Best Drone Landing Pads: Do You Need A Drone Landing Pad?

drone landing pad

As a drone pilot, you would be concerned with a lot of accessories you might need. One of these accessories is a drone landing pad. You will be wondering if you need a landing pad and the best type of pad you can get. You will find out if a drone landing pad will be useful for you in this blog post.

Of course, as a drone pilot, you need a drone landing pad. Some of the best drone landing pads include KINBON universal landing pad, SYMIK LP500E drone landing pad, VCUTECH drone landing pad, Hoodman drone landing pad, and PGYTECH drone landing pads.

There are different types of drone landing pads that you can get, but the size of your drone plays an important role in the type of drone pads you need. After reading this blog post, we hope you understand the importance of a drone landing pad.

Do You Need A Drone Landing Pad?

Drone landing pads are small platforms like a mat where you launch and land your drone. Drone landing pads are made from different kinds of materials and come in different sizes.

Yes, you do need a drone landing pad. Nobody wants their recently purchased drone to start developing issues after a few weeks of flying it. Different things can cause a drone to malfunction, like dust, debris, grass, and weeds. These things can cause severe damage to your drone when you consistently land your drone on the ground.

Drone landing pads protect your drone’s gimbal from damages because when you take off in a bushy area without a landing pad, grasses and weeds can tangle with the drone’s gimbal and cause critical damage to it.

When you land or take off your drone without a landing pad in a rocky or dusty area, the rotor wash of the drone can create a cloud of dust and debris which can cause severe damage to the drone.

Most drone accidents occur during take-off or landing, so a drone landing pad is very important. When you use a drone landing pad, your drone will not get stuck in mud or crash into the sand.

A drone landing pad also provides a safe place for the drone to land in case of an emergency. For example, if your drone loses signal or encounters a problem during flight, you can use the return to home button on the drone, and it will come back to land on the landing pad.

What Are The Best Drone Landing Pads You Can Buy?


There are different types and sizes of drone landing pads that you can get. The drone landing pads vary in size, price, quality, and brand. For you to have more options to choose from, we will look at a couple of them.

KINBON Universal Landing Pad

KINBON Universal Landing Pad is a two-sided nylon pad that can accommodate any RC drones and other types of drones, including the DJI Mavic Pro Phantom. Due to the lightweight build of the KINBON Universal Landing Pad, it is one of the best drone landing pads in the market. It also comes at an affordable price, so you do not have to spend too much on this pad.

This landing pad is also suitable for night flights due to its reflective straps, and it also comes with a carry bag. KINBON Universal Landing Pad is also a waterproof landing pad, and it comes with three landing nails to hold the pad in place in windy weather conditions. This landing pad is also foldable making it easy to carry.

SYMIK LP500E Drone Landing Pad


The SYMIK LP500E Drone Landing Pad is another two-sided waterproof landing pad that can accommodate most DJI drones and Phantom series. This landing pad is also foldable and comes with a storage pouch that makes it easier to transport.

The SYMIK LP500E Drone Landing Pad is also lightweight, so it should not be used in windy situations. It comes in only two colors; blue and red.

VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad

The VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad is a double-sided waterproof landing pad that is compatible with the DJI Mavic series, DJI Mini 2, RC drones, Antel robotics, Phantom series, and FPV drone. This landing pad is foldable and can be carried anywhere; it also has a size of 20 inches. The pad comes in two colors; orange and dark grey, and it is also lightweight and compact.

The VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad is stain resistant resistant, so you can use it in any environment without being worried about stains. It is also made of high quality and is wind resistant, so you can still use the landing pad in windy weather. VCUTECH Drone Landing Pad also helps your drone find its home position easily while protecting it from dirt, stone, dust, and other debris that can damage your drone.

Hoodman HDLP Drone Landing Pad

Hoodman HDLP drone landing pad is one of the best landing pads for your DJI Matrice Inspire and smaller RC quadcopters. This landing pad will help in keeping the lens of your drone clean during take-off and landing. It also protects the drone’s rotors from pebble strikes and tall grasses.

If you are taking off or landing from a beach, this landing pad will protect your drone from sand that can affect the drone’s lens and gimbal. Hoodman HDLP drone landing pad is also wind resistant and can withstand any weather condition.

This landing pad is made of rust-proof components, making it easy to clean. Once you have a wet cloth, cleaning it is a piece of cake. It also comes with a bag you can fold it in to carry it easily.

PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad

PGYTECH drone landing pad is a double-sided waterproof landing pad that does not fade easily. However, this does not mean you can put it in water. This landing pad protects the drone’s gimbal from objects and particles that can damage it during take-off and landing. PGYTECH drone landing pad is suitable for most medium and small drones.

The high-quality PU material that the landing pad is made of makes it sunproof. The foldable quality of the PGYTECH drone landing pad makes it easy to carry in any bag or carry sack that it comes with.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Drone Landing Pad


Before you purchase a drone landing pad, there are some things you need to consider. It is vital because it determines the type of landing pad you can buy.

Size And Design Of Your Drone

The size of your drone plays a significant role in the type of landing pad you should buy. It would be very disappointing if you bought a landing pad that is too small for your drone. Hence you have to make sure the landing pad you want to buy is big enough to accommodate your drone, and there should be some extra space at the sides.

Features Of The Landing Pad

The feature of the landing pad is also important. Some landing pads are waterproof and stainproof. This is preferable if you are landing on muddy ground or the weather changes and you need to land your drone. Some have reflective lights or strips that help assist you when you are flying. Some drone landing pads also come with stakes and loops, which is very helpful when you are landing as it keeps the drone in place.

Final Thoughts

With a landing pad, it is easier to land a drone. However, you cannot walk into a store and buy any landing pad you think is good. You must have taken some preliminary steps first, like knowing the best quality that would be perfect for the environment you are in and knowing the best-sized pad for your drone.

Two things are vital in your decision to purchase a drone landing pad, your drone and the landing pad’s features. This blog post has covered a lot of things you need to know about drone landing pads. So, read up and enjoy.

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