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Best UTV For The Money [Top Models Reviewed By Price]

Best UTV For The Money [Top Models Reviewed By Price]

The cost is an important consideration when purchasing a UTV for business or leisure use. After all, a side-by-side cost often exceeds that of a new truck. On the other hand, you cannot use any car to go trailing and adventure across deserts or mountaintops.

The best UTVs for the money are Can-Am HD7 Defender UTV, Polaris 500 Ranger UTV, Honda 520 Pioneer UTV, Arctic Prowler Cat UTV, Polaris S RZR 900 UTV, Honda 700 Pioneer UTV, Yamaha Viking UTV, Can-Am DPS Max Commander UTV, Arctic Cat Wildcat 4X UTV, Kawasaki SX Mule, and Polaris XP RZR EPS Turbo.

A utility vehicle, which is quick, dependable, and powerful, is the ideal equipment for finishing tasks on any property. For outdoor laborers who require a beast to tame their property, utility vehicles, which fall between an all-terrain vehicle and a pickup, are growing in popularity.

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What Is The Best UTV For The Money

If you are unfamiliar with UTVs, you would assume they have always been little dune buggies with enormous roll cages. However, the reverse is true; the first letter of the acronym "UTV" stands for "Utility," These machines have been relied upon for years as reliable farmhands and Jobsite transporters. Below are the best UTVs for the money.

Can-Am HD7 Defender UTV

Can-Am replaced the HD5 variant of its Defender utility side-by-side with the HD7 for 2022. Only the name and cost have changed, which has increased by $800 to $11,199. The 650cc liquid-cooled Rotax single-cylinder engine of the Defender HD7 produces 52 horsepower, which is more than enough power for farm labor.

Additionally, it offers fuel injection, mountain control, and grass mode to safeguard your fields. The best part is that even in its most basic and weakest configuration, it can still haul 1,000 pounds in cargo and tow 2,500 pounds. The Can-Am may cost more than some other vehicles, but you get a truly well-built, durable, and capable machine for your money.

Polaris 500 Ranger UTV

The smallest Ranger continues to outperform its peers in pulling and lifting ratings, and it joins a long line of tried-and-true powerhouses from the Minnesota brand. You may set your standards to slow but never be let down with just 32 horsepower from a 500cc single.

It makes do with its meager horsepower rating, though, as it is a compact rig that weighs just over 1,000 pounds. According to Polaris, it can pull up to 1,500 pounds and haul 500 pounds in its trailer. If anyone is keeping score, that defeats the Pioneer 520 in tow capacity while matching it in cargo.

Honda 520 Pioneer UTV

The Pioneer 520 from Honda has not received an upgrade for 2022, but that is alright because it was introduced last year and is still a reliable choice for those with large yards to maintain. In terms of size, bed payload, and towing capability, the Pioneer is inferior to the Can-Am, but it should be adequate for people who do not require commercial-grade specs.

Honda is mum on the Pioneer 520's torque output and horsepower. However, you have a little more control than you would in a vehicle with a CVT, thanks to the manual five-speed conventional automatic gearbox and paddle-shifted controls. The Pioneer's size is its greatest asset.

Its 50-inch width makes it tiny and narrow enough to fit through gates and doorways that several rigs cannot, as well as narrow ATV routes that bigger rigs cannot travel. The Pioneer is not meant to be a toy, but it may still let go on curvy, tight trails. The cost is now set at $9,499 for the 2021 model.

Honda 700 Pioneer UTV

This was Honda's second attempt at a UTV, the Pioneer 700. The Pioneer may initially appear to be a purely functional UTV, and while it excels in that capacity, it is also an incredibly enjoyable trail vehicle. The base model has a dump-style cargo box and seats two people.

This machine bears the Honda brand in various areas. The company does not operate in the same manner as other businesses, but that is okay.

What Is The Best Side-By-Side UTV For The Money

Multi-passenger utility vehicles, referred to as side-by-side UTVs, are increasingly well-liked. They make commuting or riding on private land easier and are safe, manageable, and great for cruising with companions. Below are the best side-by-side UTVs for the money.

Arctic Cat 4X Wildcat

With 18 inches of rear travel, 17 inches of front travel, and a 5-link suspension, the Arctic Cat 4X Wildcat can easily traverse uneven terrain. It includes five shocks with larger reservoirs, updated pistons, and numerous internal adjustments. It has very comfortable tilt steering and removable seats.

Arctic Cat 500 Prowler

The Arctic Cat 500 Prowler costs just one dollar less than $10,000, has a 1,500-pound towing capacity, can carry 500 people, and is equipped with a single-cylinder 500cc-class engine. The Arctic Cat boasts class-leading covered storage, which is significant if you already have tools and supplies that need to be kept out of the elements.

Which Is Best 4-Seater UTV For The Money

The four-seat UTV is ideal if you want to spend special moments with others while participating in outdoor activities. Some UTVs can accommodate two people, while others can accommodate four people. Below are the best 4-seater UTVs for the money.

Polaris RZR 4 XP EPS Turbo

In 2010, Polaris was the first company to launch a four-seater UTV, then Suzuki and other producers. The 168-horsepower parallel-twin turbocharged engine of the Polaris RZR 4 XP EPS Turbo measures 64 inches in width. It has a front suspension travel of 16 inches and rear suspension travel of 18 inches.

The clutch is based on the RZR Pro XP, which has improved ventilation and clutch alignment and offers an exceptional performance value. Because the new clutch is cooler than the old one, the drive belt lasts longer. This car has a stronger driveline and a bigger cooling system.

Can-Am MAX Maverick X Turbo

The only four-seat model featuring Smart-Shox is the Can-Am MAX Maverick X Turbo, which has 72.7-inch width and 195 horsepower. The real-time suspension adjustments made possible by Smart-Shox technology improve vehicle stability and enable improved control and flatter cornering. It lessens body movement and rear and front bouncing while automatically adjusting to any surface.

Three driving settings are offered: Sport, Sport+, and Comfort. The standard X3 Turbo RR's Fox RC2 shocks have 22 inches of travel and are fully adjustable. The most potent four-seat sport UTV is the Can-Am Turbo model; features of this vehicle include a larger turbo, revised pistons, a larger intercooler, and a less constrictive intake.

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Kawasaki Pro Mule

The Kawasaki Pro Mule is 140.2 inches in length, 64 inches in width, and 79.5 inches in height. It weighs 2,035 pounds, and its wheelbase is 92.3 inches. It has a rear differential lever lock on its dash, making it easy to adjust traction to the terrain. It has a 2-wheel drive and a 4-wheel drive. Its built-in inner wheels let you navigate rocky terrain.

With its 2000-pound towing capacity, this car simplifies transporting supplies, materials, and equipment. The twin-tube shock absorbers offer improved bump absorption while lowering higher-speed noise in low-speed settings. Its independent rear and front suspension ensure a comfortable and smooth ride.

Final Thoughts

You can get a variety of UTVs that will essentially perform all you need without putting you in serious debt. What use is a brand-new, sparkling UTV if you cannot afford to fuel it so you can ride? Are there any machines available for cheaper money? Yes, but we also looked for those we thought would offer the best value for your money. The best UTVs you can get for the money have been mentioned above.