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How To Get A Drone License In Oklahoma [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

How To Get A Drone License In Oklahoma [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

To fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Oklahoma for commercial purposes, you must follow the FAA's part 107, which includes passing the aeronautical knowledge test to get a drone license. But what exactly does it take to get a drone license in Oklahoma?

To obtain a drone license in Oklahoma, you must;

  • Be able to read, read, and have a good understanding of the English language.
  • Be in a good mental and physical state to safely operate a drone
  • Be sixteen years old or above
  • Pass the aeronautical knowledge test
  • Undergo security screening through Transportation Safety Administration

Read on for detailed information on how to get a drone license in Oklahoma.

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How To Get A Drone License In Oklahoma

Getting a drone license in Oklahoma is easier than you think. Once you are familiar with some simple procedures, acquiring a drone license should be swift and smooth. Here are the steps you will need to follow to fly under part 107, small UAS.

1. Do You Need One?

The first step is to determine whether you need a drone license. While getting a drone license in Oklahoma is simple, you do not have to process one when you do not need it. So who needs a drone license?

Currently, the FAA requires drone operators flying for commercial purposes in the US to acquire a drone license for their operations. In other words, if you are flying for fun, you do not need a drone license.

2. Do You Meet The Basic Conditions?

The next step is to ensure that you meet the primary conditions. These conditions include being 16 years and above, being able to read, write, and speak English, and being physically and mentally fit to operate a UAS.

3. Getting The Drone License

Once you are confident that you meet all the conditions, you can proceed to get your drone lice. The process includes;

  • Create a profile on the FAA's IACRA system. This is important as it is the only way to obtain an FAA Tracking Number, also known as FTN. The FTN enables you to schedule an aeronautical knowledge test in an FAA-accredited center in Oklahoma.
  • Schedule the Part 107 drone using the FTN you obtained from the IACRA system. To pass the test, you must ensure that you prepare well for the exam.
  • Receive a remote pilot certificate. After passing the aeronautical knowledge test, you need to feel the FAA Form 8710-13 on the IACRA website and receive a remote pilot certificate via email.
  • Always keep your remote pilot certificate available whenever you are flying your drone for commercial purposes.

Drone License Oklahoma Cost

Getting a drone license in Oklahoma should not be an expensive venture. The FAA requires drone operators applying for drone licenses to pay a $ 175 fee. Therefore, with $175, you can get a license as long as you schedule your aeronautical knowledge with an FAA-accredited center.

In addition, if you think you may have challenges passing the aeronautical knowledge test on your own, you can go for professional drone license test-prep services. Several companies in the State of Oklahoma can help you with the preparation. A good company should guide you through everything you need to know to get your part 107 remote certification.

Most companies will require you to pay a fee of $ 300 to get their services. Generally, if you need professional assistance to pass the test, you will have to pay around $500.

Drone Registration Oklahoma

Besides getting a drone license, you should register your drone with the FAA. To fly a drone in Oklahoma as a hobbyist, you must adhere to the FAA's recreational model aircraft rules. Registering the drone with the FAA is one of the rules that you must follow.

However, not all drones that the FAA expects you to register with them. You do not have to register if your drone weighs less than 250 grams. All drones weighing above 250g, whether for recreational or commercial purposes, must be registered with the FAA.

Drone Laws Oklahoma

Whether you fly for commercial or recreational purposes, you should ensure that you follow both the FAA and local rules governing the operation of drones in the state. It is essential to understand that Oklahoma's specific additional drone use laws do not contradict the FAA rules but complement them.

Drone Laws By Oklahoma Legislature

These laws have been enacted by the local government of Oklahoma and are meant to provide further guidance on UAVs' operations. They include;

House Bill HB 2559 (2016)

This bill prohibits drone operators from flying their drones over the state's critical infrastructure facilities. The purpose of this law is to protect all critical facilities from unnecessary disturbances and interference.

HB 2599 stipulates that a person shall not knowingly or intentionally;

  • Allow a drone to make contact with the state's critical facilities, including any object or person on the premises within the facility.
  • Operate a drone over a critical infrastructure facility if the UAV is less than four hundred feet above ground level.
  • Allow a drone to come within a distance of a critical facility close enough to cause a disturbance of any kind.

However, it is essential to note that the law is inapplicable to conduct committed by:

  • The federal government, political subdivision of the state, or the state
  • A low enforcement agency
  • A person working under the direction of the federal government or the state
  • A person working under the instructions of a law enforcement agency
  • An operator or the owner of the critical facility
  • A person with a prior written permission
  • An operator of the drone that is used for commercial purposes as long as the operator has the authority to conduct similar operations in the airspace

In addition to following the Oklahoma-specific regulations, there are general rules you must follow to have a successful drone flying experience. They include;

  1. Never operate your uncrewed Aerial vehicle in a way that endangers the lives of others or does not adhere to aviation safety.
  2. You must ensure that you register your drone with the FAA before you can consider flying. The drone registration process is simple, and it is done online. To register your drone with the FAA, you will need a credit or debit card and the model of your drone.
  3. Ensure that you have your registration number on your drone whenever flying it
  4. When operating your uncrewed aerial vehicle, ensure it is always within your visual line of sight.
  5. You must always yield to crewed aircraft.
  6. It is unlawful to operate a drone when you are under drugs.
  7. Always establish emergency procedures before take-off.
  8. Make sure that you have a good understanding of what is allowed under the part 107 rules.

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Commercial Rules in Parks, cultural, and recreational reserves

Most states have regulations governing how drone operators should behave when flying over these places. Since there is limited information on the same, we suggest that you contact the local park agencies before flying your drone over parks or recreation reserves to find out about the specific requirements.

Oklahoma Drone Laws over Private Property

It has become prevalent for people to complain about drone operators flying over personal property in Oklahoma. Consequently, the SB 660 bill allows property owners to damage or destroy a drone without the risks of being held civilly liable for the damage as long as the drone is not in the FAA airspace or where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists.

From the law, you can tell that Oklahoma is keen to protect private property and privacy rights. Therefore, you must be careful when flying a drone.

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If you are flying a drone in Oklahoma for commercial purposes, ensure that you get a drone license. In addition, learn all the FAA and the local drone laws for a great flying experience in the state.

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