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Best All-Terrain ATV Tires: Which All-Terrain Tires To Get?

Best All-Terrain ATV Tires: Which All-Terrain Tires To Get?

Owning an ATV is one thing; having the best tires for the terrain you want to drive in is another. It is imperative to get the best ATV tires if you want to enjoy a good ride on your ATV. The best ATV tires will make driving across rough terrain easier.

Some of the best all-terrain ATV tires include

  • SunF All-Terrain Tires
  • Wanda ATV Tires
  • MASSFX ATV Tires
  • Kenda Bearclaw Tires
  • Roadstar All Terrain ATV Tires
  • ITP Mud Lite
  • Carlisle HD Field Trax
  • Kenda Pathfinder K530
  • Carlisle All Trail ATV
  • Carlisle Knobby ATV
  • Kenda Scorpion K290

With the improvements made to ATVs available today, there has been significant improvement in ATV tires too. They are being upgraded to be perfect for the needs of the rider.

What Is The Best All-Terrain ATV Tire?

Without a good set of ATV tires, it would be difficult for you to have a pleasant ride with your ATV. Good ATV tires will make you enjoy the time you spend riding across different terrains. The best ATV tires must be able to conquer any terrain. Below are some of the best all-terrain ATV tires.

ITP Mud Lite

The best all-terrain ATV tire you can purchase is the ITP Mud Lite, and it is well suited for all terrains, including mud, dunes, and rocks. The best feature of this tire is that it offers maximum performance across any terrain. It has great responsiveness and accurate steering control.

The ITP Mud Lite was originally produced for trail riding, but ITP decided to improve it by adding a new feature, mud traction. So, the ITP Mud Lite will perform well in mud and water. With ITP Mud Lite tires, you will have no difficulty driving through corners with accuracy and speed.

ITP Mud Lite tires are the lightest ATV tires despite being the best and most durable. These tires extract better performance from your ATV, so if you do not know the best all-terrain ATV tires to buy, buy the ITP Mud Lite. You will enjoy every inch of it. They are designed to withstand pressure and usage. It is also inexpensive.


Roadstar All Terrain ATV Tires

If you are searching for cheap all-terrain ATV tires that are durable and able to perform well, you should consider Roadstar All Terrain ATV Tires. This tire is designed to be one of the best ATV tires as its tire ply rating is 6-ply. You have all the resistance needed to prevent tears and punctures, an essential feature for all-terrain tires.

Roadstar All-Terrain ATV tires do not allow mud to sit due to treading, so the tires remain clean, and you can ride smoothly across muddy terrains. The tires are designed with shoulder lugs to ensure they are protected. Installation of Roadstar All Terrain ATV Tires is easier than ITP Mud Lite. However, inflating and setting the beads is not easy.

Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire

Carlisle is known for producing quality ATV tires, and the Knobby is not an exception. The Carlisle Knobby performs incredibly regardless of the ATV it is used with and the terrain it is ridden across. With its contact patches, navigating your ATV through rocky terrain and hard surfaces is easy.

The Carlisle Knobby ATV tires are also designed to be sturdy to increase traction as you drive across smooth and soft terrains. You have exceptional steering control for turning, and you are confident enough to drive across any terrain without fear of getting stuck.

This tire is suitable for both off and on-road riding. It has an aggressive design and an alluring configuration that makes it maintain stability easily and gives you full control at high speeds. When transitioning from pavement to off-road terrains, the lightweight minimizes the work of the engine.

Kenda Pathfinder K530

Another all-terrain ATV tire you should consider is the Kenda Pathfinder K530. With its puncture-resistant casing, it is more durable and has an increased service life. It also offers impressive traction and stability during rides due to its tread and functional design. Kenda Pathfinder K530 has a weight of 15.2 pounds.

The lugs of the Kenda Pathfinder K530 are well-spaced, so mud and soil are directed away from the tire while reducing traction effectively. The Kenda Pathfinder K530 is the most durable and reliable of all Kenda ATV tires. You will use it for a long time and enjoy a smooth ride.

Kenda Bearclaw Tires

The most noticeable feature of Kenda Bearclaw Tires is the aggressive tread patterns that make it have an excellent grip across different terrains. Just like the name implies, it can grip any terrain the same way a bear ferociously moves. The lugs are widely spaced, making the tires self-cleaning. This feature is essential if you are riding in mud or snow.

The knobs bite deep into the ground for optimal traction, and the long-range treads provide stability as you ride. With these tires, you can handle your ATV better, and you are assured of stability and safety as you ride. The tires are protected from dents, so you can ride across rocky terrain without getting a puncture.

Kenda Bearclaw Tires has the best traction capacity of all ATV tires so that you can ride across the roughest and thickest of all terrains without fear. Installing Kenda Bearclaw Tires is easy as long as you follow the procedures in the owner's manual.


What To Look For In An All-Terrain ATV Tire?

Your tires are an indispensable part of your ATV, and you need to upgrade them regularly. You do not have to wait until they are worn out. As you use them, they begin to lose grip, and the tire that offered you maximum performance can be a source of danger. So, when replacing or upgrading your ATV tires, what do you need to look out for?


When we talk about the weight of an ATV, the weight of the tires is also included. However, having heavy tires increases the load on the engine and its parts as you ride the ATV. Lightweight tires do not stress your ATV's engine. 500cc to 1000cc ATVs do not have any trouble pulling heavy tires, but smaller engines do. Moreover, when the engine carries more load than it should, it can develop faults at any time.

Tread Pattern

The terrain you will operate your ATV determines the tread pattern you will choose. Ensure you choose a tread pattern well suited for the terrain you will be operating your ATV in. For example, an aggressive tread design is the best option if you want to operate your ATV in muddy terrain.


The turning radius and the space under the fenders determine the ATV tire size you can use. An average ATV tire size is 24 to 26 inches tall and will be fitted on a 12 inches rim. Most ATVs can work perfectly with tires bigger than the stock tire size without you encountering any issue. However, if you want to use bigger tires, you have to lift the suspension of your ATV.


What Are The Best ATV Tires For Rocky Terrain?

There are tires designed for rocky terrains; they are referred to as rock crawling tires. These tires are optimized for the most aggressive terrain, rocks. They do not perform well in muddy terrains. Some of the best rock crawling tires are:

  • Maxxis Roxxzilla
  • STI Rocktane XD
  • GBC Terra Master
  • Pro Armor Crawler XG
  • Kenda Bearclaw EX
  • ITP Versa Cross

Final Thoughts

There are different types of ATV tires, and each type is suited for a specific purpose. You will find snow tires, mud tires, trail tires, sand tires, all-terrain tires, turf saver tires, sport tires, and hard-terrain tires.

Before you purchase an ATV tire, you must know the terrain you will use it in. Choosing the best ATV tire can be difficult if you do not know the essential features a good ATV should have. As long as you know what to look out for in an ATV tire, choosing one will be a piece of cake.

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