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The Best RC Cars You Can Buy For Less Than $100

The Best RC Cars You Can Buy For Less Than $100

Toys were always thought of as something that only children could enjoy until recently, when items like RC cars began gaining popularity. The excitement of having an RC car is just fantastic, irrespective of age. It is hard to resist the allure of RC cars when the designs look like they just stepped out of your computer game.

The best RC cars you can buy for less than $100 are Deerc High-Speed RC Car, Holyton Off-Road RC Truck, Haiboxing High-Speed All-Terrain RC Car, Altair XL Power Pro RC Truck, Sharkool Off-road RC Car, Double E Monster Truck, Feiyue Eagle-3 FY03 RC Car, ZD TX-16 Racing RC Car, and Gptoys RC Truck.

Playing with an RC car is not only entertaining and thrilling, but it also enhances hand-eye coordination. Most people mistakenly assume that RC vehicles are prohibitively expensive because of their elegant appearance; however, that is not the case.

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Cheap RC Drift Cars

If your budget can only stretch to the price of a set of tires, but you still like to play out your Ken Block fantasies, you might want to think about buying a radio-controlled drift car instead. With RC drift vehicles, you may enjoy most of the pleasure for a far lower cost. Below are the cheap RC drift cars you can get.

HPI Sport RS4 Dai Yoshihara RC Drift Car

Since Dai Yoshihara is regarded as a legend in the Formula Drift community, it is not surprising that HPI used his Subaru BRZ as the inspiration for the RS4 Sport 3 drift car. It arrives as a pre-assembled vehicle that is fully functional out of the box. The all-wheel-drive 1:10-scale drifter will appeal to intermediate-level enthusiasts as well as newcomers.

The BRZ body is nicely detailed, but what makes it stand out are the wheels, which are miniature replicas of the RMK R5s on Dai's genuine car. The tires are replicas of the popular Falken RT615s, preferred by drifters worldwide. This vehicle features a mid-motor location, an all-wheel drive, and a plastic tub chassis.

Tamiya R34 NISMO GT-R Drift Car

No other brand comes close to Tamiya's coolness in the eyes of many who grew up during the 1980s, the RC industry's prime. The Japanese plastic-model manufacturer transformed the typically middle-aged nerdy activity into leisure for geeks of all ages by introducing enthusiasm and approachability. For those attempting to rediscover their passion for RC from their youth, this Tamiya R34 NISMO ticks all the boxes.

The renowned Hot Shot buggy will come to mind when considering the shaft-driven all-wheel-drive system. The car's ABS PVC framework keeps everything positioned as low as possible while height-adjustable oil-filled coil-overs manage the four-wheel double-wishbone suspension.

Cheap Fast RC Cars

When it comes to RC cars, they come in different sizes, shapes, and capabilities. There are big RC vehicles like buggies and monster trucks, and there are smaller ones like drift cars and stadium cars. Some RC cars are fast while some are slow; however, if you want to engage in RC races, you will need fast RC cars for that.

Altair High-Speed RC Car

With its amazing suspension system and rubber all-terrain tires with iron springs, this Altair RC car can easily go through mud, pebbles, gravel, and sand. It is a complete monster at a 1:10 scale and 4 pounds, making it one of the greatest RC cars for grownups. The car can be powered for 30 minutes straight by pairing the two provided batteries.

This automobile is also swift, reaching 46+ kilometers per hour. To put that into context, it is faster than a person can run. If you are still getting the hang and are not a speed demon yet, do not worry; there are two-speed options. The slower setting is ideal for new drivers or anyone maneuvering in confined spaces.

Bezgar 1:12 RC Car

Due to its clever design elements and high level of craftsmanship, this Bezgar 1:12 scale RC car is worth considering. The car's brushed motor can propel it to high speeds of 26 mph, and thanks to its robust body, it can be damaged and yet keep operating. This automobile drives incredibly smoothly.

Aluminum oil-filled suspension coil springs can be customized to your needs and help the automobile handle rough terrain better. The large tires' traction is excellent. Additionally, you can adjust the ground clearance to suit your needs. The Bezgar's LED headlight is a good addition that increases your car's visibility and might aid you in determining its direction if it is far away.

Cheap Nitro RC Cars

Although some RC racers like electric vehicles because of their simplicity, many other racers love the excitement and challenge that nitro RC vehicles provide. Even some brand-new hobbyists would much rather select a nitro RC; if this is you, below are some of the most affordable nitro RC vehicles to consider.

Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy

This strong off-road remote-control automobile is built to handle the roughest terrain and even withstand the harshest beatings. It has a pull-start Vertex VX and a single-speed gearbox that comes with a 4-wheel drive system to guarantee that you reach top speeds and are not concerned about becoming stranded in unfavorable terrain.

These features also ensure durability and strength; because it is operated by a 2.4GHz radio, it is simpler for you to avoid interfering with adjacent racers. This vehicle is a reasonably priced nitro car with 12 AA batteries that operate on nitro fuel. Additionally, it boasts sealed oil-filled shocks, composite brakes, and anodized aluminum chassis.

Exceed Infinitive RC Off-Road Monster Truck

With its adjustable wishbone suspension, high-torque nitro engine, oil-filled big shocks, high-impact wheels, and all-wheel-drive system, the Exceed Infinitive RC Off-Road Monster Truck is the ideal choice for any enthusiast. All you have to do to get this monster truck running is turn on the lighting plug ignition system and tug the pull cord once or twice.

The engine will immediately start to rev and purr. If you do not bother seeing through the bright and brushless RC cars for an entertaining truck that gives a strong performance, this is a vehicle you really would like to explore. The one RC vehicle demonstrates that it is much more than just aesthetics.

Cheap Traxxas RC Cars

Presenting the gift of Traxxas efficiency, power, and speed does not have to break the bank for the holidays. Although most Traxxas RC cars are expensive, you can still get cheap Traxxas RC cars that perform excellently well like every other costly RC car. Below are the cheap Traxxas RC cars you can get.

Traxxas XL5 RC Car

If you have never driven an RC car before, this Traxxas model is quick, dependable, and simple to operate. This car is durable and ideal for someone just starting who wants to purchase a Traxxas RC car. The Traxxas XL5 is really quick and has incredible torque thanks to its potent Titan 12T motor; additionally, this vehicle has speed control, a long-range radio, and fast charging.

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Traxxas Stampede

The first highly efficient monster truck is the Traxxas Stampede, which has the highest sales. It has a striking appearance, cutting-edge properties, and increased power. With a top speed of more than 30 mph and a high ground clearance that allows it to drive over anything, the Stampede tears through grass and leaps curbs.

Final Thoughts

You will not be disappointed with an RC car, whether you are looking for the ideal birthday present for your children or something to keep yourself and the children entertained on the weekends. Contrary to popular belief, you do not always have to spend much money to get a good remote control car, which is why we have reviewed the top models available for under $100.