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The Best ATV Parks In Pennsylvania: [COMPLETE GUIDE]

The Best ATV Parks In Pennsylvania: [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Pennsylvania is known as the "Chocolate Capital" of the country. A famous groundhog that predicts the weather may also be found there. This state is ideal if you enjoy being in the mountains and woods; there are several trails and off-roading parks spread all through this state for ATV riders and operators.

The best ATV parks in Pennsylvania are Mountain Ridge ATV Park, Rock Run Recreation Area, Famous Reading Outdoors, Pohopoco Tract ATV Area, Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, Marienville Trail, Darkwater OHV Trail, The Lost Trails ATV Adventure, and Allegheny National Forest ATV Trails.

The off-road trails in Pennsylvania have something to offer everyone, experienced or novice. The state's rugged landscape makes it the perfect setting for several well-known off-road parks, which offer hundreds of acres of routes for visitors to explore.

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Best ATV Trails In PA

Pennsylvania has many trails and recreation facilities to offer ATV enthusiasts thanks to its diverse environment, hills, ridges, and mountains, and its commitment to maintaining the trails in excellent condition. Below are some of the best ATV trails in PA.

Marienville Trail

The Marienville Trail, within the Allegheny National Forest, is easily accessible from the trailhead, located 10.5 miles northeast of Marienville, Pennsylvania. The trailhead provides access to the whole network of trails in the Allegheny National Forest.

The Marienville Trail alone makes up 14.2 miles of the forest's more than 100 miles of ATV routes. Although it is just one-way, you can access additional trails on either side of the trailhead, including Timberline Trail and Penoke Trail.

The Lost Trails ATV Adventure

This year-round park is about 25 minutes from the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. On their 2,000 acres of land, they have fantastic ATV routes. The terrain is extremely varied, and riding is technical. By ascending the Pocono Mountains, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views.

Every trail has been designated and mapped. Additionally, there is a kids' riding spot with various locations where they can practice their skills while still young. The park also organizes ATV rental excursions and a few other organized adventures.

Mountain Ridge ATV Park

Mountain Ridge ATV Park is another devoted ATV trail paradise with over 140 miles of trails nestled amid the stunning woodland landscape. There are four routes designated as challenging, six moderate, and six easy trails, so there is something for everyone. You can also rent a cabin to stay in or camp on undeveloped campsites with electric hookups.

The park's cost varies according to the day of the week and the weekend. You will gain entry to several first-rate amenities and fantastic riding there. It is worthwhile to stay at Mountain Ridge for more than one day because it has night rides and other events.

When Does The ATV Trails Open In PA?

ATV enthusiasts can enjoy 908 miles of terrain in Pennsylvania. Our state woods contain a lot of authorized ATV tracks. In state forest areas, designated ATV routes are accessible from the Friday before Memorial Day until the final full weekend in September.

On state forest trails approved for ATV usage, only Class I ATVs, which have a maximum width of 50 inches, dry weight of 1200 pounds, and travel on three or more inflatable tires, are permitted.

Only trails marked as accessible to Class II ATVs of a certain width and weight are permitted to be used by Class II ATVs on state forest land. Only authorized trails in the state forests are open to ATV use.

When Do Winter ATV Trails Open In PA?

The autumn and winter seasons have many wonderful aspects, but what is not one of them is snooze fever. Plans can be derailed by the cold, which can sometimes keep us inside for days. However, there are some locations from which you can seek refuge and where the cold and the excitement could be experienced separately.

Consider taking up off-road riding over the winter. Although many of the nation's ATV and off-road trails close for the winter season, not all of them do; the ATV season does not have to finish in the summer. Once your ATV is prepared for winter, you should head to an off-road ATV trail that is always open all year round.

Public ATV Trails In PA

Check out the best Pennsylvania public ATV trails if you are an ATV enthusiast. This state is an excellent destination to explore ATV trails since it has millions of acres of public property and one of the largest stretches of green space. You might be curious about the guidelines before tackling the Pennsylvania ATV trails.

First off, ATVs are not allowed on Pennsylvania's streets; instead, they can only be used on specific trails in state forests. State parks, game lands, and state forest routes are prohibited from ATV use. Pennsylvania has age regulations that forbid kids under the age of 8 from using a machine.

They also impose restrictions on the capacity of a machine operated by kids between the ages of 8 and 9. Ensure your liability insurance coverage and registration are up to date before hitting the Pennsylvania ATV trails. Below are some of the public ATV trails in PA.

Majestic Trails

Over 1,000 acres make up this Pennsylvania ATV park. Majestic Trails is the ideal location for ATV aficionados in North Central Pennsylvania, and it is less than two hours from Erie and Buffalo. Ratings for well-maintained trails include Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert.

There are also distinct singletrack tracks for motocross, dirt, and mountain bikes. Snowmobiles are also permitted in the winter; on all trails, helmets are a requirement, and engines must not be louder than 99 decibels. A 2020-day admission costs $25, and annual passes are available for $150 per person.

Camping on-site is $10 per person. Additionally, there is lodging on-site, including a log residence, a bunkhouse, and a cabin. In adjacent towns like Smethport and Bradford, various lodging options and services exist.

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Delaware State Forest

Over 80,000 acres of land make up Pennsylvania's Delaware State Forest, located in eastern Pennsylvania near the New Jersey border. There are three ATV tracks totaling 28 miles within the State Forest.

Class I and Class II ATVs that abide by Pennsylvania State laws, including DCNR Registration and liability insurance, are permitted on Burnt Mills, Dixon Miller, and Maple Run. A 1,800-acre area called Dancing Ridge for ATV users with disabilities is also located in Delaware State Forest.

Mines and Meadows ATV Resort

Over 80 miles of trails can be found on the almost 900-acre Mines and Meadows Resort, midway between Youngstown, Ohio, and Pittsburgh. When you journey underground on the mining tour, you will experience one of Pennsylvania's most distinctive ATV paths.

Explore an underground lake and an ancient mine on an ATV; singletrack, extra-wide, and kid-specific peewee trails are available. A single-day pass costs $25, while a yearly membership costs $275. Rustic or fully-equipped campsites are available to campers.

ATV Trails In PA State Parks

Pennsylvania has many state parks located in different places in the state; however, they have strict laws that ban the operation of ATVs in any of them. Hence, you cannot ride an ATV in any PA state parks, and there are no ATV trails in any of them. However, several state forests in Pennsylvania have ATV trails open to ATV riding, which you can visit.

Final Thoughts

If you plan an ATV trip to Pennsylvania, you will have many free and paid trail options to choose from. If you feel more daring, there are plenty of parks where you can polish your abilities or find ATV paths in the woods. PA ATV tracks make a wonderful vacation option combined with the top-notch camping options and the various outdoor activities and sports you can participate in concurrently.