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How To Get A Drone License In South Dakota [CAN YOU?]

How To Get A Drone License In South Dakota [CAN YOU?]

Drones are unmanned aircraft vehicles in South Dakota, meaning they can be controlled remotely. As a result, drones with network communication and sensor equipment are classified as UAVs. In South Dakota, the Federal Aviation Administration enforces rules and consequences that govern all drone activities.

You can get a drone license in South Dakota if you are 16 years old and can write, understand, and read English. To get a drone license in South Dakota, you must write the aeronautical knowledge examination and pass it. Then apply for and get your drone license. 

South Dakota's varied geography and coasts are brimming with breathtaking splendor. The Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore are two of the state's most stunning, stratified rocky landscapes. This state is perfect for drone operation.

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How To Get A Drone License In South Dakota

A drone license is required for all commercial drone operators in South Dakota. A drone license is not difficult to obtain; you must be 16 years old. You must also communicate effectively in English, meet basic mental and physical requirements for drone pilots, and pass an FAA examination.

Drone pilots can work in various sectors, such as freelance filmmaking, aerial surveying, real estate photography, and other situations where a chopper would be too expensive or dangerous. You should obtain an FFA tracking number when ready to obtain your drone license.

A drone license, also known as a Remote Pilot Certificate, is formal permission granted by the FAA in the form of a certificate or license that allows you to fly a drone in the United States while adhering to specific rules and regulations. Commercial drone pilots must obtain a drone license from the FAA.

You must first construct an Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application Profile to obtain the number. After that, you must pass an aviation knowledge examination. Questions on airspace classification, limits, flight operations, drone rules, emergency procedures, and flying restrictions are all included in the test.

To take the knowledge exam, make an appointment with an FAA-approved knowledge assessment center. You must achieve a total score of at least 70 percent on the test and take it at a nearby knowledge testing center to pass it. You must have a national picture ID, such as a passport or driver's license, to register for the exam, which takes two hours to complete.

You will be issued a 17-digit identification number once you complete the test, which you must save. Return to the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application Profile website and fill out the form to get your license. If you pass the process after submitting your application, you will receive an email containing your license.

Drone License South Dakota Cost

Those interested in getting a drone license must go through a few steps, pay a small fee, and wait two months. You can take the test at any 700 FAA-approved testing locations across the United States. The Computer Assisted Testing Service administers the test.

A $160 non-refundable exam fee is necessary; to pass the exam, you must properly answer at least 70 percent of the questions. Every item is chosen randomly from a much larger pool of questions, ensuring that each set is unique. There are no additional expenses after receiving a certificate, and you can renew your license every two years.

The Federal Aviation Administration will not receive the money. Drone pilots must apply for an FAA drone license to operate their drone-based businesses; therefore, that cost should be considered. It is crucial to remember that the testing fee is non-refundable.

This means you will not receive a refund regardless of whether you pass or fail the exam. You may be charged again if you need to reschedule your exam if you fail to show up without prior notification for your scheduled exam.

Drone Registration South Dakota

You must use the FAA registration website to register a drone in South Dakota; other websites are not considered reputable sources. The FAA uses a two-step registration process, in which customers must first register before the drone may be registered.

When creating an account, users will be asked to select whether they are signing up as an organization or an individual, provide their names, addresses, and email addresses, and create a username and password. The user will next provide the registered drone's serial number, weight, model, the purpose of use, and flying rate.

The registration process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Users will need a debit or credit card to complete the registration procedure. A tablet or phone can be used to register, or it can be used in place of online registration. Input your email address and create a password when prompted on the FAA's website.

You must accept the terms of service before you can register. After that, you will need to enter your banking information. You can provide this personal information through a third-party website if you wish to. After completing the registration procedure, you will receive a confirmation email with the link required for the final step.

After completing all the fields, click the "submit application" button. You will receive a confirmation screen and an email confirming your registration; print the page and keep it with your drone at all times. Drone registration is valid for three years and must be renewed every three years.

Drone Laws South Dakota

In South Dakota, you can pilot a drone; drone activities are legal in the state for recreational and commercial uses, as long as they follow FAA part 107 criteria. The laws and regulations for drones are governed by a federal agency in the United States. On the other hand, state and local governments have passed further legislation; below are some of those laws.

  • It is illegal to operate a drone over any military or correctional facility. A class 6 felony is charged if a drone is used to carry drugs or contrabands to either of these facilities.
  • Every drone operator or pilot in South Dakota must adhere to all FAA laws and regulations; the only exception is if such drone activity is under the country's armed forces.
  • You can only go up to 400 feet in altitude. Naturally, you must avoid flying over inhabited areas or airports, as this is unlawful.
  • Avoid flying above crowds, stadiums, or athletic events.
  • It is illegal to operate a drone near 5 miles of an airport before gaining authorization from the control tower.
  • Drones could be used to assist in identifying wildlife, but they may not be used to capture or assist in the capture of wildlife.
  • Any drone flying within 250 feet vertically or 500 feet horizontally of vital sites is prohibited. These sites include hospitals, military complexes, and oil and gas facilities.
  • It is illegal to operate a drone under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, and other controlled substances.

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South Dakota Drone Laws Over Private Property

The South Dakota drone laws over private property expand the definition of criminal surveillance to include the usage of drones for obscene purposes on private land where people have a legitimate right to privacy. Furthermore, no UAV must enter private property without the landowner's authorization.

It is a felony if you do not follow the rules. Only approved law enforcement authorities working in their duties are exempt from the laws described above. A state emergency officer, for example, might be in charge of rescue missions.

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Final Thoughts

South Dakota has amazing and beautiful locations like Baird Park, Sioux Falls, and the Giant Prairie Dog statue. These places are open to drone operations, and you can get incredible views from them. However, you must obey all the drone laws in this state; failure to do so can result in temporary suspension, fines, and sometimes jail terms.

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