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Cheap Drones: The Best Cheap Drones In Multiple Categories

Cheap Drones: The Best Cheap Drones In Multiple Categories

It is easy to think that all drones are the same and have the same prices. But looking further into the market, you'll find lots of cheap drones, all at an affordable cost, and features will be just fine for starters.

The three most affordable drones worth their costs include the Potensic A20W, Ryze Tello, and Holy Stone HS100 FPV. These models are created by top brands with some advanced rendering features. 

Cheap drones are of different specifications. There's a camera installed in them, and they also carry out all types of flight activities, which in turn, develops piloting skills.

Drones vary in number, size, weight, and a lot more. Still, these quadcopters serve as the best models for a beginner who wishes to spend time getting familiar with their features. They may not be toppers of the market, but they come from reputable brands.

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Best Cheap Drones

Getting a cheap drone involves buying a flyer model at an affordable price. It doesn't mean buying the cheapest of all. Cheap drones have their categories and price levels. With essential features installed, they work perfectly fine, only that they don´t perform as well when compared to the big shots in the market.

Cheap drones come in different types and categories. The three best models are as follows:

Potensic A20W

This drone is a beginner type for wannabe pilots who wish to explore their piloting skills. It weighs 121g and is specially designed for kids. There's a barometer that balances the altitude plain, an emergency stop to prevent vulnerability, and durable propellers to avoid bumps.

The Potensic A20W produces 480p shots. Although it doesn't have the best cinematic view, it is okay for toddlers. There's an automatic take-off and landing button that helps kids learn more about piloting. This model introduces young toddlers to robotics while giving them a soothing flight experience.

Ryze Tello

Designed by DJI technology, this drone has the hearts of many drone pilots out there. It weighs 80g and comes with a 98mm width.

The Tello stays in the air for thirteen minutes, taking selfies and lovely shots. Its 720p resolution is fair enough and capable of producing stunning outputs. It is lightweight, easy to use, and portable enough to sit in a jacket pocket.

There are no controllers at the point of buying, but its Ryze Edu app is ace. While this drone may seem choppy from a distance, it includes digital stabilization, takes 5MP shots, and can hover around its spot without a GPS.


The Holy Stone first cheap drone with aerial photography. It weighs 700g and includes a 120⁰ view front camera and 90⁰ flexible angle. GPS placement, solid hovering ability, and a Follow-Me feature for immersive piloting.

This drone feels comfortable with its Headless feature and altitude controller. It lets you enjoy fifteen minutes of flight time while filming in HD. Its transmission quality measures 1080p with its distance coverage at 500m range. It is also convenient for creating footage from diverse angles.

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Cheap Drones With Camera

Cheap Drones mostly have one built-in camera with quality ranging from 720p to 1080p, and only by chance will you see one with more than 5MP still photos. These drones' battery life is short but it improves your pilot skills.

Handling a drone under $100 allows you to understand piloting and explore the different parts of the craft. Below are some of the most acceptable cheap drones with cameras:

Altair AA108

This drone produces 720p footage, which is good for the price. It also comes with a 120⁰ wide-angle view and can travel a 100m range. It includes the FPV feature, giving you a pilot cockpit's setting.

There is no GPS positioning, and exceeding the 100m range, you might lose the drone. Two batteries come with the pack, each with ten minutes of action per charge. The Altair AA108 has no obstacle avoidance, but it can survive most crashes.

Syma X5C-1 RC

The X5C-1 RC has a 720p camera like other drones on this list. However, its design is unique. This model includes 6-axis gyros for stability. Its propellers are intact, and there's an extra piece in the pack.

This drone is behind many others when picking a drone with the best camera quality, but its 360⁰ flip feature makes it suitable for stunt pulling. The battery includes a flight time of seven minutes, but it comes in pairs, giving you double the duration. Although there's no headless mode for this, LED lights produce the right dose of orientation.

Cheap Drones With Obstacle Avoidance

Obstacle avoidance is an essential drone feature that everyone would like to have. When in place, drones hardly suffer damage from crashes, and for the most part, they avoid blockages along their path.

In addition to using several sensors to create maps and avoid obstacles, drones use echolocation and high impulse sensitive sensors to avoid striking objects in the air. It is safe to say that this feature is a plus for piloting but quite expensive. Having done some research on cheap drones with obstacle avoidance here are a few models:


This is one superb drone, to begin with, if you need an obstacle avoidance feature. It includes a 720p camera, 6-axis gyros, and a 3D flip part. It also lets you focus on footage while dodging obstacles popping out of nowhere.

The E511 supports FPV footage. At just $99, it produces excellent quality content, thanks to its 360⁰ effect, gimbal, and responsive controller. Users can opt for its app instead if they don't want to use the controller.


This is another brilliant drone for piloting like a real pilot. It has a 720p HD camera, a built-in GPS, and total stability to resist wind power. There's also an option to send a live feed directly to a smartphone for the person piloting to evaluate.

Special features of the SYMA X8 Pro include orbiting, which allows the drone to move around the pilot, a Follow Me feature to track an object and a Flight Plan for mobile use. This drone costs $189, which is just right for its performance.

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Cheap Drones For Beginners

You wouldn't want to begin piloting with a thousand-dollar drone, which might eventually crash into the tree at a first trial. Below are cheap drones for beginners willing to learn the basics and develop their piloting skills from the start:

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Overall Cheap model: Tenergy TDR Robin Pro

This drone is a cheap practice drone, costs $59 but includes all beginner features for a soothing learning experience. It supports a 5.6G FPV type flight and consists of two batteries, each with seven minutes flight time per charge. With Tenergy TDR Robin Pro, aerial videos are delivered at 720p HD and JPEG photos up to 1600 x 1200p.

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For Cheap Practices: Propel Star Wars Battle Quadcopter

This model is for those who want a unique and rare flying experience. It comes with up to 35 MPH, thirteen minutes of flight time, and costs just $40. Star Wars Battle Drone, when paired in two, is suitable for a friendly face-off. It wobbles and creates a soft vibration in the hand if hit and can be an excellent choice for starters.

Final Thoughts

Those days, finding a cheap drone seemed like an overwhelming task. Today, you'll be surprised to see how many affordable options there are on the market. While most cheap drones are lightweight and drones weighing less than half a pound have no reason to be registered with the FAA. You must, however, adhere to other rules like learning the basics and flying in unrestricted spaces.

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