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DJI Mini 3 – Release Date, Rumors, Specs, & Price! [LEAKED]

DJI Mini 3 – Release Date, Rumors, Specs, & Price! [LEAKED]

DJI is one of the major manufacturers of drones; they are very popular for manufacturing excellent and high-quality drones. Their most popular and best drones include Mavic Mini, Mini 2, Air 2S, and Mavic 2 Pro. The DJI Mini 2 is one of the best drones, and there has been some speculation of an upcoming release of the Mini 3.

The DJI Mini 3 has been rumored to be released in April 2022 and sold for a price within the range of $499 to $549. Some of the rumored specs of this drone include a camera supporting vertical mode, an O3 transmission system, 3-directional obstacle avoidance, and a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor.

DJI is known for improving their drones, so many people expect them to release a Mini 3 after the Mini 2.

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DJI Mini 3 Release Date

The news about the DJI Mini 3 resulted from a leaked post on Twitter. The DJI Mini 3 is among the goods slated for release in 2022, according to a leaked product roadmap posted on Twitter by @dronedeals. According to a leaked road plan, the Mavic Mini 3 will be released in April 2022.

In December 2021, the Twitter account DealsDrone tweeted what it claimed to be a DJI release schedule, indicating that the Mini 3 would be launched in April 2022. This is roughly 18 months after the DJI Mini 2, a respectable time frame and slightly longer than the 13 months between the original Mini and Mini 2.

Competitor activity in the market is another factor that supports the Mini 3's rumored release date. DJI had no competition when they first released the Mavic series. The transaction went off without a hitch. Even though its specs were dubious compared to their regular high-end drones, they made much money with their first Mini.

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DJI Mini specs

There are no verifiable reports of DJI specifications at this time. However, based on the Mini 2's features and the competition, it is not difficult to guess what the forthcoming DJI Mini 3 will bring. If the Mini 3 maintains its lead in the drone industry, it will need to improve in three crucial areas: camera, sensors, and flight features.

The current camera on the Mavic Mini 2 is excellent; however, it has a smaller sensor size than the competitors. The Mini has a 1/2.3′′ CMOS sensor that can capture photographs with a resolution of 12MP. The video recording is limited to 2.7K 60 frames per second or 4K 30 frames per second.

The Autel Nano, for example, features a 1/2′′ 48MP sensor, while the Zino Mini Pro has an even larger 1/1.3′′ CMOS sensor. Both sensors have the potential to outperform the Mavic Mini 2 sensor. A bigger sensor provides more stable colors and better photographs in low light and during cloudy flight sessions.

The Zino Mini Pro and the Autel Nano can capture videos in 4K at 30 frames per second. We can expect a better camera sensor and possibly 4K60 fps video encoding in the forthcoming Mavic Mini 3. Only the bottom sensors are present in the latest Mini 2. It lacks the important obstacle avoidance feature during flying due to the lack of front or back sensors.

This function is significantly more important, perhaps even more important than a better camera, because it is a beginner-level drone. Additional sensors for obstacle avoidance are expected to be included in the upcoming Mavic Mini 3. Because of its LiPo battery pack, the Mini 2 weighs only 237 grams, allowing for the inclusion of a few extra sensors.

The Mini 2's flight time is impressive at 31 minutes, but the Mini 3's flight time can be enhanced even further. Competitors are giving flying times of more than 40 minutes. A higher camera resolution on the Mini 3 may be enough to persuade you to upgrade. The current Mini 2 has 12 MP, which is insufficient for post-production zooming in and cropping photographs.

The Mini 2 lacks built-in storage, so you must purchase a suitable SD card. Like other high-end drones, the Mini 3 could have quick onboard storage. Since the Mini 2 lacks remote ID, DJI may consider including it in the Mini 3 for future regulatory compliance.

Some of the new technology created with the Air 2s will be carried over to the DJI Mini 3, such as Active track 4.0, spotlight 2.0, and point of interest 3.0. It might also come with the regular DJI quick shots, such as dronie and asteroid. The Waypoint mode is a new flight mode that the Mini 3 might add to the mix, and it can be handy for some folks.

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DJI Mini 3 Rumors

Since December, when @DealsDrone published a hardware release roadmap for 2022, rumors have circulated that DJI will release new drones soon. An alleged photo of the DJI Mini 3 Pro surfaced recently; in summary, the image revealed that DJI had redesigned its Mini drone with a new controller and a new design.

In addition, @DealsDrone has offered his thoughts on what to expect from the Mini 3 series. It is worth noting that DJI has yet to tease any new drones, and @DealsDrone admits that their expectations are only a guess. As a result, they did not obtain their information from DJI's supply chain or comparable sources.

Furthermore, according to @DealsDrone, the Mini 3 series will support 3-axis obstacle avoidance, making DJI's upcoming drones possibly easier to handle than their predecessors. The Mini 3 series, according to @DealsDrone, will include ActiveTrack and OcuSync 3 technologies, among other things.

In addition, the same source claims that DJI may offer up to three Mini 3 models, each with a different weight. DJI could theoretically release a sub-250 g device with a CE class 0 certification, as well as a heavier model with longer battery life. According to rumors, the DJI Mini 3 will weigh less than 250 grams, including the battery.

Other rumors about the DJI Mini 3 are about its camera. There are speculations that a 1/1.3 CMOS sensor with an aperture of f/1.7 will be used in the camera. The camera will not have a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, but it will most likely use digital image stabilization to give stable video footage, similar to the DJI Action 2 camera.

The DJI Mini 3's camera is said to shoot vertically, allowing for photo and video sharing on social networking platforms like Instagram. This drone is also rumored to have an ActiveTrack feature that will make it more popular among drone pilots and very capable.

DJI Mini 3 Price

How much the DJI Mini 3 will cost cannot be specifically stated as the DJI industry has not officially announced whether there will be a DJI Mini 3. When the Mini 2 was released, it cost $449 to $749, and the Mini SE added a real entry-level choice for $299 to $459. If a Mini 3 is released, it will cost more than the Mini 2 because of the added features.

The cost of the drone will be heavily influenced by its new specifications and functionalities. It is difficult to add more electronics to an existing drone, but I expect the Mini 3 will cost $50-$100 extra. Given that the DJI Mini 2 costs $449 today, the DJI Mini 3 will cost $499 for the basic kit.

Final Thoughts

Although there are several speculations and rumors on the DJI Mini 3, what it will look like, its features, and its price. You should wait for an official announcement from the DJI industry; however, it is quite certain that if there is a DJI Mini 3, the drone will be quite amazing and probably become one of the best drones in 2022.

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