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ATV VIN Check; How Does It Work? [When And Why You Need It?]

ATV VIN Check; How Does It Work? [When And Why You Need It?]

If you are an ATV enthusiast, you must be on a constant lookout for the best ATVs for a thrilling outdoor experience. While purchasing a used ATV may make economic sense, especially if you have a tight budget, you want to ensure that you invest in a quality product that can handle the inherent challenges of exploring the rough terrain.

An ATV VIN check is an efficient method to have a close look at an ATV's history before you can make the buying decision. Every ATV has a unique 17-digit code issued by the manufacturer. Running a VIN check helps disclose essential facts about a given ATV, such as the insurance claims, ownership history, recalls, and many more.

Whether you are purchasing a used or brand new ATV, it is crucial to understand how the ATV VIN check works. Read on for more details on how VIN Check works and why you need it.

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How To Check A VIN Number On An ATV

Every ATV has a unique 17-digit VIN. The best way to locate the number in your ATV is to take note of the common places where the manufacturers install the VIN plate. To locate the VIN plate on your ATV, you need to do the following;

  • Get down on either side of your four-wheeler.
  • Look up under the ATV on the frame. If you can't see clearly, turn on your flashlight and search for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIP) plate. The plate should have 17-digits on it. If you do not locate it on the other side, repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  • If the VIN plate is not on either side of the ATV, go to the front side and try to locate it.
  • Some ATV manufacturers mount the plate on the left side of the engine. If you are dealing with an ATV where the VIN plate is on the left side of the engine, you need to be able to differentiate it from the engine model number. It is usually labeled as VIN, and it has a 17-digit number.

How To Check ATV VIN Number For Free

Once you have identified the VIN plate on your ATV, the next thing is to use it to extract the essential information you need to know about an ATV. Before you embark on the search process, you need to understand that the 17-digits of the VIN do not entail the letters O (o), Q (q), and I (i), which can be confused to be 0, 9, and 1 respectively.

Further, knowing what each letter in the VIN stands for is a good idea. Here is a breakdown of what each Digit means;

  • 1ST Digit: is a representation of where the ATV was manufactured; J is for Japan, 1 or 4 is for the US, 2 for Canada, and K for Korea
  • 2nd Digit: the second Digit represents the manufacturer; for instance, K is for Kawasaki, H for Honda, etc.
  • 3rd Digit: represents the vehicle type
  • 4thr to 8th Digits: these digits represent the vehicle traits, including engine type, body styles, etc.
  • 9th Digit: the ninth Digit exists for security reasons. It is used to confirm that VIN on the ATV is not fake.
  • 10th Digit: shows the vehicle year
  • 11th Digit: the assembly plant
  • 12th to 17th Digits: serial number of the vehicle

Getting A Basic VIN Check

A simple VIN check can help collect pertinent information regarding the ATV you want to purchase. A simple VIN check on or a similar site should provide you with pertinent information about the vehicle. You can use the VIN check to:

  • Check the fuel economy, vehicle specifications, and the pricing of the vehicle
  • Find out whether the vehicle has been stolen and closely examine the fraud records of the vehicle
  • Check the VINs on potentially recalled vehicles

Why Is Running An ATV VIN Check Important

As an ATV enthusiast, you know how exciting it is to own a sturdy ATV capable of handling rough terrain and much abuse. One way to ensure that you do not make a mistake when investing in an ATV is to spend time doing your research. Ensure you gather as much information as possible about the ATV before purchasing. Here is why it is crucial to run an ATV VIN check.

The Price

The price is one of the essential factors that people have to consider whenever they think of investing in an ATV. You are probably considering investing in a used ATV because you do not want to spend much money purchasing one. The average price of a new ATV is $7,049, while that of a used ATV is about $5000.

Running a free ATV VIN check will allow you access to market value quotations, which will help you decide on the amount you want to spend to acquire the ATV. In addition, getting all the necessary information about the ATV is the best way to ensure it is worth the amount you want to spend on acquiring it.


An average of 20,400 ATVs are stolen in the US each year. This is according to the survey carried out in 2016-2018 by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Even though theft cases seem to be declining in the recent past, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to avoid being a victim of theft. Running a VIN check will help you avoid purchasing a stolen ATV being sold in the market.


To invest in a quality ATV capable of providing optimum performance for outdoor adventures, you need to examine it for any problems closely. Failing to maintain any part of an ATV properly can significantly interfere with its performance. A VIN ATV check provides you with a clear picture of the past and present condition of the ATV that you want to purchase.

Generally, to get a satisfying riding experience from an ATV, you must carry out due diligence, which is made possible by using a VIN check. With enough reliable information, you can ride your used ATV with confidence that it is safe and will not disappoint as far as performance is concerned.


While ATV riding is an exciting adventure, it can be pretty risky. When the ATV is at high speed, controlling it can be quite challenging, especially if it is poorly maintained. Notably, some ATV accidents are caused by negligence or recklessness, and others result from defective parts. With the help of an ATV VIN check, you should be able to verify whether or not the ATV that you want to purchase has been involved in accidents. Additionally, you will be able to tell the vehicle's true condition.

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Motorcycle VIN Decoder

Most US bikes have their VIN on the bike's frame. Some modern motorcycles have their VIN on both the engine and the frame; if they do not match, that should be a red flag for mischief. When purchasing a used motorcycle, paying close attention to the VIN is vital as it can provide you with pertinent information about the bike.

Every VIN number in a motorcycle can be decoded to extract the essential information you might need about a given motorcycle. Fortunately, you do not have to go through the long process of tracking down a list of countries, factory codes, and manufacturers and comparing the values in your VIN. Instead, you can embrace the services of a motorcycle VIN decoder to get all the information you need to estimate the value of a used motorcycle.


Running an ATV VIN check is essential to gathering information about an ATV. For instance, through a simple VIN check, you can find out about the theft record of an ATV, mileage on record, specifications, details of registration, and any other important information that you may need to know before purchasing a used ATV.