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The Best Bow String Wax and How to Wax a Bowstring

The Best Bow String Wax and How to Wax a Bowstring

Whether you use a longbow, compound, or recurve, waxing your bowstrings is an excellent idea. It will aid in the maintenance of your bow and make archery safer. Waxing a bowstring is among the most critical regular maintenance tasks you should execute to keep your bow secure and in operating order.

Some of the best bowstring waxes are Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax, Scorpion Venom Polymeric Wax, BCY X Wax, Mossy Oak Wax, outdoors 30-60 String Snot Wax, and Sheng-Rui Bowstring Wax. The first step to waxing a bowstring is to clean the bow and then apply wax all the way to the length of the string. 

Bows come in various shapes and sizes, and regardless of which one we possess, they all need constant upkeep to keep them in top shape. The most important part of a bow that requires maintenance is the bowstring, which is why waxing is necessary.

bow woman focusBest Bow String Wax

When we examine a bow, the bowstring is one of the most crucial components; it can be thought of as the bow's engine, as it propels an arrow once we shoot it. As a result, we must maintain our bowstrings in order for them to perform effectively. Waxing a bowstring with the best bowstring wax is best to keep it in good shape.

Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax

Customers have given this bowstring wax high marks; it efficiently increases the bowstring's durability and has outstanding uniformity, according to the users. It is not only simple to use, but it is also weather-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor bows. Furthermore, the tube packing makes it easy to carry in your pocket.

The Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax stands out because of its vibrant red packaging and organic content. It provides improved durability and strength to the bowstring because it comprises natural wax. The wax is weather-resistant and provides complete protection against the elements.

Finally, it has no unpleasant odor and provides excellent lubrication. This exceptional bowstring wax is ideal for synthetic bows and is very common among hunters. It is long-lasting and odorless as it is made entirely of natural substances; this bowstring wax is ideal for shooting and outdoor hunting because of its simplicity and ease of application.

Scorpion Venom Polymeric Wax

Despite the name, this is made of natural ingredients. This Scorpion Venom Polymeric Wax is ideal for hunters that require pinpoint accuracy in their shots. It is also moisture resistant; it helps you hide effortlessly and keeps you secret while hunting because it is unscented and odorless. It is also quite simple to use.

Furthermore, it is both inexpensive and traditional, making it stand out. Optimized conniption oils such as shea, mango, and kokum are among the natural substances used in its production. Compared to other cheap waxes on the market, this product's recipe is exceptionally flexible; it does not become brittle or freeze.

This wax can withstand any weather and can be used on your bowstring. Furthermore, it includes an applicator that makes application a breeze, even in the field. As a result, they are dependable, long-lasting, and aid in extending the life of your bow.

Mossy Oak Wax

The Mossy Oak Wax is appropriate for various outdoor activities, including hunting and archery. It is the most cost-effective and is meant to extend and improve the string's life. This is a wonderful option to invest in if you need a decent bowstring wax that can be used for a long time. The best part about this solution is that it works with most modern bows.

It is adaptable and can be used on various bows. This is a fantastic option because it is simple to use and transport; this solution stops bowstrings from fraying and is suitable for all bowstrings. Although this wax is a little tacky, it is excellent for aiming and stability, and it is not unduly sticky.

It is most effective when applied at room temperature. So, while you do not need to heat it before applying, you can decide to warm it up easily if you desire relatively warm wax.

Outdoors 30-60 String Snot Wax

This is yet another fantastic bowstring wax on the market; moisture-repellent materials are used in its construction. This makes it ideal for inclement weather, and because it is antifreeze, it may also be used in the winter. It also allows you to disguise when hunting because it is odorless. This wax is created with high-quality components, resulting in a robust product with a precise composition.

It differs from regular beeswax in that it contains oil, grease, and wax. Applying this wax on a bowstring is a simple and painless technique that improves the performance of your bow. It gives you accuracy and a long-lasting bowstring; this wax immediately smooths out the strings, making it an excellent purchase.

One notable point after greasing your strings is that you will have fewer loud strums when hunting. Pulling the bow will also be more comfortable; this sturdy bow wax helps enhance all bowstring operations and makes them easier for you, irrespective of how excellent your talents are during hunting or archery.

Sheng-Rui Bowstring Wax

This wax is an excellent choice for compound bow owners; it is 2.59 inches long and 0.64 inches wide. It is stored in a lip balm-like tube, making it convenient to transport. You may easily apply this wax to any surface. Since this item is not sticky, it is simple to use; it can be utilized at room temperature.

Furthermore, using this gives you the precision and accuracy you need for archery or hunting and is incredibly versatile. If you notice that the product is excessively soft, you can cool it by refrigerating it. This wax helps extend the strings' life by lubricating them and allowing you to utilize them more easily.

bow with arrowsHow To Wax Bow String

Any bow's most significant component is the bowstring; keeping a good bowstring is among the most important housekeeping duties that archers must perform to maintain their bow in top shape. Waxing a string helps keep water out of the strands and keeps twists in place.

Waxing a bowstring is a simple process; to keep a supple string, you will need a good-quality silicone wax, which normally comes in cylinders comparable to roll-on antiperspirant. To avoid fraying and other issues, give your bowstring a nice wax once every two weeks. When you touch it, it must always feel mildly sticky.

To wax your bowstring, you must have your bow completely strung. However, thread it before continuing if you possess a recurve bow. Compound bows are always strung so that you can jump right in. First, clean your bowstring with a dry and clean cloth to eliminate any accumulated grime or dust.

This provides a clean foundation for waxing; you can decide to use a string cleaner. To prepare your wax, twist the tube's bottom and push the wax stick up; bowstrings should only be waxed with silicone wax. Smear the wax from the bottom to the top of the bowstring with the tube.

Next, apply moderate pressure to the bowstring with your thumb and a finger to assist the wax far inside. Apply the wax to the entire bowstring, including the limbs. You can also use a length of thick rope to push the wax further and more uniformly into the string.

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Final Thoughts

Waxing a bowstring is one of the most important things every bow owner should do. There are several benefits to waxing a bowstring, such as improving your performance, making the bow easy to use, and increasing the string's lifespan. However, you should look out for the type of wax you get and make sure it is waterproof, easy to use, portable, and unscented.

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