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How To Get A Drone License In Arkansas [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

How To Get A Drone License In Arkansas [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

Drones are defined as Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Arkansas. Before operating a drone in Arkansas, drone pilots should pay close attention to the FAA's regulations and laws. Arkansas' gorgeous vistas are spectacular, and they fall under particular regulation classes that must be followed whenever operating over any place.

A drone license is only necessary in Arkansas if you use drones for commercial purposes. The first approach is to familiarize yourself with the regulations that govern commercial drone activities in the state. You should then successfully pass the knowledge test and get your drone license.

The Federal Aviation Administration regulates drone operations in Arkansas. Furthermore, the Arkansas legislature has established several extra restrictions on drone activities.

Arkansas street signHow To Get A Drone License In Arkansas

To receive a drone license in Arizona, you should be 16 years old or older, in decent mental and physical form, and be able to understand, write, read, and speak English. Examine the entire process of acquiring a drone license and the FAA's test preparation tools for the knowledge exam.

Create an account with the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application to get an FAA Tracking Number before taking the knowledge exam. Make an appointment to take the knowledge exam at an FAA-approved knowledge assessment location. After you have passed your exam, fill out the FAA form using the digital FAA Integrated Airman Certificate.

After completing and submitting the form, you will obtain a remote pilot certificate or a drone license. You can use a drone for commercial purposes if you have a drone license.

Drone License Arkansas Cost

Arkansas is a lovely state with some incredible sights to view that would be excellent to snap on tape from a drone, but like every state, some restrictions limit the places a drone can be operated. Having a drone license has several advantages, and one of them is being able to operate a drone commercially.

With a drone license, you will be able to fly your drone with assurance and without the worry of being apprehended or detained by authorities. You would also be able to fly legally and safely across the class G airspace. You can also operate a drone within 5 miles of an airport with a drone license as long as you have permission from the air traffic control.

To be eligible for any commercial drone flying jobs, you must have a drone license. To obtain a drone license, you will have to write and pass the knowledge exam. The cost of obtaining a drone license in Arizona is $175, used as a payment to write the exam. However, you will not be granted the license if you fail the exam.

Drone Registration Arkansas

Before flying your drone in Arkansas, you must register it with the FAA and securely attach the drone registration plate to your drone. Any drone weighing less than 55 pounds but more than 0.55 pounds must be registered with the FAA either through traditional paperwork registration or online.

Every unmanned aircraft should be registered separately by the operator. Registrants must provide their full name, email address, home address, and the manufacturer, serial number, and model of each drone they wish to fly. You can use the registration number with several drones once you have been properly registered.

Every drone user who has registered their drone is obligated by federal law to display their registration certificate to any local or state law enforcement officer who requests it. You can exhibit it in print form or electronic form. To register, you need to use the internet registration method.

The registration fee for drones is $5, and it lasts for three years; to register, you will need a debit or credit card and the model and brand of your drone. You will need to visit the FAA website to open a new account and register your drone.

Drone Laws Arkansas

Drones are legal to fly in Arkansas for business and recreational activities, subject to FAA restrictions and local regulations. Different government bodies develop laws, commencing at the federal level and working their way down to local regulations. Below are the drone laws in Arkansas.

  • Every drone must be registered with the FAA and should not be operated above 400 feet unless a permit from the FAA is provided.
  • It is illegal to operate a drone over crowds, over busy routes, and from a moving vehicle.
  • When flying a drone for commercial purposes, you must mark it with the registration number provided.
  • The Recreational UAS Safety Test given by the FAA is required for anybody flying for leisure or enthusiast purposes in Arkansas.
  • When flying a drone recreationally, ensure you always carry proof of the TRUST test you took.
  • Your drone must always be within a line of sight when operating it.
  • It is illegal in Arkansas to use a drone to violate the privacy of another individual.
  • Without authorization, it is prohibited to take images of or electronically obtain information about essential public infrastructure.
  • Operating a drone in any Arkansas state park is illegal without supporting documents and consent from a director's office.
  • Drone activities that interfere with firefighting and law enforcement agencies' operations, or act recklessly enough to risk another person's property or life, are illegal.
  • The maximum speed for drones in Arkansas is 100 mph; it is illegal to fly above this speed.
  • It is illegal to fly a drone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Any drone flying within 250 feet vertically or 500 feet horizontally of vital sites is prohibited. These sites include courthouses, hospitals, water treatment facilities, military complexes, and oil and gas facilities.
  • It is illegal to fly a drone that deliberately causes the killing of an animal or bird while in flight.
  • All commercial drone pilots should stay clear of any airport when operating their drones since larger aircraft have difficulty seeing and avoiding drones while in flight.
  • All drone pilots should not fly their craft in a way that poses a risk to the public.
  • Drones are not permitted to loiter or photograph near or over a vital site on purpose.
  • Every recreation drone operator should write The Recreational UAS Safety Test and always fly with the proof of the test.

drone in arkansas

Arkansas Drone Laws Over Private Property

You could get shots of hard-to-record objects for clients like condominium buildings, homes, docks, and other elements that images could not cover completely by using drones to collect footage. Almost all of our videos now include this dynamic footage. Most people know that drones may be used to capture stunning footage; many are already flying drones.

There is a strict rule in Arkansas regarding operating drones over private property. It is highly illegal to operate a drone in a manner that invades the privacy of another individual. So, although no individual except the FAA controls the airspace, you cannot just decide to fly your drone over private property.

Generally, you can fly a drone above private property when the operation abides by all the FAA and state flight rules, and the flight takes place outdoors. However, you will have to request permission from the property owner before flying your drone over such property.

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Final Thoughts

Drone video capture is a fantastic feat that may help you improve your films and give the footage to your consumers that no one else can. However, before going to the sky, be sure you have done your homework.

Besides obtaining a drone license, you should also get insurance for your drone; that way, you know you can fly with peace of mind and confidence. It is necessary to adhere to all the laws and regulations guiding the operation of drones in Arkansas to prevent getting into trouble with the law.

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