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Can A Drone Carry A Person? [What You Need To Know]

Can A Drone Carry A Person? [What You Need To Know]

Can a drone carry a person? If you are a drone enthusiast, you may have had fantasies about using a drone to lead the life of a bird.

With incredible advancements in drone technology, big drones can carry a human. The capability of a drone to lift heavy objects depends on the power, number of motors, the dead weight, and the quality of the propellers. Additionally, the attachment of the load to the drone and the position of the drone is critical when lifting heavy objects by a drone.

Drones come in different sizes, shapes, and abilities. Hence, understanding the different types of drones can help determine which drone can achieve which objectives.

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Is There A Drone That Can Carry A Person?

Yes, there is a drone that can carry a person. The improved technology capabilities of drones make it possible for drones to perform various functionalities, including ferrying passengers.

Small industrial drones, such as the MG series from DJI, can carry up to 22 lbs. This capability makes the drone ideal for carrying high-quality cameras, seeds, or fertilizers for Agricultural activities.

Can a drone carry a person? The Volocopter is the first drone with commercial person-carrying capabilities with a payload of 350 lbs. Aeron is another brand that develops drones designated for heavy-duty handling tasks. The company developed a drone carrying up to 220 lbs to help in fire extinguishing missions.

The Uses Of Heavy Lift Drones

Heavy lift drones are getting popular in the modern market because they have proved helpful in different industries. Here are some of the tasks that heavy-lifting drones have demonstrated value in making work easier.

1. Engineering Projects

Engineering companies have often turned to using drones to manage their tasks effectively. Heavy lifting drones with the capability to carry high-quality cameras can aid in managing in-depth projects such as executing delicate inspections, the transmission of cables, and oil pipeline management.

Additionally, a construction industry drone can be instrumental in performing critical tasks like road maintenance and airport planning.

2. Cargo Delivery

Companies such as Amazon use drones to deliver products to their customers. Cargo drones are generally used to ferry all types of cargo, including but not limited to medical healthcare supplies like blood, medicines, and vaccines.

3. Agriculture Sector

Another sector that is greatly benefiting from the use of heavy-lifting drones is the Agricultural industry. Farmers reap numerous benefits by incorporating drones in farming activities. Drones can perform multiple tasks in the Agricultural sector, including spraying pesticides and fertilizer.

4. Disaster Relief

Drones can also play a significant role helping in the management of disasters. For instance, heavy-lift drones can help bring fuel, food, water, medicines, supplies, communications, and even electricity to areas where artificial or natural disasters have hit.

5. Flying Drones That Can Carry A Person

A drone that can carry a person is one of the most advanced heavy-lifting drones that are, in most cases, essential in commercial applications. Therefore, to fly these types of drones, you will need to become a commercial pilot.

In the United States, a person becomes a commercial pilot after obtaining a part 107 certification. To get a part 107 certification, you need to schedule an appointment at the nearest FAA testing center, take the part 107 initial knowledge test, and pass it.

In addition to obtaining the 107-part certification, there are several steps that you will need to take to become an accomplished commercial pilot flying a drone that can carry a person. Some of these steps include;

  • Learning to fly your drone
  • Practice how you will be flying the drone for commercial purposes
  • Take time to study the part 107 materials to avoid making mistakes that can land you into serious problems with authorities.
  • Start flying your drone commercially.

Drones That Can Carry Things

Drones that can carry things are instrumental in various industries ranging from photography/videography to ferrying commodities for commercial purposes. Here are the top five best drones that can carry things.

1. DJI S900

The DJI S900 is an incredible drone that lifts a load of 8.2 kg. This drone can be a great option if you are a professional videographer and think you need to advance to a more powerful camera.

Besides the excellent ability to carry heavy things, the DJI S900 has a strong battery that can offer a flight time of 18 minutes. That is enough time to help you take quality and helpful shots.

2. Vulcan UAV Airlift

The Vulcan UAV Airlift comes from the Airlift series, and it is one of the best drones with the ability to lift heavy things. It can lift a load of about 30 kg. Due to the pressure, the drone has to handle, it is designed with tough and durable frames that afford it the extraordinary strength required to execute its roles effectively.

Suppose you intend to fly in a rugged environment. The Vulcan UAV Airlift will be the most appropriate option as it is designed to protect the drone's internal and essential components.

3. The DJI Agras MG-1

The DJI Agras MG-1 is another amazing heavy-lifting drone. It can carry up to 10 kg loads that may include pesticides, fertilizers, or anything that may prove helpful in helping you accomplish your objective.

The drone is also powered by a 12000mAh battery, and it has incredible agility that makes it easy to maneuver even in a challenging situation. If you are trying to deploy the technology on your farm, trying out the DJI Agras MG-1 is a good idea, as it will fasten the spraying process. With a top speed of 22.0m/s, you need approximately one hour to spray ten acres of land.

4. Draganfly Heavy Lift Drone

The Draganfly Heavy Lift Drone is a powerful drone that can deliver things weighing up to 30 kgs to customers within 30 kilometers. In addition to excellent lifting capabilities, the drone features a 15" x 34" payload box, which means you have a large space to fit anything you want to deliver.

Further, the drone supports LTE autonomous navigation and a top-notch flight control system to make it easy and convenient to deliver packages within the designated areas.

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5. The Ehang 184

The Ehang 184 is the world's first drone capable of ferrying passengers. It can accommodate a passenger weighing up to 220 lbs with a state of the art technology that assists the drone in avoiding failures or malfunctions while on duty. With this drone, the passenger sits back and enjoys the flight without worrying about the control of the aircraft.

How Much Weight Can A Drone Carry?

So, how much weight can a drone carry? The most powerful drone can easily manage a payload of up to 500 pounds. However, the average weight for most drones that can lift heavy things is 25-50 pounds. Whether you intend to use your drone for hobby or commercial purposes, it is prudent to ensure that you know the weight capacity of the drone to avoid overloading it.

What Are The Factors That Influence The Carry Capacity Of A Drone?

While it is obvious that the carrying capacity of drones varies from one model to another, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the factors that affect the carrying capacity of a drone. The carrying capacity of a drone is influenced by motor power, its overall weight, the propellers, and its battery capacity.

Understanding the weight capacity of a drone is essential because it influences how adaptive a drone can be during flight. Additionally, overloading a drone can turn out to be catastrophic.


With the advancement of technology, drones are now capable of lifting heavy weights, which explains why they are becoming essential in different industries. However, before you start flying a drone that can lift heavy things, ensure that you establish its weight capacity first.