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Drones That Glow In The Dark: Best Drones To Use After Dark

Drones That Glow In The Dark: Best Drones To Use After Dark

If we say that drones have arrived to change the way we see the world, we are not exaggerating. Drones have helped reach almost everyone the possibility of filming or making shots that were virtually impossible until very recently. In the recent past, if you wanted to start a film project, you had to make a significant investment. You had to get expensive equipment: cameras, cranes, and long hours of filming. Today, all these activities can be done at the push of a button, thanks to drones.

Glow-in-the-dark drones are the so-called anti-collision drones. This feature is helpful to avoid possible accidents by clearly observing a drone in the dark from afar. The person controlling the drone or other flying machines will be safer due to this extraordinary characteristic.

Drones are much more than flying cameras and have become remote-controlled vehicles. This new reality entails greater responsibility for those who control them. At the same time, these machines have had a rapid technological advancement in everything that has to do with the features added constantly.

glow in the dark quadcopter red lights

Does It Mean That Drones Must-Have Lights That Make Them Glow?

The first thing you may be thinking about is whether the lights that make the drone glow or anti-collision lights are essential. This doubt is logical if we consider that most drones come with an integrated light system.

But the reality is that this type of light, in the recreational segment, has lower power. The standard drone system lights are barely visible during the day or night. The reality is that to fly during dusk and night; you need anti-collision lights. This is what will produce the glow effect on the drone. Additionally, this glow effect occurs when the body of the drone is painted with fluorescent paint.

Having collision lights for flying at night or in the dark is not optional. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a specific requirement to allow these flights at night.

Why Do People Fly Their Drones At Night?

If you are new to this hobby, perhaps you don't yet understand what motivates people to fly their drones in the dark. For someone starting in this exciting activity, they may see this flight schedule as too risky in many ways. However, statistics point out that the trend of night drone flights has grown significantly in recent years. We list some of these reasons below:

  • State public agencies/emergency services/police. The reasons why state agencies would want to do night flights are endless. For firefighters, it is beneficial to do night flights to estimate the size of fires. Rescuers fly drones at night to locate victims; the police do it to search for information needed for their work, in special operations, or to save lives.
  • For real estate. Taking aerial night shots of a property or real estate is a promotional and sales strategy for this type of business. When potential clients see images or videos taken by a drone at night, they fall in love with a property.
  • Movies and films. Many movies with a plot or night scenes need to take a great perspective, and in that, the drones that shine are ideal for achieving the desired effect.
  • Security. Another great benefit of drones flying at night is that they are a fantastic tool for protection. Drones can do several activities efficiently and with great ease, such as monitoring specific areas, guarding prisons, or watching over strategically important places.
  • Weddings. Recently it has become fashionable to immortalize extraordinary moments in people's lives using drones. It is becoming more and more common to see photographers using drones as their daily work tools.
  • For entertainment purposes. The drone night flight segment is trendy. However, precautions must be taken, and anti-collision lights must be used to not collide with other aircraft.
  • Art. Nowadays, drones are also present in modern art. There are many visual artists whose subject matter focuses on spectacular images taken by drones at night.

drone flights at night lights on

Is It True That The FAA Requires Drones To Glow To Fly At Night?

You should know that the FAA does not require lights to fly drones during daylight. For the FAA, the meaning of daylight is 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

But the anti-collision light is a necessary requirement for flights during twilight and night. For these flights, the drone is required to have an anti-collision light if its use is commercial. Be clear that the FAA requires the anti-collision light to have a visibility range of three miles.

Keeping this in mind when buying a drone is crucial. It is essential to review the technical characteristics of the drone before buying it. You can also consult an expert in a specialized store.

The FAA does not require the use of anti-collision lights for drone pilots flying for recreational purposes. But it is essential to consider, for everyone's safety, that although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to have this type of lighting on all-night flights.

What Is The Difference Between Navigation Lights And Anti-Collision Lights?

We have said that not all lights on drones are the same. It is vital to know that drones can have two main types of lights: navigation lights and anti-collision lights.

Navigation lights are helpful because they let you see where the drone is going. The problem is that they do not meet the FAA requirements for flying at night. Only anti-collision lights are approved for night flying.

We have to look at the stability of the light and its color to differentiate them. These rules apply not only to drones but to all aviation activities. The significant differences between these two types of lights are:

Drone Navigation Lights

  • The light is continuous, not flickering
  • The color of the light is white, green, or red

Drone Anti-Collision Lights

  • The light is not constant but flashing
  • Light color is white or red

The Powerful Striker-x Glow Drone

One of the drone models that has stood out the most regarding the glow-in-the-dark feature is the Striker-X Glow. Its main attributes are:

  • It is a glow-in-the-dark drone. It has a design that allows it to glow at night, illuminating dark areas or the night sky where it passes.
  • It has a high-definition HD 720p camera with a 120° viewing angle.
  • It has an altitude sensor. This feature allows the drone to be at high altitudes and take shots without losing stability.
  • It is recommended for beginners. It is effortless to control and configure, making it ideal for people starting in this hobby.
  • It has an automatic take-off and landing function. This protects the equipment from unnecessary damage or shock.

Other Recommended Drones

In addition to the star drone that is the Striker X-Glow, there are also other good drones with night flying capabilities.


  • It is one of the best price-value alternatives with anti-collision lights.
  • Meets FAA requirements.
  • Very easy to use, it has only one button.
  • Lightweight, it weighs only 10 grams.
  • Very economical.


  • It is a very efficient drone option for night flights.
  • Light intensity control.
  • The body of the drone is made of aluminum which makes it shock-resistant.
  • Meets the requirements set by the FAA.

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A Final Thought About Glowing Drones

Until recently, it used to be difficult to get drones fitted with lights that were relevant to their design and allowed them to fly safely at night.

The good news is that the drone market has grown impressively, and the improvements in drone lighting are enormous.