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The Best Drag Racing RC Cars You Can Buy [Reviewed]

The Best Drag Racing RC Cars You Can Buy [Reviewed]

Drag racing is among the most enjoyable kinds of RC racing that you can participate in. It will always be entertaining to test your RC car's acceleration and speed against friends or foes, whether you succeed or fail. The best acceleration and peak speeds are necessary for drag racing; therefore, any RC car from the store will not cut it.

The best drag RC racing cars you can buy are Traxxas 4-Tec AWD RC Car, Traxxas XO-1 RC Car, Traxxas Funny Dragster RC Car, RJ Speed Nitro 2104 Dragster RC Kit, RJ Speed Pro Mod 2004 RC Drag Kit, Velocity Super Toys GT Racer, Best Price Venom Italian RC Car, and Arrma 6S Typhon RC Car.

Drag racing is a sort of motorsport in which vehicles typically compete for two at a time to be the first to cross the finish line. You must locate specific RC vehicles with these characteristics and the ability to withstand heavy driving without breaking.

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How Fast Do Drag Racing Cars Go

Drag racing with miniature automobiles is a pastime that never gets old. Your cars must be worthwhile if you want to pursue this passion and spend more time with them. There are numerous things to think about while purchasing an RC drag vehicle.

In order to race better and longer, make sure it contains the following features. Your model automobile may underperform in a race if you even skip over a feature. Any car's major consideration is speed. Make sure it has the desired speed whether you are considering a model with nitro or a superior electric power source.

The average speed of RC drag vehicles is between 60 and 70 mph, although you may be able to locate considerably faster versions. You can read a car's product description to learn how fast it travels. Usually, it will provide you with all the important details you require to know.

This is the greatest approach to testing a model car before purchasing if you want to understand how quick it will be under ideal circumstances. After making a purchase, adjustments can frequently be performed to extract even more speed. Since RC drag cars are used for drag racing, they are built and set up to be quick.

The average RC drag car's top speed is between 60 and 70 mph; some drag racers even go faster than this. Everything is based on the vehicle's modifications and specifications. The weight, motor, battery type, and design affect how fast an RC drag car travels.

No Prep RC Drag Racing Cars

No prep RC drag racing refers to RC drag racing conducted on an unprepared surface; the track's site was not modified to be appropriate for RC drag racing and was instead used as is. There are a few guidelines to adhere to when participating in no prep RC drag racing.

  • Only 2-wheel drive RC cars with a wheelbase between 12 and 13 inches are permitted, and 2-cell battery-powered vehicles are the only ones that are permitted.
  • A gyro cannot be used in an RC drag car.
  • The vehicles must have all four shocks and rubber tires.

Below are some of the no-prep RC drag racing cars.

Pro-Line Barracuda Plymouth 1972 RC Car

The Pro-Line Barracuda Plymouth 1972 RC Car has undoubtedly one of this group's most recognizable bodies. Its ultra-scale body accurately reproduces all the little elements contributing to the 'Cuda's popularity. Two complete sticker sheets are included in the package from Pro-Line, one of which has renowned Hemi quarter-panel graphics.

The other gives you the details, such as the tail and headlights, door handles, front grill, marker lights, and many other things that will make this clear body come to life. An alternative polycarbonate back spoiler that may be fastened to the back of the vehicle is supplied with the body and the necessary mounting hardware.

PROTOform Corvette Chevrolet Pro-Mod RC Car

The PROTOform Corvette Chevrolet Pro-Mod RC Car transparent body's success on the racetrack is not surprising given its svelte aerodynamic design, which enables it to slice through the air and produce the required downforce to keep the car firmly planted. The Corvette C7 was molded by PROTOform as a single piece, making it simple to assemble once the paint has been applied.

RC Drag Body

You must ensure that the RC drag car you choose has an exterior you adore. Drag vehicles come in various forms, layouts, and aesthetics, so you will not feel hampered by a lack of choices. Before looking for a drag vehicle, decide what kind of body you want it to have.

Once you have a common concept, you can conduct targeted searches to find the ideal car. Your drag car's exterior is not the only thing that matters. You must determine whether it was created with high-caliber artistry inside and out. Rapid acceleration combined with component durability is required.

You should inspect the car's construction to make sure nothing is flawed. Additionally, make sure the RC drag car is appropriate for your degree of expertise. If you purchase a meticulously crafted car, operating it when you are a novice will be more difficult.

When you wish to handle the automobile optimally, even from a range and with other operators on the same frequency, the RC frequency is another factor you should consider. Today's drag cars can be found in a variety of attractive styles. You must make sure the design of the RC drag car is to your taste if you want to discover the ideal one.

Limited-edition car models are available, and their value only rises as time passes. Many RC cars have adjustable wheelbases and bodies, so you may better tailor them to your needs. Depending on your preferences, you may also discover that you can swap out components or add extras.

The degree of adaptability is essential when searching for an RC drag car that may alter form over time. If that is what you are searching for, you would not want to deal with an automobile that prevents you from using your imagination.

Traxxas Drag Car

Traxxas is one of the leading manufacturers of RC cars; they are very popular for their high-quality RC vehicles. RC drag cars are one of the types of RC cars that Traxxas manufactures; below are some of Traxxas drag cars.

Traxxas Slash Drag RC Car

The Traxxas Slash Drag RC Car is entirely built and equipped with electronics, a painted body, and a transmitter. Its injected molded hard plastic accessories, parking lights, and headlights give it a realistic appearance.

This dragster features a low center of gravity 2-wheel drive chassis with suspension mounts and authorized Mickey Thompson drag tires. It has a 3500kv VXL 3S ESC brushless motor that can propel it to a top speed of 65 mph. A 2S 5000mAh LiPo battery powers it.

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Traxxas 4-Tec AWD RC Car

Ready-To-Run RC cars were made by Traxxas, although this particular model is not. The chassis is the only component of this model that comes with a body. However, it has certain advantages, such as being extraordinarily close to the floor and possessing a top speed of more than 70mph. This type is also all-wheel drive, which makes it much easier to transfer power to the ground, improving times from racing times.

Final Thoughts

Each RC vehicle that is excellent for drag racing is different from the others. Some have a dragster-like appearance, while others have a regular RC car appearance yet are exceedingly fast. Whether you want the classic dragster appearance or regular RC cars is entirely up to you. In all honesty, you can drag race with any RC car, but the more people you defeat, the faster it moves and the higher its acceleration.