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Changing An ATV Tire On Your Own: Step By Step Guide

Changing An ATV Tire On Your Own: Step By Step Guide

At one point in your life, you will have to change your ATV tires without a mechanic's help. Hence, learning to replace an ATV tire on your own is important.

Fortunately, changing an ATV tire on your own is a straightforward process that you can execute with minimal stress. It entails the following processes;

  1. Removing the wheel
  2. Bead-breaking
  3. Removing the tire
  4. Inspecting the rim
  5. Mounting the new tire
  6. Inflating the tire

With the six simple stems, your ATV will roar back to life, ready to accomplish the objectives of its master. However, to successfully execute the changing ATV tire on your own, you must ensure that you have all the necessary equipment. You will need a rubber mallet, tool for removing beads, Jack and Wrench, valve core removal tool, soapy water, two long screwdrivers, or two tire irons.

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How to Mount ATV tires – Step-by-step Guide

To mount ATV tires on your own, ensure you have all the tools readily available to minimize wasting time. Here is a step-by-step guide.

1. Remove the Wheel

The first step entails removing the wheel from the ATV. The process is simple, similar to removing a wheel from a car. Start by loosening the lug nuts before removing the whole wheel from the tire.

Deflate the tire by using a valve core removal tool. Alternatively, you can press the nut in the valve, which will take a few minutes to complete the deflation process.

2. Remove the Bead

After removing the whole wheel from the ATV, the next step is the hardest. The bead is responsible for preventing the tire from sliding in the rim and hence losing the pressure. To remove the tire from the ring, you must first detach the bead.

While removing the bead is difficult, with the help of special equipment, you can easily complete the de-beading process. There are three main ways to help remove the beads successfully which include;

  • Using a bead buster
  • Running over the tire with a vehicle. Although this process can work, it's risky.
  • The floor jack and ratchet strap is the easiest method.

3. Removing the Tire

After de-beading the tire, the remaining tasks are easy. You need to utilize the two long screwdrivers or tire iron at this stage. Use the tire irons to pop out the tire from the rim. Once you complete popping the tire out on one side, turn it over and do the same to remove the tire from the rim completely.

4. Inspect the Rim

Once you have separated the tire from the rim, inspect the rim to ensure it is in perfect condition. If the rim is dirty, you can quickly clean it before moving to the next step. Cleaning the rim and removing the rust is important because it ensures that the tire holds tight against it.

5. Mounting the New Tire

To mount the new tire, apply soapy water to the bead catcher. The soapy water will act as a lubricant and make it easy for the tire bead to slide into its place.

Place the tire over the rim at an angle and ensure that the tire is properly placed. Push the tire over the rim slowly. The tire should smoothly slide without any of its parts getting stuck. Keep pushing until you complete the process.

6. Inflate the Tire

The next process is to inflate the tire. After that, you can mount it back onto your ATV. Return the valve core before utilizing an air compressor to inflate your tire. It is important to ensure that you stay within the recommended pressure, as failing to do so can turn out to be catastrophic.

How To Mount ATV Tires Yourself

The hardest part of mounting ATV tires on your own is removing the old tire off the rim before putting the new tire into the rim. Fortunately, there are several methods that you can embrace to help you overcome this challenge. The process of mounting ATV tires starts by

  • Removing the wheel and deflating the tire
  • Break the tire's bid
  • Clean the remove to remove dirt and rust
  • Lube the new tire bead to make the installation easy
  • Mount the new tire on the rim
  • Inflate the tire before mounting the ATV tires

When mounting the ATV tires, ensure that you take the necessary safety precautions. For instance, you should wear gloves and protect your eyes from unseen dangers.

How To Mount ATV Tires At Home – Essential Tips

Mounting ATV tires at home can be challenging because you may not have access to the specialized tools essential for making the work simpler and easier. However, there are several tips that you should always remember for flawless ATV tire mounting at home.

  • Start by checking the orientation of your ATV's tires. Most ATV tires have backward and forward directions to enhance maximum traction. Checking your tires' orientation is essential because you do not want to complete the mounting process only to realize that you have made an error and redo them.
  • When fitting the tire into the wheel, begin with the bottom bead with the help of your hand.
  • Use a lubricant such as a soapy solution to speed up the process.
  • When working around the rim, use bead holders or a second pry bar to stop the bead from popping.
  • Use a tire bead seat when sitting on the bead.

How Much To Mount ATV Tires

After you realize that you need to mount new tires, one of the most likely questions is how long you would need to complete the process. Furthermore, understanding how to mount ATV tires will help ensure you budget well.

The cost of mounting ATV tires depends on several factors, such as your location, the tire size, and the company you will hire to do the job for you. Generally, you may require $13 to $45 to mount a single tire. If balancing is involved, you will need to add $10 to $15. When looking for ATV tire mounting services, you should hire a reputable service provider.

Changing An ATV Tire With A Wood Splitter

To change an ATV tire with a wood splitter, you must check the pressure. Further, ensure that the replacement tire and rim are readily available. The next step is to move the log splitter to a flat surface.

  • Remove the Lug Nuts – You need to remove the lug nuts from the rim, which requires you to find the right size of the socket. Use a socket to loosen all the lug nuts.
  • Floor the Jack – With the help of a jack, raise the log splitter until it's off the ground. Observe the threads.
  • Replace the Tire – Put the new tire and ensure it matches the lug threads. Place the lug nuts back and tighten them.
  • Low it and check the pressure

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Changing an ATV Tire on a Machine

An ATV tire changer is a machine that can dismount and remount tires from wheels. It makes the work easy for anyone interested in improving the functionality of their ATVs by changing the tires.

Hydraulically and manually operated are the two main types of tire-changing machines.

All tire-changing machines are easy to use because they come with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Therefore, the first step in effectively using the changer machine is understanding the operator's manual. To effectively execute the process, you need to do the following;

  • Put your safety first
  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment
  • Deflating the tire
  • Load up the wheel
  • Clamp the wheel on the turntable
  • Remove the tire from the wheel
  • Inspect the wheel and the tire
  • Replace the valve stem
  • Mounting a new tire
  • Inflate the tire


Tire changing is a critical step for any ATV enthusiast. Whether you want to change a damaged tire or upgrade for enhanced performance, you must learn how to do it correctly. Ensure you are well-informed to avoid injuries and any inconveniences during the process.