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Drone Training: The Best Places To Get Training For Drones

Drone Training: The Best Places To Get Training For Drones

A few years ago, if you were told that you could become a pilot without formal aviation training, you would say that is impossible. Now, people who fly drones are considered to be pilots, and they are called drone pilots. Although you can learn to fly a drone on your own, getting some training will benefit you.

There are many schools and academies where you can get trained to fly a drone. Some of these academies are Drone Launch Academy, Drone Pilot Ground School, UAV Coach, Action Drone USA, Master Your Drone, Drone Genuity, and Clemson University. Some academies offer online courses.

If you are considering the best place to get your drone training from, be rest assured that we will give you an overview of each academy, and you can choose the best among them.

The Best Places To Get Training For Flying A Drone

The training for flying a drone is more than learning how to take off, control the drone in the air, and land it safely. You will learn the laws regulating the flight of drones, and you will learn safety precautions.

Different countries have their rules for flying a drone, and you will find it difficult to fly a drone in another country if you received no formal training and do not possess a certificate.

These are some of the academies where you can receive training on how to fly a drone.

Drone Pilot Ground School


There are three areas of training you will get from the Drone Pilot Ground School:

  • Knowledge to pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • General flight training includes the basics of flying a drone and advanced ways of flying a drone.
  • Industry-specific training on the flight of drones. This involves training on a skill-specific flight, like photography, surveillance, and surveying.

The first area is essential if you want to become a commercial drone pilot. You will learn all the requirements that must be met to be certified by the FAA as a commercial drone pilot. The FAA is working on developing a knowledge test for recreational drone pilots. So, it is advisable to take this training.

The second area of training is to master the basic knowledge of flying a drone. You will start this training using a simulator; with drone flight simulators, you can improve your basic flying skills without fear of crashing your drone.

The third area involves learning the skills required to excel at specific drone jobs; every drone job has specific skills needed to be a professional. There are courses for aerial photography and videography, surveillance, and public safety.

The cost to attend Drone Pilot Ground School is within the range of $150 to $400, and it depends on the qualifications.

Drone Launch Academy


Drone Launch Academy offers a wide variety of courses on drones. Some of the additional benefits you get with the Drone Launch Academy are HD video lectures from Experts, a simulation of the FAA certification exam, weekly live hours with a certified flight instructor, and a mobile-friendly study platform.

The courses are all online and self-paced, so you access them anywhere and at your pace. Many reviews have confirmed that you can pass your drone exam in seven days if you take the Part 107 Flashcards, the course that prepares you for the Federal Aviation Administration certification exam. After enrolling for the course, you have access to the course across any device.

You can enroll for the course in Drone Launch Academy at a fee ranging from $147 to $200. They have a policy that if you do not pass the FAA certification exam at your first trial, you get a refund of the fees paid.

Clemson University

Clemson University offers one course, but it is divided into five modules. It is possible to complete each module in a week, but all the modules are self-paced. You can complete each module at the pace you are comfortable with. However, the course is available for seventy days from the day you register for the course.

The first module is the preparatory course for the FAA certification examination (Part 107 exam). The second module is the beginning of the flight training using a simulator. In the third module, you learn all the FAA rules regulating drones and some advanced flight control modes.

The fourth module consists of additional flight training with a simulator and more advanced flight control modes. The fifth module is a round-up of the simulated flight training, and you try out your flight skills with a drone.

At Clemson University, you can choose to have a self-paced course or an instructor-led course. It costs $1500 to take the self-paced course and $3500 for the instructor-led course.

Action Drone USA


At Action Drone USA, you have three different training options, Individual Private Training, Corporate Training, and Custom and Specialized Training. If you sign up for the Individual Private Training, you get an intensive lecture on drones. You learn the principles of drone safety, orientation, checklists, maintenance, and operations of a drone. You will also learn the FAA Part 107 rules and regulations and how to build and assemble a drone.

Signing up for the Corporate Training, you get an introduction to industrial drones and specialized drones. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of drones, you will study the FAA Part 107 material. You will learn how to assemble, operate, and troubleshoot industrial drones.

In the Specialized Training, you will receive intensive training on drones, from beginners course to advanced. You will understand several drone concepts, drone practices, and drone flights.

To sign up for the Part 107 Test Preparation Course costs $130, the recurrent exam prep for renewing a pilot's license costs $99. The cost of training is $3500 per person.

What Education Do You Need To Be A Drone Pilot?

Many people think you need to have a level of formal education before you can be certified as a drone pilot. This is not accurate, and you do not need to have any formal education to be a drone pilot. However, to be a drone pilot, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age.
  • You must be able to speak, read, and write fluently in the English language.
  • You must be healthy physically and mentally.
  • You must pass an aeronautical knowledge exam.

These are the requirements to become a drone pilot. If you meet all these requirements, you will receive a certificate that certifies you as a drone pilot. It is important to have the certificate on you at all times.

FAA Rules And Regulations On Flying Drones

Learning the FAA rules and regulations for flying a drone is a module you would learn in any drone school. It will be to your advantage if you are aware of some of these rules.

Different rules regulate drone flight, depending on the intended purpose. There are rules for recreational drone pilots, commercial drone pilots, public safety or government users, and educational drone pilots. The rules for commercial, public safety, and educational drone pilots are the same.

Rules For Recreational Drone Pilots

  • Fly your drone for recreation only.
  • Maintain a visual line of sight with your drone.
  • Do not interfere with manned aircraft, law enforcement activities, or emergency response.
  • Fly your drone in the Class G airspace (uncontrolled airspace).
  • Pass the Recreational UAS Safety Test and have the proof with you.
  • Inscribe your registration number on the body of your drone.
  • Do not fly a drone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Rules For Commercial Drone Pilots

  • Possess a remote pilot certificate before flying commercially.
  • Register any drone before flying it.
  • Only fly drones that are in good working condition.
  • Do not fly your drone in such a reckless and careless manner that it endangers lives and properties.
  • Do not fly a drone from a moving vehicle except in a sparsely populated area.

These are some of the laws that regulate the commercial flying of drones. There are more, and you will learn them when you enroll in any drone course.

Final Thoughts

You are more respected as a drone pilot if you have a certificate than when you learn to fly a drone by yourself. Many schools offer training on flying a drone in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration's rules and regulations.

Go through each of these schools, and choose the best training for you. You need to consider your availability, the fees, and the flexibility of the training. Have fun learning how to fly a drone.

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