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Axis Side By Side Review: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Axis Side By Side Review: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

The mention of the Axis Side By Side is a threat to the big names such as Yamaha, Can-AM, Honda, and the Arctic Cat that have been leaders in the production of UTVs for a long time. If you love exploring the breathtaking beauty of nature while riding your UTV with your loved ones on your side, a quality side-by-side will be an excellent option for you.

The Axis 500 side-by-side is a quality utility vehicle with all the critical features that any UTV/ATV enthusiast would want in a Side By Side. With powerful engines, reliable brakes, robust transmission, and quality tires, you will be out for an intriguing off-road experience with your loved ones on your side.

Since investing in a side-by-side is an expensive venture, you do not want to make a mistake that you will live to regret. Therefore, it is prudent to do your due diligence before deciding the type of UTV to get.

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Axis 500 Side By Side

The Axis 500 side by side is manufactured by Hisun Motors and is built with the user in mind. It is designed to take you and your families or friends wherever you want to go fast and comfortably. The 500cc electronic fuel-injection four-stroke engine, neutral, low, high, and reverse gears, automatic CVT transmission, an independent A-arm suspension, and 4-wheel drive locking differential will ensure you enjoy every moment when using the machine.

Why Choose The Axis 500 Side By Side

With the numerous brands such as Yamaha, Can-AM, Honda, and the Arctic, it is easy to find yourself wondering why you should choose the Axis 500 side by side. The truth is that the Axis side by side is one of the best UTV brands in the modern market. The features, such as the tow-hitch, tilting luggage bed, windshield, and canopy, are better than that of any other UTV in the market.

However, it is essential to note that those are not the only reasons you should invest in the Axis 500 Side by Side. There are several other reasons which include;

The Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of a UTV is a critical factor to consider when shopping for one. The side-by-side vehicles are great for adventures, and since they can carry more than one individual, you need to ensure that they have enough space for cargo and anything you need during the adventure.

The Axis 500 Side by Side has an incredible ability to carry a significant amount of cargo. It has numerous well-designed compartments all over the vehicle, including under the seats, allowing users to carry a significant load. In addition, the Axis side by side is designed to allow you to make any necessary modifications to create extra space and make the vehicle as comfortable as you wish.

Extra Large Room For Friends

Whether you are exploring with your friends or family, the Axis 500 Side by Side allows you to carry more people along the ride. The space is enough to give you and your companions the comfort you need for an incredible riding experience. Axis 500 Side by Side allows two to three people to sit in front and a couple more at the back.

Hauling Ability

One of the characteristics of the Axis 500 Side by Side is a strong and big engine that provides enough torque to handle heavy payload capacity. The Axis 500 Side by Side has a towing capacity of 3,000 lb, meaning that if you find yourself in a situation where you need to tow something, you are not likely to be disappointed.

The Safety

Your safety should always come first when executing any adventure. Without safety, the result may not be pleasing. The Axis Side by Side is more closed with a barrier to protect its passengers from shrubs or trees on the track. Features such as seat belts, roll cages, and windscreens protect the driver and the passengers from the elements.

The Customization

If you are great at DIY and feel you need a side by side that you can easily modify, the Axis 500 Side-by-Side will be a great option. Depending on your skill level, you can easily modify any part of the Axis 500 Side by Side. Some of the key elements of the UTV that you can modify are;

  • The wheelbase is 75 inches
  • Independent A-Arm Suspension
  • Aluminum rims with liquid cooling
  • Front/rear brakes
  • The 471cc-4-stroke single-cylinder engine

Generally, the Axis 500 Side by side design makes it easy for you to do your customization. Additionally, there are numerous customizations for this particular UTV. Whatever modifications you want to make to your vehicles should be easy to execute.

The Axis Side By Side Reviews

When shopping for a UTV, one of the critical steps to take is to read online reviews. Online reviews allow you to familiarize yourself with the finer details of the UTV you want to purchase before making your final decision.

According to multiple online reviews, the Axis 500 Side by Side from Hisun is a decent, mid-range machine that can give you the excellent attributes most UTV consumers always look for in any side-by-side vehicle. Although brands such as Yamaha, Can-AM, Honda, and the Arctic Cat may offer better performance, the Axis 500 side by side fairs perfectly well at its price.

Most online axis side by side reviews listed several reasons that justified their choice for the Axis 500 side by side. Some of them include;

  • A great UTV at an affordable price compared to the leading brands in the market.
  • The Axis 500 UTV boasts excellent strength and stability, allowing the user to explore different terrains.
  • Strong and quality tires to prevent sliding and slipping
  • A stunning appearance
  • Made up of sturdy and quality materials, making it unbreakable even in extreme abuse
  • Wide range of use, including towing and exploration
  • The engine starts immediately, making it one of the most reliable UTVs in the market.

Who Makes Axis Side By Side

The Axis side by side is a product of Hisun Motors Corp in the United States. HISUN Motors Corporation is one of the major players in the United States of America, best known for producing quality and revolutionary UTV. The company has its headquarters in McKinney, Tx, and one of the reasons they have become a significant power sports supplier in the US is its superior products coupled with excellent customer support.

Nonetheless, it is essential to mention that the parts of the Axis 500 side by side are manufactured in China and assembled in Dallas, Texas.

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What Is The Top Speed Of The Axis 500 Side By Side?

The Axis 500 UTV can hit a maximum speed of 40 mph. Its powerful 4-stroke engine boasts a significant low-end torque and can comfortably handle a wide range of terrains and inclines. Regardless of the terrain you will face, you have no reason to panic when you have Axis 500 side by side on your side.

Although the 40mph speed is more than enough for most UTV enthusiasts, if you want to enhance that speed for whatever reasons, you only need to make some modifications. Some of the modifications that you will need may require that you invest in the following accessories;

  • Rear bumper
  • ATV cover
  • 5-gallon Utility jug
  • UTV switchblade plow
  • Front bumper
  • UTV rear Hitch
  • Snow plow mount bracket
  • UTV cargo bed utility etc.

Final Thoughts

If you are out to find a quality ATV to make your adventure more intriguing, then the Axis 500 UTV is one of the best options. While its price is slightly lower than its competitors, its performance and efficiency are stunning. Moreover, most online reviews suggest that the Axis 500 UTV is one of the best 500cc side by side in the modern market. We believe you would not regret investing your money in Axis 500 UTV.