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The Best 4-Seater Side by Sides [COMPLETE LIST]

The Best 4-Seater Side by Sides [COMPLETE LIST]

Side by sides come in various sizes, depending on the number of people they can accommodate. While some UTVs can only accommodate two people, some can accommodate four people and some six people. A four-seater side by side is a great option if you have a large family who enjoys off-roading together.

There are several models of 4-seater side by sides on the market; each differs in functionality and capacity. The best 4-seater side by sides are Can-Am MAX Commander DPS, Polaris RZP 4 XP EPS Turbo, Arctic Cat 4X Wildcat, Polaris XP 4 RZP 1000, Can-Am MAX Maverick X Turbo, and Kawasaki Pro Mule.

Every model and brand of side-by-side vehicles has differences in features, looks, quality, and capability. If your friends or family want to have an adventurous afternoon or evening with you, riding in a 4-seater side-by-side is a great way.

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4 Seat UTV

Some UTVs can seat two people, while others may seat four people; as a result, if you want to share precious moments with others while enjoying outdoor activities, the four-seat UTV is the perfect alternative. UTV manufacturers designed vehicles with the highest levels of power, suspension, and technology and seats between 60 and 72 inches wide for thrilling and pleasant rides.

Today's four-seat UTVs can be used for recreation or sports and utility purposes. Utility UTVs are most likely equipped with specialized farming or hunting equipment. They usually have more powerful engines and less suspension; they are great for carrying things around.

Sport-style UTVs are great for off-roading trips; they are composed of lightweight materials and feature improved suspension. For the countryside, dirt, and sand, these vehicles are great. On every surface, they enable safe and secure handling, so, whatever your objective is, you can rest assured that you will obtain what suits your requirements.

There are UTVs suiting different requirements or lifestyles based on their specifications and features. They are, in fact, not only great for job sites that require uneven terrains and heavy lifting but also for pleasant outings with friends and families. Also, some Brands like Yahama have cargo box capacity and manufacture these for other UTVs. When riding with the family, some of these size UTVs might be good for teenagers, but ATVs are best for teenagers on most occasions.

Best 4-Seater Side by Side

Multi-passenger utility vehicles, commonly known as side-by-side UTVs, different from ATVs, or 4-door utv are gaining popularity. They are safe, easy to manage, and wonderful for cruising with friends; they also make traveling or riding on private property easier. 4-seater side by side have numerous pricing and performance to choose from; below are some of the bests.

Polaris RZP 4 XP EPS Turbo

Polaris was the first brand to offer a four-seater UTV in 2010, followed by Suzuki and other manufacturers. The Polaris RZP 4 XP EPS Turbo is 64 inches wide and has a 168-horsepower turbocharged parallel-twin engine. It features 16 inches of front suspension travel and 18 inches of rear suspension travel.

It is an outstanding performance value; the clutch design is based on the RZR Pro XP, which has enhanced ventilation and clutch alignment. The new clutch is cooler than the old one, which extends the life of the drive belt. This vehicle features a stronger driveline pouand a larger cooling system that helps manage the added power.

This vehicle is powered by a 925cc engine which produces 105 pounds of torque. The XP Turbo has an aggressive appearance, a spacious interior, bright LED headlights, a 900-watt charging system, and a digital instrument display. The XP 4 Turbo's quick-ratio power steering requires only 1.5 revolutions of the tilt wheel to lock.

Polaris RZP 4 XP also supports double a arm, while some other models such as Honda UTV newer models no longer do.

Arctic Cat 4X Wildcat

The Arctic Cat 4X Wildcat features 18 inches of rear travel, 17 inches of front travel, and a 5-link suspension to scale through uneven terrains freely. It also comes with five shocks with bigger reservoirs, revised pistons, and many internal tweaking. Its removable seats and tilt steering wheel are extremely comfy.

This vehicle is the only 4-seater side by side that offers 27-inch Duro PowerGrip tires for greater traction and durability. Though the max horsepower of this UTV is not particularly spectacular for most people, this vehicle offers several other excellent features to make up for it.

