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Can Drones Pick Up A Person? How Much Weight Can They Carry?

Can Drones Pick Up A Person? How Much Weight Can They Carry?

The most common use of drones is in photography and videography, although drones are now being used for more versatile functions. For example, Amazon now makes deliveries using drones which is an innovative idea. The question asked is, what is the maximum weight a drone can carry?

Yes, a drone can pick up a person. The factors that determine if a drone can pick up a person are the number of propellers, the number of motors, the drone's power, and the dead weight. A hobby drone can carry a weight ranging from 0.3kg-2kg, while a professional drone is 20kg-220kg.

The type of drone determines the weight it can carry. Different drones have different payload capacities. You need to have knowledge of the payload of different drones so that you can know which one is best for you.

Can Drones Pick Up A Person?

Drones that can pick up a person are referred to as heavy lifting drones. Some factors affect the payload capacity of a drone. These factors include the number of propellers the drone has, the drone's size, its weight, its motor power, and the type of battery it uses.

Heavy lifting drones usually have stronger and more durable frames. This ensures that they do not break while carrying extra weight. The propeller thrust of these drones is usually twice the total weight of the drone and the payload. These drones also use a battery with a bigger capacity than other drones.


Drones That Can Pick Up A Person

Drones are now being used for more practical applications; this results from improved technology and increased battery capacity and performance. Some of the drones that can pick up a person are:

Ehang 184

Ehang is a Chinese company that manufactures drones. This company was one of the first to manufacture a drone big enough to pick up a person. The Ehang 184 is designed similarly to a quadcopter. It has a cabin that has a seat for one person and a maximum payload of 100 kg.

This drone is made from composite materials coupled with aerial aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and epoxy. It also has eight motors and uses a lithium-ion battery. Ehang 184 has a maximum speed of 62 mph and flies at a maximum height of 500 meters.

When any malfunction is detected while flying, the Ehang 184 will immediately land in a suitable area, thus ensuring the safety of the person it is carrying. This drone is pre-programmed to fly to a particular destination, so the passenger has no control over its route but can choose to stop its flight at any period in emergency cases.


VoloDrone is an electric drone with a maximum speed of 68 mph and can carry a payload of up to 200 kg. It is suitable for heavy-duty operations and can carry a person. With a distance range of 40 km, it can operate within a large radius from its takeoff point.

The VoloDrone is one hundred percent electrically powered and flies free of emissions. This drone is tailored to be used for different purposes such as infrastructure, logistics, agriculture, public services, and forestry.

This drone has 18 rotors and operates on lithium-ion batteries. It has a flight time of 30 minutes and can be operated automatically or remotely. VoloDrone is best for transportation on any route.

Griff 300

Griff 300 is a drone that can carry up a weight of up to 500 pounds. It has eight propellers and a flight time of 45 minutes. This drone is mostly used in military, industrial, search and rescue, and law enforcement. It is also very easy to assemble, operate, and transport.

The drone has a maximum speed of 60 km/h, a maximum flight distance of 15km, and a height of 1000m. Unlike other heavy-lifting drones, Griff 300 has silent propellers making it one of the quietest drones on the market.

It can also fly in high and cold conditions due to its lithium polymer batteries with a very high energy density. Since Griff 300 can pick up a person, it is one of the most suitable drones for search and rescue operations. It is also the first drone with the US FAA and European certification EASA.

Koncepto Milenya

The Koncepto Milenya was invented by a former Philippine camera operator and dancer. This drone has a cockpit that seats one person, and it also features multiple propellers. It has a maximum payload capacity of 220 pounds.

The drone has a maximum height of 20 feet and a maximum speed of 37 mph. It is controlled with a radio frequency controller and uses six lithium-ion batteries. The flight time of this drone is within the range of 10 to 15 minutes. It has a charging time of two and a half hours. Koncepto Milenya also has 16 rotary motors and is designed to fly safely when a motor or two suddenly stops functioning.

How Much Weight Can A Drone Pick Up?


The main purpose of the drone determines its payload capacity. The payload capacity includes all the equipment on the drone's board, like sensors, cameras, GPS, and radars. Additionally, it contains other drone parts, such as propellers, batteries, and rotors.

The two main categories of drones are hobby or recreational drones and professional or commercial drones. These drones have different payload capacities. Hobby drones are designed for photography, sports, and other fun activities. Professional drones, on the other hand, are designed to carry payloads and for other commercial purposes.

The average payload capacity for hobby drones ranges between 0.3 to 2 kilograms, while professional drones are between 20 to 220 kilograms. Drones are classified into three categories; trick drones, prosumer drones, and heavy payload drones.

Trick drones are the smallest drones and are suitable for children and beginners. Their payload capacity ranges from 4 to 6 grams. Prosumer drones are for professionals and consumers. They have a payload capacity of 3 kilograms.

Heavy payload drones, on the other hand, are used by professional pilots. They can be used for deliveries of goods, professional videography, and photography. Its payload capacity is 18 kilograms. Heavy payload drones are the type of drones that can pick up a person and other heavy materials.

Can Drones Pick Things Up?


Yes, drones can pick things up. Over time as the technology in drones became more advanced, they were used to deliver other large objects. There are a particular set of drones that are called FlyCroTugs.

This set of drones are very small. They have been designed with adhesives, winches, and micro spines that allow them to latch onto anything, thus enabling them to pick up things.

Another piece of equipment that allows a drone to pick up things is the Mantis drone claw. The Mantis drone claw allows drones to pick items up easily. It does not require a power source.

Using a Kevlar cord, you will attach the mantis to your drone. It has five hinged metals that are known as talons. Once it is lowered to the ground, the force of gravity causes its talons to open up and pick up the desired object.

Final Thoughts

Drones are multi-versatile aircraft. They can be used for various functions, from photography to videography to surveillance to delivery, and many other functions. To use a drone to pick up things, you must have a drone that has a great payload capacity. Otherwise, your drone might not lift the weight.

As technology advances, drones would soon be lifting unimaginable weights, and in a short while, drones would become the normal vehicle used to lift weights.