ATV beginner or an experienced rider, Arkansas never falls short of great parks where off-road adventurers can have a fantastic time.

Some top-notch off-road trails include the Ouachita National Forest, Carter Off-Road Park, North Little Rock ORV Park, Ozark National Forest, Hot Springs ORV Park, Ridgeline trails, and the Byrd's Adventure Center of the Ozarks. These vast trails and spectacular scenic views make ATV riding even more exciting.

Although there are many top-notch ATV trails in Arkansas, you need the best ones to get the most from your ATV riding adventure. In addition, you need to be well-acquainted with all necessary information that might influence your riding experience in one way or the other.

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Best Atv Trails In Arkansas

  • Ouachita National Forest
  • Carter Off-Road Park
  • North Little Rock ORV Park
  • Ozark National Forest
  • Hot Springs ORV Park
  • Ridgeline trails
  • Byrd's Adventure Center of the Ozarks
  • Fairfield Bay Trails
  • Hillarosa ATV Park

Ouachita National Forest

The Ouachita National Forest is a terrific destination for ATV enthusiasts who want to experience the fresh cooling air of the mountain. With its breathtaking views of the rolling hills nearby, you can be sure that you will never regret making it one of your destinations in Arkansas.

The park allows you to pick the trail that you think will offer the most excitement. For instance, if you love water crossings, Angling Creek will be the most appropriate option as it allows you to pass through beautiful streams throughout the trip. Jeeping trails such as the Muse mountain, North Fork Saline River Trail, and North Fork Pinnacle will be worth trying.

Hillarosa ATV Park

The Hillarosa ATV Park is a 2000-acre off-road Park perfect for ATV riders who love mudding. It is open on weekends, with hosts of live concerts dominating the air. ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes have access to the park for various activities, including camping in designated areas within the facility. Once you visit the park, you will agree that the admission fees are worth every penny you spend.

Bear Creek Cycle Trail

The Bear Creek Cycle Trail is a scenic ATV trail that entails tough uphill and downhill climbs, mud puddles, and water crossing. It is an ideal ATV riding destination for many as it entails mud, rocks, sand, and a hard pack with shades and stores to make riding easier.

If you are looking for the most challenging trails, Daisy Park takes the lead, as many frequent off-roaders indicate.

While no noise limit is imposed on the park, all ATVs/UTVs and dirt bike riders are supposed to have a spark-arrestor exhaust silencer to assist in curbing noise pollution.

Additionally, all AR residents should register their four-wheelers and three-wheelers with the state department.

Ozark National Forest

Ozark National Forest boasts rugged terrains designed to give you a thrilling riding experience. If you are into a sort of hiking adventure, then the Ozark National forest should be your destination. While the trails might not be the most difficult, the riders must exhibit little technical know-how to navigate the entire park successfully. Nothing should prevent you from attempting this if you are on a high-horsepower machine.

North Little Rock ORV Park

The North Little Rock ORV park is free to the public even though riding is only allowed during daylight hours. It extends for over 200 acres offering a wide range of terrains to ATV riders ranging from tight elevation chances to mud puddles. The numerous shady areas in the park make it convenient for riders to rest after a long, fruitful ride.

If you decide to utilize the North Little Rock ORV Park, ensure that you have quality tires because the mud holes and dirt roads can be pretty deceiving. Further, a recovery kit will prove essential if you are stuck in the mud and want to get yourself out.

Fairfield Bay Trails

The Fairfield Bay Trails is a 90-mile track exclusive for ATV riding in Arkansas. The trails comprise rocks and dirt roads with shallow mud pits and occasional stream crossing. Some trails will lead you to waterfalls where you can try kayaking if you find it exciting.

Choosing The Best ATV Riding Trails In Arkansas

While riding your ATV in Arkansas is one of the most exhilarating activities that you can engage in, you need to choose your trails wisely. It would be best to make several considerations before choosing your next ATV riding destination.

The Trail Restrictions

ATV trail restrictions vary across the United States. Therefore, you need to examine the specific restrictions of your destination to ensure that you do not experience any troubles with the authorities. Complying with the restrictions of the ATV trail will go a long way in ensuring you have a great riding experience.

Examine The Terrain

It is essential to have a close look at the type of terrain that you will encounter in an ATV riding park. The terrain will determine the kind of vehicle you will use to explore the park. For instance, if trails are narrow and characterized by sharp corners, you will need a narrow and nimble machine for a thrilling ride.

Why ATV Trails In Central Arkansas?

When it comes to ATV riding, you want to choose the best destinations as that is the only way you are likely to achieve a thrilling riding experience. The ATV trails in central Arkansas are worth your consideration because they boast numerous exciting features such as:

  • Varying terrain to guarantee a spot for both beginners and experienced riders
  • Effective runoff management that prevents the erosion of trails
  • ATV Riding Trails in Arkansas have convenient speed limits for both beginners and experienced riders. Most riders sustain injuries when riding their ATVs because they either over speed or do not take time to master the trails.
  • Difficulty trails – Although many ATV enthusiasts want to try out challenging trails, not everyone is intrigued by rugged terrains. The ATV trails in central Arkansas have different difficulty levels to accommodate both beginners and skilled riders.
  • Accessibility –Lastly, the ATV trails in central Arkansas provide easy access to riders with ample parking space to allow the riders to prepare well.

ATV Trails In Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas is known for excellent terrain for ATV riding. Any ATV who has been to Northwest Arkansas will tell you it is a thrill to try as the ATV trails wind over hills and plunge into deep valleys.

Further, as you drive past the dense wood and farmlands, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sceneries provided by the environment.

The most popular ATV riding trails in Arkansas are the Pig Trail, Ozark National Forest, Big Piney, Hwy 23S to Hwy, and many others that can make your ATV riding experience pretty memorable. These ATV riding trails have beautiful sceneries such as stunning waterfalls, caves, creeks/rivers, wildlife, and a wide range of plants that will provide fresh air during the entire exploration.

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How To Get The Most From ATV Trails In Northwest Arkansas

Most ATV enthusiasts make common mistakes of not doing research about their destination before the actual day. You must be familiar with the type of trails in Northwest Arkansas to help determine the best vehicle suited for the task ahead.

Notably, the National Service now requires riders to pay $3 per machine, and you are supposed to observe the speed limit of 5 mph. Further, the management encourages riders to wear safety gear to prevent injuries.


It is time to get out and take a ride to explore some of the best ATV trails in Arkansas. If you are yet to visit the Ouachita National Forest, it will be an ideal spot to start with. Remember to ensure you get the best ATV to guarantee a combination of top-notch performance, control, and comfort for different riding styles.