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Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold? Or Is It Just A Myth?

Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold? Or Is It Just A Myth?

The sight of gold can get your heart pumping with ecstasy. It is one of the most rewarding tokens that any detectorist can get from their metal searching hobbies. For most beginners, the question of whether or not metal detectors detect gold is prevalent.

Metal detectors can detect gold. Some are more efficient than others, so you need to be selective when shopping for metal detectors. If you have decided to specialize in gold detecting, it is good to invest in gold metal detectors.

Finding the best gold metal detector will significantly impact your success rate. So how do you find a suitable gold detector that will work for you?

farm men detectorFinding The Best Gold Detector

Purchasing the best gold detector has never been a simple task, considering the different brands in the market. The best way to ensure that you get a quality gold detector for your venture is to conduct extensive research and equip yourself with critical information.

The MINELAB GPS 7000 is the best gold detection machine to get. Its performance will not disappoint as it features excellent gold sensitivity and extreme depth capability. In addition, the gold detector boasts many versatile attributes and innovative technologies, including the integrated GPS, wireless audio, and weatherproof platform.

Can You Find Gold With A Metal Detector?

Once you equip yourself with the best gold detector on the market, finding gold will be the next challenge. No one wants to invest in an expensive machine and not be in a position to accomplish the intended objectives. So, can you find gold with a metal detector?

The answer is yes, as long as you pick the right location to do your search. In addition to ensuring that you have selected an ideal location, you will also need to examine the quality of your gold detector. Without a quality detector, your task might be a bit challenging.

Essential Tips For A Successful Gold Detecting

To become an excellent gold detectorist, you might need to take significant time. Even determined beginners may take a long period before finding their first nugget in some situations. The following tips may make a tremendous difference in your gold detecting ventures.

Use the Right Detector

Your detector's quality and capability will significantly affect your chances of finding gold. Even though there are hundreds of metal detectors out there, you need to settle on a specifically designed detector for gold detecting purposes. Fortunately, you can always get all the information you may need from online reviews.

Sharpen Your Skills

One of the challenges with gold detecting is the highly mineralized ground that can make your metal detector noisy. The only way to counter such problems is to tune your detector to tune out the disturbing sounds properly. Take the time to learn and practice the method of ground balancing for your metal detector.

Master Your Gold Detector

Understanding how your gold detector works is critical to maximizing your treasure-finding ventures. Although most of the metal detectors you are going to see out there are easy to use, it is wise to go through the manual to ensure that you are not missing any point. Reading the manual of the gold detector is a crucial step, but many beginners often overlook it. For instance, by reading the manual, you should answer questions such as do metal detectors detect gold?

Dig Everything

Most goldfields are littered with iron rubbish, including boot tacks, old cans, rusty nails, old cans, etc. If you get lazy digging and start relying too much on your discrimination features, you may have difficulty detecting gold. Mastering your metal detector and knowing when to start digging without shreds of laziness will see you make significant strides.

Pick The Right Search Coil

Different metal detectors have different sizes and shapes when it comes to the search coil. Depending on your search area, you have to settle for the best search coil. For example, mono coils locate targets deeper than the DD coils. Larger coils are superb for locating more significant and deeper nuggets. On the other hand, smaller search coils are highly maneuverable in mineralized grounds.

Slow Your Sweep Speed

As much as you might be in a hurry to get the good stuff, you should understand that swinging your detector too quickly will minimize your chances of finding the treasure. The best practice is to keep your coil close to the ground, and also, slowing your speed makes it easy for you to hear the sound of a nugget.

Use Quality Headphones

Quality headphones are essential accessories that you need to have to emerge victorious in your metal detecting ventures. The use of a quality pair of headphones assists in ensuring that you focus on the sound of your detector.

Is Gold Detected By Metal Detector

If you ponder over getting into the metal detecting hobby, you hope to be in an excellent position to find the good stuff. Besides, by equipping yourself with the essential knowledge of metal detecting, you will need to have the best metal detector.

Gold is a metal, which means that a metal detector should be able to find it and vice versa. A metal detector can detect a wide range of stuff, including jewelry, gold rings, and coins. However, if you want to focus on finding gold, it will be a good idea to look for detectors specifically designed to look for gold.

One of the reasons for settling for a gold detector is that it boasts numerous features that make it more efficient, including a higher frequency, ability to detect tiny gold nuggets, efficiency in highly mineralized ground, and excellent discrimination ability.

How Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold

For beginners, understanding how metal detectors work can make a difference in finding gold. By comprehending the basic functionalities of a metal detector, one can easily practice improving their skills.

To find objects, metal detectors transmit electromagnetic fields into the ground. When the metal objects meet the electromagnetic field from the detector, they become active, occupying their field, and the metal detector picks the occurrence.

Gold detectors take this process a notch further by measuring the object's conductivity and inductance. The inductance is the number of eddy currents in the target. Gold detectors note the size of the eddy currents and their speed.

men detector blackCan A Metal Detector Detect Silver?

Whether or not a metal detector can detect silver is another common question many beginners ask themselves. Ferrous metals form the most straightforward objects that are easy for metal detectors to find.

Therefore, a metal detector can detect silver due to its magnetic field properties. The idea behind the ability of the metal detector to detect silver is based on the ground that a conductive metal is easily detectable by a metal detector. However, it is good to note that different metal detectors have different capabilities. Therefore, when shopping for your metal detector, it is crucial to ensure that you choose the best quality.

Metals that Metal Detectors do not detect

Since metal detectors work on the principles of electromagnetism, it means that they do not detect metals that do not have a magnetic field. Some of these items include;

  • Gemstones
  • Bone
  • Pearls
  • Paper
  • Stone figures

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If you have decided to get into the hobby of finding gold, investing in the best metal detector will be a brilliant move. When shopping for an ideal metal detector for finding gold or other good stuff, remember to pay attention to discrimination features, operating frequency, the type of the metal detector, price, search coil choices, and the environment. The MINELAB GPS 7000 is the ultimate gold finder, and there is nothing wrong with giving it a try.

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