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How To Get A Drone License In Delaware [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

How To Get A Drone License In Delaware [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

Operating drones is an exciting profession that can be lucrative and pretty enjoyable. To jumpstart your interest in the world of drones, you will need to have a drone license. But what does it take to acquire a drone license in Delaware?

To get a drone license in Delaware, you need to follow three critical steps to fly a drone under part 107 rules;

  • Learn the rules applicable in the state of Delaware
  • Enroll to become an FAA-certified drone pilot. This is achieved by passing the knowledge test
  • Register your drone with the FAA

If you are new in the world of drones and you do not want any trouble with the authorities, this article is meant for you.

green welcome delawareHow To Get A Drone License In Delaware

To fly a drone for commercial purposes in Delaware, you need to follow the law requirements of the FAA's part 107, which entails passing the FAA's aeronautical knowledge test. You will need to follow three essential steps to get a drone license in Delaware.

Step 1: Learn The Rules

The first step is to understand the rules that govern drones in the United States of America. Here, you need to;

  1. Ensure that you know what is not allowed under part 107 rules.
  2. Understand the operations not covered by part 107 and require a weaver. Examples of part 107 sections that are subject to a weaver include;
  • Daylight operations
  • Operation from a moving craft or vehicle
  • Visual line of sight drone operations
  • Yielding to the right of way
  • Visual observer
  • Operation over people
  • Operating limitations for drones
  • Operation in certain airspace
  1. Commercial drone pilots need to avoid flying near airports since it is almost impossible for crewed aircraft to see and avoid a drone.

Remember that a drone pilot is supposed to avoid crewed aircraft by all means possible, and they are responsible for any safety hazards that they might cause.

Step 2: Apply To Become An FAA-CERTIFIED Drone Pilot

The second step is to apply to become an FAA-certified drone pilot. You can only be confident to apply for this step if you have understood all the rules and regulations governing drone flying.

  • Ensure that you are eligible to get a drone license by meeting the following conditions.
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be able to write, read, speak, and comprehend the English language
  • Be in a proper mental and physical condition to safely fly a drone
  1. Review the entire process of getting a drone license to make sure that you are not making mistakes
  2. Take time to study for the knowledge test by utilizing the internet and reviewing different materials provided by various companies, including the FAA.
  3. Create an Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application to obtain an FAA Tracking number before you can proceed with registering for the test.
  4. Schedule an appointment for the knowledge test at an FAA-accredited center.
  5. Once you pass your knowledge test, you can proceed to complete an FAA form 8710-13 to acquire a remote pilot certificate. You are eligible to operate a commercial drone with a drone pilot license.

Step 3: Register The Drone With FAA

The last step in ensuring that you can comfortably fly a commercial drone without getting into trouble with the authorities is to register your drone with the FAA. Registering your drone with the FAA is a simple task that will cost $ 5, and the registration lasts for three years.

Once you have registered your drone with the FAA, it is vital to mark your drone with your registration number for any eventuality.

Drone License Delaware Cost

Once you have obtained your FAA Tracking Number, the next step will be to schedule your knowledge test, and here is where the issue of the cost comes in.

With an FAA-accredited center, the ultimate cost that you will need to incur to schedule your test is $175. The PSI is the central testing company in Delaware, and with your FAA Tracking Number, the process should be swift and smooth.

The Drone Registration Delaware

Is it necessary to register your drone in Delaware? The answer is yes. The federal law requires that drone owners register their drones with the FAA and mark them with a registration number. To mark the drone with a registration number, the owner can either do it online or use a legacy paper based on the registration process.

In addition, the federal laws also require the operators to be willing to show their certificates to any state or local authorities whenever the need arises. Interestingly, you can either show the printed certificate or show it electronically.

Drone Laws Delaware

Having a clear comprehension of the drone laws in your state is key to a perfect drone flying career or hobby. So what are the essential drone laws in Delaware that you should know?

Several drone laws apply to the state of Delaware, and the Delaware General Assembly created them.

The HB 195// 2016

This law makes flying over events that have more than 5,000 attendees illegal, including automobile races, sporting events, concerts, and festivals. Additionally, the law makes it illegal for drone operators to fly on critical infrastructure, including power plants, oil and gas refiners, government buildings, military facilities, and water treatment facilities.

The law also prohibits towns and cities in Delaware from creating their drone laws by stating that the duty of creating such laws is meant for the Delaware General Assembly.

It is also important to note that the Delaware State website indicates an inhibition of the use of drones in Delaware state parks. However, the director of the division of park and recreation can permit a drone operator to fly over a park under particular circumstances.

Delaware Drone Laws Over Private Property

Flying a drone is never exempted from respecting people's rights over private properties and privacy. In other words, some rules stipulate how drone operators need to behave concerning private property.

It is unlawful to fly a drone while disregarding the people's privacy on private property. Further, flying a drone over events with 5,000 attendees, emergency response operations, or critical infrastructures is illegal.

drone fly city sunsetImportant Drone Regulations

In addition to adhering to the drone laws in Delaware, there are other vital regulations that you will need to adhere to. Some of these rules and regulations include;

  • Ensuring that you register your drone with the FAA if it weighs more than 250 grams
  • Always fly at 400 feet or below to avoid posing safety risks to crewed aircrafts
  • When flying your drone, ensure that it is within the sight
  • Avoid flying in restricted airspace because there is always a valid reason for these restrictions
  • Never fly near crewed aircraft, especially near airports, as this can cause a safety concern
  • Don't fly close to groups of people as that can prove dangerous
  • Avoid flying over sporting events or a stadium
  • Never fly your drone when you are under the influence to avoid hitting people or flaunting the rules and regulations.
  • Avoid flying near emergency operations such as firefighting operations.

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Whether you look to fly a drone for fun or commercial purposes, it is crucial to understand that adhering to rules and regulations is key to an excellent drone flying experience. Once you have obtained your drone license, it is wise to keep it up to date. You should also conduct a preflight inspection to ensure that your drone is safe for operations.

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