Dual LED taillights and headlights are among the characteristics that contribute to the vehicle's superb appearance. Another feature that may pique the curiosity of many drivers is the adjustable tilt steering. This vehicle uses a hydraulic disc rear and front brake; it weighs 1671 pounds and has a 14 inches ground clearance.

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Polaris XP 4 RZP 1000

The Polaris XP 4 RZP 1000 is 146 inches long, 64 inches wide, and 73.75 inches high; it features a 999cc, 8 valves, double overhead cam, and 110 horsepower engine. This vehicle produces 71 pound-foot of torque, allowing the 1400-pound motorcycle to reach speeds of 80 mph in high gear. In low gear, it can reach 42 mph; it is much fun, and the nimble RZR is fun to slide.

The XP 4 has a smooth ride at high acceleration and can traverse uneven terrain with outstanding control thanks to its 16 inches of trailing and travel arm rear suspension and double front A-arm suspension. It features easy-to-read instruments, LED headlights, and a spacious interior, 4 person utv, making it a comfortable way to cross rugged terrain.

The LED bright lights and its RZR Turbo XP-like appearance give it a distinct, aggressive look. Ride Command technology, included in the Premium package, allows you to track your rides and communicate with other riders. The lower doors of the Polaris XP 4 RZP 1000 keep mud, sand, and dirt thrown up by the front tires out of the cab. This model has very little difference from the Polaris Rzr 1000 as well.

Can-Am MAX Maverick X Turbo

The Can-Am MAX Maverick X Turbo is the only four-seat model available with Smart-Shox; it generates 195 horsepower and is 72.7 inches wide. Smart-Shox technology adjusts the suspension in real-time, enhancing vehicle stability and allowing better control and flatter cornering. It decreases rear and front bouncing while decreasing vehicle body movement and adapts to any terrain automatically.

There are three driving modes available: Sport, Sport+, and Comfort. The Fox RC2 shocks on the base X3 Turbo RR have 22 inches of travel and are completely adjustable. The Turbo variant from Can-Am is the most powerful four-seat sport UTV; a larger turbo, redesigned pistons, a larger intercooler, and a less restrictive intake are features in this vehicle.

It uses a 12 valve, 3 cylinders, and 900cc engine that provides a power advantage over other models. The CVT cover has been improved to reduce transmission noise. Can-Smart-Lok Am's front differential is also standard on Turbo RR versions. This vehicle also features Beadlock wheels, an 850-watt alternator, and 7.6-inch LED instrument display.

As a 4-seat side-by-side comparison, the Can-Am MAX has very little competition as a 4 seater off road atv.

Kawasaki Pro Mule

The Kawasaki Pro Mule is 140.2 inches long, 64 inches wide, and 79.5 inches high; it weighs 2,035 pounds and has a 92.3 inches wheelbase.  This 4 seater off road vehicle features a 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive, and a rear differential lock lever on the dash makes it simple to modify traction to suit the terrain. Its integrated inner wheels allow you to drive across rough terrain.

This vehicle has a towing capability of 2000 pounds that allows you to move equipment, materials, and supplies effortlessly. Its independent rear and front suspension ensure a pleasant and smooth ride, while the twin-tube shock absorbers provide greater absorption of bumps in low-speed conditions while also reducing higher-speed noise.

The Kawasaki Pro Mule is powered by a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 812cc, 3-cylinder engine that produces 45 pound-feet of torque at 3500 revolutions per minute. It has a fuel capacity of 7.9 gallons; it also uses dual-disc front and rear brakes. In addition a rear tow hook can be added to this ATV. This is also a very reliable ATV.

Final Thoughts

4-seaters side by sides are excellent vehicles for families and groups of friends that enjoy spending time outdoors. Considering several models of 4-seater UTVs, choosing one might be a little difficult. However, with this article, you now know the best 4-seater side by sides and can choose to purchase any of them.

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