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Best Helmet For ATVs: What Is The Best Helmet To Buy?

Best Helmet For ATVs: What Is The Best Helmet To Buy?

Your safety is very important in everything you do. When riding an ATV without safety accessories, you are exposed to dangers and injuries. One essential safety accessory you need is an ATV helmet. Let's see what's the best helmet you can buy.

The best helmets for ATVs are:

  • Typhoon Helmets Dual Sport Helmet
  • Shoei Hornet X2
  • Arai XD4
  • Bell MX-9
  • Adventure DLX
  • Fly Racing Formular Carbon
  • YEMA YM-915
  • AGV AX9
  • AHR DOT Full Face MX Helmet
  • MMG ATV Helmet
  • O'Neal SRS Warhawk Helmet
  • 1Storm HF801
  • ScorpionExo Covert Matte Black Helmet

The importance of a good helmet when riding an ATV cannot be overemphasized. You are not in control of situations, and you do not know what could happen at any moment. Protect yourself before it is too late.

What Is The Best ATV Helmet?

The first thing you should do after purchasing an ATV is get a good helmet. You may think you do not need it, but a helmet will protect your head if an accident occurs. Even professional and experienced ATV riders have helmets. There are many helmets available, but we will show you the best helmets to buy.

MMG ATV Helmet

If you want a helmet that comes in military green color, the MMG ATV Helmet is the helmet for you. However, the color is not the only impressive feature of this helmet. It has a wide opening that makes it comfortable, allows you to fit a pair of goggles, and gives you room to see with ease. As a bonus, you get a pair of protective glasses when you purchase the MMG ATV helmet.

The MMG ATV Helmet comes in different sizes, and there is a detailed size chart that will help you know the best size for you. The helmet's interior is designed with a comfortable padded liner that provides excellent cushioning and caresses your head. The padding also absorbs shock, thereby reducing the impact on your head.


AHR DOT Full Face MX Helmet

Although the AHR DOT Full Face MX Helmet costs less than other helmets, it is still one of the best on the market. It is produced from high-quality ASB materials giving it a lightweight feel while also providing protection and safety. This helmet is also one of the most comfortable ATV helmets.

The AHR DOT Full Face MX Helmet is complemented with a soft liner that is well padded, and the ventilation system provides adequate airflow. The helmet also comes with detachable ear pads that can be removed and washed. However, the helmet comes in only three sizes, medium, large, and extra-large.


The YEMA YM-915 has a sleek design, and it is all black, making it look like a helmet for a superhero. This helmet is designed to be aerodynamic, making it the perfect helmet for people using their ATVs for competitions. It also has a top-notch ventilation system that keeps your head cool and prevents extreme sweating.

Before purchasing the YEMA YM-915, there is a detailed guide showing you how to measure your head and determine which size to order. The helmet also has space for protective goggles and a headset, so you can listen to your music while you ride with your helmet on.


O’Neal SRS Warhawk Helmet

Most helmets are produced from either ABS or polycarbonate, but the O'Neal SRS Warhawk Helmet is produced from both materials, so you enjoy the benefits of both. Polycarbonate is heat-resistant and offers added impact resistance, and ABS also has exceptional impact resistance. So, this helmet meets the highest safety standards, and you are protected if there is a crash.

The O'Neal SRS Warhawk Helmet is designed to be comfortable and fit you perfectly. There are different sizes available, from X-small to XX-large, a wide variety that is uncommon with other helmets. It is also designed to be breathable, and the ventilation system is great, so you can wear it for a long time without getting sweaty.

What Makes A Good ATV Helmet?


When you want to purchase an ATV helmet, there are some features you need to look out for. These features are essential to your safety, and they differentiate good ATV helmets from poor ones. These features include:

Motocross Style Peak

When riding in a group, the rider in front of you can spray rocks and mud at you from their rear wheels; the Motocross Style Peak protects your face from that. The style peak should be designed to detach when hit or have a quick-release mechanism.

Wide Aperture

A good ATV helmet is designed to have enough space for the rider to wear a pair of goggles. Some of the best ATV helmets can accommodate headsets as well. The helmet must also have an excellent all-around vision.

Face Visor And Sun Visor

You need to ensure the helmet you buy has a full face visor or a shield. The face visor protects the rider from debris, dirt, rocks, and sand. The helmet must also have a drop-down sun visor that is UV protected. A good helmet protects the rider from debris and the sun's rays.

EPS Layer

A good ATV helmet must contain a layer of materials that increase absorption. The EPS lining absorbs the force of impact if an accident occurs. Although there is a minimum amount of EPS required by certification standards, a good helmet must contain thicker EPS and extend throughout the helmet.

Good Ventilation System

You will get sweaty after a long day of riding under the sun. A good ATV helmet must have a proper venting system. The vents at the front of the helmet allow cold air into the helmet to dry sweat and cool your face. The vents at the rear of the helmet force warm air out of the helmet.

How Do I Choose An ATV Helmet?

It is not advisable to buy just any ATV helmet; you need to select the best helmet according to your needs. When you see different types of helmets, you should only select the one that meets these requirements. In addition to the features we mentioned above, you should consider these:


Ensure the helmet you want to buy feels comfortable on your head. You must ensure the helmet forms a good seal around your ear, but it must not touch your ears. The helmet must also have a neck roll that rests against your neck. The face shield must also be easy to open, and it must not distort your line of sight.

Detachable And Washable Liners

You must ensure the linings of the helmet you want to purchase can be detached and washed. You do not want your helmet to smell after using it a few times. Your helmet must always be clean, so ensure the materials in it wick moisture.

What Is The Difference Between An ATV Helmet And A Motorcycle Helmet?

Many of the helmets advertised as ATV helmets are motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle helmets are great, but they are not designed for aggressive off-road riding. They are perfect for casual trail riding and highway use. Below we will look at the differences between ATV helmets and motorcycle helmets.

  • Motorcycle helmets have a flip-up style full-face shield, but ATV helmets have a full-face visor that can accommodate goggles.
  • ATV helmets have a better venting system than motorcycle helmets. There are massive vents all over ATV helmets.
  • Motorcycle helmets can handle speeds of up to 200 mph, but ATV helmets can barely handle speeds above 70 mph.
  • Motorcycle helmets are designed to absorb noise when riding at higher speeds than ATV helmets.

Final Thoughts

Every ATV rider should own a helmet as it is an essential ATV accessory. Owning a couple of helmets is not a bad thing. However, you must ensure your helmet contains vital features that will make it comfortable and safe for use. The best ATV helmet is the O'Neal SRS Warhawk Helmet. If you need to purchase a helmet, go for O'Neal.